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A non-violent graphical adventure for the whole family. Santa is away at his summer retreat on an island in the Secret Valley, designing new toys for the coming Christmas. Back at the North Pole, you - Fizbin the elf, that is - have been enjoying a restful break But then
Lightning Crazy Golf 1.2.0

Test your potting and putting skills in this crazy hybrid of pool and golf. Expansive levels with multiple objectives will keep you hooked for hours. Each level is initially simple - pot the white ball in the white hole. But soon the objectives get harder and you're racing ag
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The game has three levels with different views. First you are inside a vein, then inside the heart and inside the brain. Beside red and white corpuscles you see the white platelets with their arms. Now you have to shoot these white platelets with the Aspirin tablets.
Vampire Saga - Pandoras Box 1.0

With a chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, Vampire Saga is not intended for the faint of heart. Join Matthew Ward as he steals aboard a cargo ship to escape the violence of the Spanish-American War, passes out and then wakes up to find himself alone with several sinister-looking coffins. Explore eerie locations, search for hidden objects and foll
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LOK-IT USB Storage Device Control successfully minimizes the chance of confidential data breach by locking out USB drives. The application quietly runs in the background and will disable any USB storage device when attached to your computer unless the device is on the application's white list. Though the download checks in at about 2MB, setting it up may
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Begin your voyage aboard an old ship in the pirate seas. Much like Zuma, this Marble Popper encircles you with a chain of colored balls to blow away. Click on a ball to grab it, and aim the curs
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Buy your ticket for a journey and get aboard the most realistic bus simulation ever made. Developed by world leading simulation specialists, TML Studios, European Bus Simulator offers the chance to experience the life of a bus driver in exacting and amazing detail! Designed in breathtaking 3D, every
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Teleport Pro allows users to download and view all the elements of a Web site. While this program provides offline browsing, it is not without some flaws that might turn users off. This program's layout is initially intimidating, offering tons of white space and not much direction. Fortunately, there is a wizard that walks users through every step of the process. Utilizing the command iafter downloading a Web site may require a visit to the Help file, as it also provides no direction for the user. Working through the wizard was simple enough for every level to utilize. First, users choose whether they want to download an entire site, duplicate a Web site, search a site for a spec
Animated Desktop Wallpaper Starfield

Animated Desktop Wallpaper Starfield creates the feeling that you're flying through space with its stars streaking past on a colorful background. From black to purple to blue to white, all of the colors you associate with space are visible in the backdrop to this wallpaper, which is attractive by itself. But the addition of the tiny, white moving stars makes the illusion that you are in space even more intense. When you open this program, it's accessible from the taskbar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Right-clicking on the app's icon there will allow you to pause or exit the program, and there is also an option to upgrade or download more apps. This option takes you to a page where you can browse through other wallpapers and other types of programs; and while some of them may be free, they are not part of the same app. We did have some trouble running this program again after pausing it, as it would just produce an error message when we tried to start it again. But otherwise it performed nicely, and it added an interesting, yet not too intrusive backdrop to the desktop workspace. This wallpaper is certainly worth a try if you're looking for something a little different, especially because it's free.
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Light&Shadow is a challenging puzzle game with a familiar concept and a very different twist. The game is played on a 8x8 board filled with a variety of different game pieces. Each basic piece has a white symbol on one side and a black one on the other - flip them around the board to align rows or columns of four or more white symbols. Each time you align them they will shine up and the board will gain some 'white energy' - you need to build up an amount of this energy to solve a level. But beware! You must be careful not to accidentaly align the black symbols as you move around the board - they will drain the energy you have built up! Combined with clever level design this simple concept will present a real challenge for true puzzle fans.
Crossword Maker 1.2

Crossword Maker is a shareware web application to design crosswords in png or jpeg format. Then you can use the crossword image inside your documents or put it on a web or ... The syntax is simple and powerful. You have to divide every field by , Every line has to have the same number of fields Write a letter to put the letter in a white square (usally capital letters are used, Crossword Maker can allow you to use also small letters). e.g. Q,W,E,R,T,Y Write a number to put the number in a white square top left. e.g. 1,2,3,4 Write a number + a letter to put in a white square the number top left and the letter in the center e.g. 12L,O,14V,E Write a plus + to design a black square e.g. O,+,77E,A Write a blank " " to design a white square e.g. +, , , ,+,
Mr. Robot 1.0

Asimov is a lowly service mechanoid aboard the interstellar colony ship Eidolon. Carrying hundreds of frozen human colonists to a new world. When the Eidolon's computer brain malfunctions, it falls to Asimov to undertake a perilous journey through the bowels of the massive ship to save his robot friends and the precious human cargo. Mr. Robot is a 3D action-puzzle-adventure-rpg. Inspired by classic filmation games such as Knight Lore and Alien8 and mixed with'Ghost Hack' - an abstract RPG in which the player hacks into computer terminals and battles defensive computer programs. FEATURES: * Over 200 beautifully realised (yet perilous!) rooms. * Over 20 different enemies. * 7 friendly robots to aid you in your quest. * Hack hostile networks in 'ghost hack'. * Solve puzzles. * Numerous medals to unlock. * Built in Editor so you can create your own adventures. * Discover what has caused all the problems onboard the starship. * Rescue your robot friends and the sleeping human crew and save the mission. TECHNICAL REQUIRMENTS: *Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or ROBO-OS 3000 * 110Mb hard disk space * 2.0GHz CPU or Level 5 cyber brain. * 256 MB RAM * Hardware accelerator with vertex shader support. *DirectX 9.0x and latest video card drivers. * 56k or better internet connection (for online functionality such as high score upload)
Jetpack Joyride iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Coins & Unlocked)

Cheat tool for the iOS game "Jetpack Joyride" will give you unlimited coins (30,000,000) and unlock everything. This cheat tool is only for the latest version of the game which is version 1.5. You will also get coin doubler cheat. There is no need of Jailbreak for this cheat tool. You can use it on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Our team has checked it on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Features of Jetpack Joyride Cheat Tool: After using our cheat tool, you will get the following advantages: 1. Unlimited coins - You will get 30,000,000 coins in Jetpack Joyride. 2. Coin doubler - Coin doubler will be unlocked and available. 3. Unlock all gadgets and clothes. 4. Unlock all jetpacks, wave rider and counterfeit machine. 5. Unlock all vehicle upgrades. and more… In short, the cheat tool will unlock everything in the Jetpack joyride along with unlimited coins. The tool is tested by our team on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Feel free to use this cheat tool, as all of our cheat tools are 100% safe to use and undetectable. After using the cheat tool, you can use all the gadgets and clothes and even select your favorite jetpack. The unlimited coins can be used to buy free stuff from the store. About the game: Barry is back with new gadgets, new jetpacks, new costumes and a new brand new vehicle. There is a new vehicle in the game "Wave Rider" which can only be unlocked by buying but do not worry our cheat tool will also unlock it for you. New jetpacks and new costumes are also added in the game every week to make the things fresh. A new character is also introduced in Jetpack Joyride named as "MRS DOUBTFRIES". Is he a new enemy or a partner in crime?? There is only one way to find out. There are a lot of things to unlock and and a whole new bunch of vehicle upgrades. Enjoy the full potential of this game by downloading our cheat tool and unlock all the cool items totally free. Instructions: 1. Download Jetpack-Cheats.rar from our site and extract it. 2. Use iFunbox to move the folder "Documents" to /User Applications/Jetpack/. 3. Now restart your device and then start the game. Download: Version: 1.5 Developer:


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