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Download Crysis 3 Trainer for PC. Using the Crysis 3 (+8 trainer), you will be able to use mega health, infinite ammo, set nano points, super speed, super jump and more. Supported Versions: Retail, Origin and others. Supported OS: Windows
Disney Bola Soccer Hack (Free Gold)

Download Disney Bola Soccer Hack and get free gold! Huge pack of Gold costs $15 in this game but with our hack tool, you can get 42342,888,399992222 gold coins for free! It is a no brain decision… Download our amazing hack right now and enjoy. We are providing reliable hacks for the mobiles game sinc
Farmville 2: Country Escape Hack (Unlimited Coins + Keys)

Download our exclusive Farmville 2: Country Escape Hack for iOS and get unlimited coins, unlimited keys and a lot more amazing benefits. This game has just been updated few days ago and a lot of people requested a hack tool for this game. So for all the guys who requested it, your request has been fulfilled! If you are looking for cheats to get free coins or keys in this game, then go ahead and download it right away. Farmville 2: Country Escape Hack features are given below: Unlimited Coins - No need to worry about coins. You need t
Epic Island Hack iOS (Unlimited Coins + Gems)

Download Epic Island Hack for iOS devices and get unlimited coins, unlimited gems and the freedom to buy anything in the game free of cost! This hack tool works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad mini, iPad Wi-Fi (All generations). It is especially made for the iOS devices only and doesn't require any jailbreak. The main features of our Epic Island Hack are
Stick Soccer Hack (iOS & Android)

An amazing Stick Soccer hack is developed by Pak Circles which unlocks stick mamba, stick cobra, stick viper and all the other sticks. This is a new game developed by the owners of Stick Cricket. Our hack is tested on Android and iOS devices and it works on both. The main features of Stick Soccer Hack are given below: Stick Congo - Congo stick has been unlocked. Stick venom - Thi
Crysis 2 Multiplayer 1.0

The demo includes two maps, "Skyline" and "Pier 17", as well as two modes "Team Instant Action" and "Crash Site", plus six intense, action-fueled gameplay modes: Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and A
Frontline Commando 2 Hack (Free Glu Coins)

Frontline Commando 2 Hack for getting unlimited glu coins (Android only) is finally available on our site. With this hack you can get more than 16 million glu coins free of cost. You will also get close to 17 million money and the good thing is
Flappy Bird Hack & Cheats (High Score)

Flappy Bird Hack for getting always high score in the game is now available on With this hack tool, you can get a very high score in the Flappy Bird iOS game. Unlike other games, this one is totally free with no paid purchases or anything similar. So get the high score and impress your friends and the whole world. Features of the Tool: High Score - Do you want to get a very high score? Then get our cheat and make it to the top spot. No jailbrea
Despicable Me Minion Rush v1.6 Hack Unlimited Tokens

Download Despicable Me Minion Rush Hack (Latest Version: 1.6) which is especially made for all the iOS devices including iphone, iPad, iPod touch. You will get unlimited bananas, tokens, power ups, costumes and you can buy anything you want in the game. This hack is for the new version which i
Magic Piano Hack: Unlimited Smoola + Full Access

We have recently published a Brave Frontier Hack and this Magic Piano Hack is the 3rd tool we are going to release today. This is developed after reciving a request from a user on our facebook page. With this hack, you can get unlimi
Head Soccer Hack iOS (Unlimited Points)

After the success of our Death Moto Cheats and subway surfers tool, we are proud to announce that our new Head Soccer Hack for the iOS version of the app is now available. This cheat tool is packed with tons of amazing cheats and hacks which you will not find anywhere else such as unlimited points, devil unlock and a lot more. The hack tool is free to download and is 100% compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. No jailbreak is required at all. The main features of Head Soccer Hack are given below: Unlimited Points - You will get 2,185,584,097 points in the game. All characters & costumes unlocked - All the characters will be unlocked alo
BloodStroke Hack Unlimited Cash (All Versions)

Download BloodStroke unlimited cash hack now and get unlimited supply of cash in the game which can then be used for upgrading your weapons, damage, reload time or whatever you want. It was released on the iTunes store few days ago and few people actually requested a hack for it. So here we have a 100% working cheats for the BloodStroke. As it is a plist file (save file), so all you have to do is to move it to your iOS device and no Jailbreak is required at all. You can see the proof in the screenshot given below: Features of the BloodStroke Hack: Unlimited Cash - A cash pack on the iTunes store costs $6.49 but if you use our cheat, you will get 188888888 cash. Remember that this amount will not go down even if you consume it. So that's a plus point. Upgrades - You can easily get upgrades like damage, reloading time, clip size and all the things you want. About the game: It is one of the universal apps which are supported on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and the iPad touch. The minimum requirement is the iOS 5.0 or later which is very low to be honest and almost any device can run this game + our bloodstroke hack also requires no jailbreak. It puts you in the boots of the security agent Mai Lee whose job is to make sure that her client Dr. Koorse is safe at all costs. Doctor is a high profile man and the streets of hong Kong are full of assassins waiting to kill him. Now it is your job as a security agent of the Doctor to take out all the killers, snipers and gangsters who want to assassinate your client. Dr. KoorseIt's time to paint the Hong Kong red with blood! Blades, arms, weapons , grenades, shot guns and so on. Use whatever you get your hands on and open the fire against the enemies. It is a classic violent action style game and truly fits is genre. It offers unique comic book style graphics with an amazing combination of John Woo's balletic violence. All these things make it a classic game which you will never want to miss out. The game story is being written by an epic filmmaker John Woo who is very famous for full of voilence films. It is the bejing and the Hong Kong famous for its gangs and their brutality. When you combine the deadly fighting art of the Mai Lee in it, it just become awesome. A couple of soundtracks are included from the Far East Movement and the graphics are comic-book style as mentioned earlier. One thing to mention here, that EA has put age restriction on this game which means you can't purchase it from the iTunes if you age is less then 17. How to Use: 1. You must purchased the game from the iTunes store first. What we offer is cheats not the actual game. 2. Open the app and wait untill you see the menu. Now close it from multitask. 3.  Extract the BloodStroke Hack and then copy/paste the com.chillingo.bloodstroke to User Applications/Bloodstroke/Library/Preferences. You can use iFunbox/iFile for doing this. Download:
Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Hack Unlimited Coins & Keys

Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Hack is a state of the art cheat tool for getting unlimited coins, unlimited keys, unlimited hoverboards, jet packs, coin magnet, all boards unlocked, all characters (Yutani, Spike, Fresh and Tricky) and a lot more items. This is for the iOS version of the app and works on iPhone, iPad and the iPad Touch without any need of jailbreak. Get this hack now and unlock the true potential of the game. Features of Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Hack: Cheat codes offered by our cheat tool for this game are given below: 1. Unlimited Coins - You will get 996322019 coins in Subway Surfers World Tour London. 2. Unlimited Keys - You will get 998945946 keys with this cheat tool. 3. Unlimited Score boosters - 999999985 score boosters will be unlocked. 4. Mega Head Starts - 1000000064 mega head starts will be unlocked. 5. All Characters - All the characters including Fresh, Tricky, Spike, Yutani and a few special characters will be unlocked. 6. All boards & trophies - All the boards and trophies will be available from the start. 7. Others - Jetpacks, coin magnet, 2X multiplier, fully upgraded, 2197783681 score, super sneakers and all the things in the game will be at your disposal. This is the best hack for the Subway Surfers World Tour Miami. Unlike our previous versions, we have made this one compatible with all the versions and it will keep working even after the devs with release new updates. This is just a one time download and you will keep benefiting from it forever. This time the crew is in the Miami - a city famous for its beaches covered with palm. It is the best time for you and the crew to explore the beaches and the mega city Miami with your crew and team members.Different day-to-day activities are also available so you can earn keys and coins. There is also a special weekly hunt and if you can win this you will get a special holiday gift. You may ask what the gift is? Well that's a secret and remember that our secret hack tool will also unlock that special gift. Special things in this release is the snowflake board and the curious photographer Jamie. These 2 will be a good addition in your existing collection. Just like the old parts of the game, inspector and his dog will be in pursuit of you and you will have run and dodge through the trainers while collecting coins, keys and special bonuses. Retina resolution support has been added so you can get the best graphics possible. So either play on your own or challenge a friend in online multiplayer mode. Whatever you choose… This game is a total fun. How to Use: The first step is to download Subway Surfers World Tour Miami Hack Unlimited Coins & Keys. Further instructions are included in the download package. Download: Version: Latest Requirements: No
Wreckage 1.0

Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete dubbing and Crysis-level graphics. Developed by the four-man-team around Christopher Held, who also already developed "The Harbour" and "Rainy Days". It's the final chapter of the story, that began with the map "The Harbour" and was continued in the modification "Rainy Days". It tells the story of three soldiers who try to survive a devastating war between two worlds. The play time is somewhat longer than one hour.
Guardian Cross Hack iOS (Unlimited Coins)

Looking for a way to get unlimited coins in this game?? Download our Guardian Cross Hack. You will get infinite supply of coins, no cost for combining cards and a lot more cool features which you will not find anywhere else. Unlike others, it does requires jailbreak device but we will make something for non-JB very soon. This is what we have to offer with out Guardian Cross cheat tool: Infinite coins - Why pay up to $50 for getting few coins when you can get unlimited coins using our tool?? Combining cards - Combining cards in the game will not cost anything at all. One hit Kill - You will get one hit KO for all the monsters. Freeze Monsters - This will freeze the monsters and they will not move. If I say that it is one of the best card games available on mobile platform, then it will not be wrong. With more than 1,000,000 downloads all around the world, it has set new standards. When it comes to variety, you will get access to 300 different type of guardians. Capturing them and then training them are the most hardest parts in this game but that's the only way to unlock the true potential of these divine beasts. It is more of a VS style card game in which you compete against other real human players. It will be your card vs. their card and only the toughest will survive. One more thing to mention here is that the developers of this site are the same as of famous Final Fantasy so can be assured that you will get the best out of it. Some nice graphics touch is also being added by their graphic designers. Only playing against other players is not the only fun you will get. Capturing the guardians from the Northern Cross's hunting grounds using enchanted rifle in limited time and then training it is also an important part of the game. Several hunting grounds are available as mountains, grass lands, tundras and several new ones on their way with new updates. Combining several cards into one and sacrificing one guardian to level up the other can get you some special abilities in the game. I have played many card games in the past but this is the best among others. Its upgrade system, high number of players and the different in-game elements sent you back in a mystical world. Versus battles increases your rank and each win is counted as a point on your side. These battles can also earn you some special edition cards which costs a lot of real life money if you plan to buy them. One more thing I would like to mention here is that this hack is working with the latest update of the app. Instructions: 1. First step will be to download and extract the Guardian Cross Hack. 2. Use iFunbox and copy the binary file which you got in step 1 and paste it to /var/mobile/Application/GC/DoD 3. Set permission to 777 (read, write and execute). Download:
The Call of the Fireflies 2.0

The Call of the Fireflies is a puzzle-based singleplayer mod for Crysis. There are no guns, explosions or nanosuits involved. Just an old man who follows mysterious fireflies through mountains and dark caves, sleeping villages and frozen woods, and has to use all kinds of mechanisms to open his path, while battling to stay alive in the winter cold.


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