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Cheats For Cs 1.6 V42 Free

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trainer is available for download totally free. Trainer contains 12 cheats. Call of duty: Black Ops 2 is new sequel of famous first person shooting game. Game was released on 13 November and today we have released trainer which is packed is amazing cheats
Hot Game Cheater 2009.01

Hot Game Cheater 2009 is a free hot games cheats utility having biggest database of thousands of up-to-date Games Cheats, Games Walkthroughs, Games Trainers, Saved Games, Games Patches, Games Music, Midi & Ringtones. Hot Game Cheater contains thousands of cheats of : 1) PC Games 2) Dreamcast Games 3) DVD Cheats 3) Gameboy Advance 4) Gam
Watch Dogs Trainer (+27)

Watch Dogs Trainer offers more then 27 cheat codes and is compatible with steam, retail DVD version of the game. Some of the cheats include infinite health, infinte focus, infinite batteries, ammo etc. The cheats mentioned above are just a small part of what's inside this trainer. Also check our our watch dogs save game released few hours ago. Watch Dogs Trainer options: The detailed list of cheats and hot keys for this trainer are given below: F1 - Unlimited Health [God Mode] F2 - Unlimited Batteries F3 - Unlimited Ammo [Ammo never ends] F4 - No reload [af
Dead Space 3 Trainer (+7)

Download Trainer for Dead Space 3 totally free. Trainer is 100% virus free. Dead Space 3 Trainer(+7) contains the following cheats: 1. God mode                                    2. Add 500 ration seals 3. Add 500 somatic gel                      4. Add 500 scrape metal 5. Add 500 transducers                      6. Add 500 tungsten 7. Add 500 semiconductors Only our Train
Download Thief Trainer & Cheats (PC Version)

We are back with an amazing Thief Trainer and cheats for the PC version of this new 2014 version of Thief game. The new version is the remake of the classic Thief game released in the 90's. Our trainer is packed with 14 cheats so you can say it is a +14 trainer. The cheats included in this are Infinite money, infinite focus points, infinite hp and 10 more am
DmC: Devil May Cry +18 Trainer (Steam Version)

A new trainer for DmC: Devil May Cry is now available for download totally free. The trainer contains more than 18 cheats. With this +18 trainer you can use infinite health, mega scores, fast dante, one hit kill, freeze mission timers a
BoardWalker 1.0

Pogo Monopoly Slots Cheat is out and it is called BoardWalker. Badgehelp makes the best Pogo Cheats out there! This Cheat for Pogo Monopoly Slots is AWESOME and plays the NEW Monopoly Slots on for you.
Download Cheatbook DataBase 2012

Cheatbook DataBase 2012 is a games cheat code tracker that makes cheats, hints, tips, tricks and walkthroughs for PC, PlayStation 2, playStation 3, XBox 360, iPhone, GameCube, Nintendo Wii, PSP and more. If you are a gamer and want to complete a tough mission or want some extra weapons or extra life, then Cheatbook is for you. Cheatbook Database contains cheats for more than 21,000 games. Cheats for recently released games are also added in it. Just enter the name of the game and click o
Download Spec Ops: The Line Trainer + 11

[Trainer] Spec Ops: The Line is available for download at Pak Circles. The trainer has been checked for any errors and viruses and it is 100% virus free. The trainer can perform more than 11 cheats which makes it easy to complete each and every level of Spec Ops: The Line game. Spec Ops: The line is a third person military shooting game that challenges the player mo
Ninja Hero Cats Cheats (Unlimited Pearls + Goldfish)

Download Ninja Hero Cats Cheats for the iOS version of the game and get unlimited pearls, unlimited goldfish, no ads and a lot of cool cheats. This cheat tool is tested and working on both iPhone and iPad as it is a universal application. If
Download GTA V +5 Trainer (Xbox 360)

We are back with a +5 trainer for the one of the most anticipated game of all times "GTA V". This trainer is for the Xbox 360 version of the GTA V and contains around 6 cheat codes. Some of the cheats include infinite ammo, infinite weapon, infinite health, max money and few more cheats. The game is released only for Xbox 360 and the PS3 at the moment but there are rumours about a PC version coming at the end of this year too. Trainer options: This trainer contains 5 cheat codes and will work only for the Xbox 360 version of GTA V. The hot keys and cheat codes associated with them are given below: Hot Keys Effects LB +
Strike Suit Zero Trainers for PC

Welcome to our Strike Suite Zero trainers, cheats and save game page. You can download all the trainers and related downloads present here totally free. You should not use the trainer in multi-player mode because it can lead to termination of your account or IP ban. Release Date: January  22, 2013 Platform: PC System Requirements: Minimum system requirements for the game are given below: 4 GB Ram Core 2 duo @ 2.4 GHz GeForce GTS 250 2.5 GB hard disk space All the available resources for the game are given below: Trainers for Game: Currently we have only 1 trainer for the game. The trainer contains more than 3 cheats. 1. Strike Suite +3 Trainer: This trainer contains 3 cheats. We have tested its compatibility with Windows 8. It is fully compatible with Windows 8 and all versions of the game. Features: Infinite Energy, Infinite acceleration, Infinite rocket Download: Click here to download. Save Games: 100% complete save game files for PC version of the game will be released very soon. Stay tuned. Cheat Codes: There are no cheat codes for the game. If you still want to cheat while playing the game then download the trainer given above.
CheatBook-DataBase 2007 1.0

CheatBook-DataBase 2007 is a freeware "cheat-code tracker" that makes hints and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sega, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, Xbox, XBox 360, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, Wii, Sony PSP) easily accessible from one central location. If you're an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 11900 Games , this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. Games are listed alphabetically in the left-hand window. When you click on a game name, the relevant cheat is displayed in a editor window, with convenient buttons that let you print the selection or save any changes you've made. In the latest past many users of the CheatBook- DataBase and readers of the monthly being published magazine have sent to us small error messages and suggestions for improvement again and again. Many of the suggestions which we received are now realized in the new version 2007. - comfortable adding of individual cheats - cheats can be edited more easily now - separate section with solutions - files and images can be stored - simple survey of informations about the cheat - statistics - comfortable filter conditions - consoles cheats added - 17 different consoles now possible - search machine was revised - link manager - history log - News and Updates - private user data base - Import old Own Bases The program is small and setup is a snap. Once CheatBook-Database is on your hard drive, use it as much as you want because it's free. Release date February 1. 2007 CheatBook-DataBase 2007 is Freeware for Win95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista All Cheats inside from first CHEATBOOK Jan.98 until February 02/2007
Tomb Raider Trainers for PC

Welcome to our Tomb Raider (The Final Hours Edition) cheats and trainers page. This page contains all the available trainers for Tomb Raider 2013. You can download these trainers totally free. All trainers are 100% virus free. Tomb Raider Trainers for PC: Currently there are 2 trainer available for Tomb Raider: The Final Hours edition. Click on download link to download the trainer: 1. Tomb Raider +11 Trainer(latest): Total cheat codes present in this trainer are 11. With this trainer you can use Infinite(health, ammo, salvage, experience, skill points), super speed super jump and more. Download: Click Here to download. 2.Tomb Raider (+8 Trainer): This is a +8 trainer for Tomb Raider. You can use Infinite health, massive salvage, super speed and 5 more cheats while playing the game. Features: Infinite Health, Massive Salvage, 999 skill points, Infinite Ammo, Super speed, Store location, Teleport, Undo teleportation.  Download: Click Here to download. 3. Tomb Raider(2013) +6 Trainer: This is a +6 trainer for the game. The trainer is in Russian language. Download: Click Here to download.
SimCity 2013 Trainers and Save Games for PC

Welcome to our SimCity 2013 Trainers and cheats page. Unlike other sites which charge their users to download trainers, we share our trainers totally free. On this page, you will find all the exclusive trainers, save games, unlockables and cheats for SimCity PC version. Release Date: March 5, 2013 Platform: PC and Mac System Requirements: Minimum PC system requirements for SimCity are given below: 2 GB Ram 10 GB hard disk space NVIDIA 7800 or better Intel Core 2 duo processor or better Internet connection: Minimum 256 kb/s download & 60 kb/s upload Trainers for SimCity PC: All the available trainers for Simcity PC version are given below. We keep updating the trainers to make sure that they keep working. Trainers are compatible with Windows 7 and 8. *Trainers for this game are currently under development. Check back soon.* Save Games for SimCity: !00% complete save game and individual save game files are available for download. Browse through the available save games. *Save game files will be available in the coming week.*
Max Steel Mod APK: Unlimited Chips (Cheats)

Max Steel Rise of Elementor Mod (APK Files) for the Android version of the game is finally available. The cheats included in this modded apk are unlimited chips and free purchases. This one is 100% working just like our RoboCop Mod and injustice mod. There is no root required and all you need to do is to download and install the Max Steel cracked apk file. Main Features and cheats are given below: Unlimited Chips - Chips is the main currency of this arcade game and you will get tons of chips. Free purchases - Want to buy the upgrades or some other item? You will get it for free. 100% working - We tested it on Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC and 10 other devices and it works on all of them. Are you wondering about how to get unlimited chips in the Max Steel? or looking for a way to cheat in the game. Look no further and download this modified version of the game and get all the things mentioned above for free. One of the best and most epic adventure game series has returned on the Android devices with double of the fun! Rise of Elementor is the brand new edition in this series in which you will be in control of the turbo team. This is a perfect combination of endless running, combat, action and fights with the bosses. There is no need to care about the chips as you will be getting them for free with our Max Steel Mod. The turbo team is made up of two people: 1)Max and the 2nd is the Steel. One of them is the teen and second one is the alien. Together they both create an unstoppable team ready to defeat the Miles Dredd. Miles has a malicious plan of bringing ultralink back to the life. Both of heroes must stop him from his evil plans to save the planet earth. The race is on and clock is ticking! You will be racing through the whole copper canyon starting from the secret corridors of the N-Tek to a lot of different places while dodging enemies and obstacles. This journey will not be that easy as you have to fight against the deadly bosses such as Dreddnaught robots face to face. You can also win some of the exclusive content by collecting DORMANT ULTRALINKS hidden through out the game. As mentioned earlier, research chips is the main currency basically used to upgrade your heroes. The in-app purchases available in the game are totally non-compulsory and not required. How to Use: 1. Simply install this and start playing. 2. Enjoy. Download: Announcement:  Our recent Flappy Bird Hack has been updated.


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