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Delta Force 2 1.0

This Delta Force 2 demo now has NovaWorld multiplayer capability along with three single-player missions that highlight many new features in the game. Parachute in, and then infiltrate and eliminate the enemy security forces. Try to recover the code book and destroy the communications center. Good luck, soldier. As in the or
Net Force for the Palm-size PC 2.0

Net Force is a collection of tools used by Network Adminstrators to monitor and maintain networks. Net Force includes utilities like Port Scanner, CharGen, DNSLookup, Ping, IP Subnet Calculator, HTTP Fetch Quote of the Day Service and Daytime Service. The application also includes a TFTP Server and client as well as clients for E
Absolute Force Online (Open Beta) 1017

Absolute Force Online (AFO) is a free to play online FPS developed by TQ Digital. Built on the Unreal Engine 3, this game has luscious graphics that perfectly displays full-motion video effects, which help usher it into a new era for visual experiences in network gaming.
Free RAR Password Unlocker

Free RAR Password Unlocker helps you recover passwords, especially those you don't use very often -- such as RAR archives. Free RAR Password Unlocker employs three methods to crack your password, so you can extract the archive: Brute Force All, Brute Force Masked, and Dictionary. They vary in speed and power, and which method works best depends on factors like the strength of your lost pa
DF Server Searcher 4.04

DF Server Searcher is a good tool for Deltra Force 2 and Deltra Force 3.It searchs public servers all over the world.Of cource you can custom in which country that servers locate.Result list can be exported to DF game.Easy to use! Your Server has a dynamic IP?No problem,DF Server Searcher find it too!Because th
Lotus Notes Password Recovery Key 6.5

Lotus Notes Password Recovery Key recovers passwords for Lotus Notes user ID files. Passwords are recovered using combination of Brute-Force, Xieve and Dictionary attacks. Has online help and full install/uninstall support. Download
Balloons 1.5.0

In this game you need to use darts to shoot balloons. You need to calculate the trajectory of the darts in order to destroy as many balloons as possible. You will gain extra bonus if you destroyed all the balloons and with darts left. Use the mouse the control the direction of the dar
Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager 1.0

Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager is an easy and screamingly fast way to shutdown the computers you administer. It is designed for network administrators working with groups of systems. Options include Shutdown, Restart, Set Countdown, Send Message, Force Apps to Close, Force Reboot and Abort In-progress Shutdown. 1000 computers -- 5 minutes. Tops.
EugeneShutdown 1.00

EugeneShutdown is a system utility for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP operating systems that allows to automatically shutdown, power off, reboot or log off current user at a specific time on your local computer and initiate shutdown of remote computer. The program provides the following key feature
StatTrak K-ForCE PC Edition 2.0

StatTrak K-ForCE allows you to score baseball and softball games play-by-play on your laptop, notebook, or tablet PC. Save games for future reference and print scoresheets and box score reports. Score the most frequent plays with ease. Score a walk, and the runner on
Rings of the Magi 2.00

Addictive game chosen by Computer Gaming World as the Best Puzzle game of the Year and one of the top 10 shareware games of all time. This all new version is even more spectacular and fun. The mystics of Ac'Rained have crafted their rings to prevent the life force of their world from draining away, but now their secret art is in danger of being lost. As their apprentice, you are called upon to learn and harness the power of the rings. Can you find the hidden easter egg games? There are two other free games included in Rings of the Magi, but you'll have to hunt them down to play them. Download the playable demo and find the two additional free games
Task Force 4 3.01

Retro spaceshooter that'll have you gripping your chair! The final version of this amazing arcade shooter offers plenty of eye-candy for your pleasure. Loads of aliens, bosses, special powerups and more. Only the best can claim to be the "Elite Pilot". Fly your ship and clear all aliens on each level. Only then can you proceed to the next level. Use your mulitple weapon arsenal to blast your way through Macka infested sectors! The purchased edition offers : * 100 intense levels. * 10 "Boss" levels to test your nerve. * Special fuel bonus. * Level score multiplier. * Additional alien craft during Boss Levels.
HSLAB Force Down Lite

The program is intended for fast and guaranteed execution of Windows Shutdown if there is a plenty of open applications. Allows to fulfil: - Accelerated command Shutdown; - Normal command Shutdown; - Accelerated command Shutdown and Restart; - Normal command Shutdown and Restart; - Command Log Off.
iPhone Backup Unlocker Professional

iPhone Backup Unlocker Professional allows you access to your iPhone backups, even if you've forgotten your password, by hacking the password to your backups. ProsVariety of attacks: The options offered can greatly improve your chances of success. The best option is the "Brute Force with Mask Attack," which lets you specify any parameters you remember about your password. This places a limit on the options the Brute Force Attack has to try and greatly improves the odds of success. Logical interface: Each step you need to take to unlock your file is clearly laid out in the program's interface. Automatic shutdown option: Because many of the operations in this program take so long to complete, the program gives you the option of shutting down the computer once the operation is complete. This is great if you want to run the recovery at the end of the day. It will then save the password for you in a password file. ConsSlow: During testing, the Brute Force Attack ran extremely slow, with no success. Even with the Mask Attack, the program took a very long time to recover the password. Bottom LineIf you are locked out of an iPhone backup, this will get the job done. The program takes some time to complete its operations, but in the end, it should be able to recover your password for you. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of iPhone Backup Unlocker Professional
Nothing but Net 1.4.0

There are 9 baskets in this game, 3 of them are moving. You need to shoot all the 9 baskets. You can control the force of shooting by controlling the time of release of the mouse button. If you can make nothing but net shots, you can score more.
Doomed 1.2

Five years ago your evil uncle took over the world using his force of evil robots!! You must go back in time and prevent him from doing this! This game was cut a little short because of the compitition! ErbbySam Productions


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