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Prototype 2 crack is now available to download. Prototype 2 is a new game which follows the story line of the previous part 1. Game Description: Sequel of the famous game of Prototype, Prototype 2 continues the experience of  becoming the ultimate shape-shifting weapon. You are Sgt James Heller, husband to a deceased wife and child and a soldier left simply to die… Main features of the Prototype 2 are:  The Power of Tendrils: The amazing new tendrils lets you lift and tear apart vehicles, beasts and enemies. Customize the player: You can easily customize the player. Bring the evil down: Players will experience the epic story or Sgt James Heller attempting to take down the devil himself..Alex Mercer. Unraveled against the explosive backdrop of New York Zero and it various factions warring for control over the infection, Prototype 2 sets the stage for the ultimate showdown "event" video game of 2012. and more… How to Use: First download the Prototype 2 Crack. Then copy the contents in the game directory overwriting original files.System Requirements: Minimum system requirements for Prototype 2 ae given below: Intel Core 2 duo 2.6 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 8800 with 512 MB memory Windows XP, Vista and 7 10 GB hard disk space Download Prototype 2 crack: Click Here to download the crack.
Battlefield 4

Following the critically acclaimed Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 continues the tradition of nonstop mayhem that is the sandbox/first-person-shooter genre. Battlefield 4 has a large selections of weapons, vehicles, and maps and keeps the action coming. Pros Bigger arsenal, more customization:With over 100 weapons and 35 vehicles, Battlefield 4 carries an even greater arsenal than its predecessor.Keeping its tradition of load-out customization, the game lets all players find their perfect bread-and-butter setup. New engine, new mechanic: The Frostbite 3 engine not only brings brilliant graphics clarity to Battlefield 4, but it also lets players level the playing field -- literally.Players can destroy the majority of terrains and structures in Battlefield 4, changing the maps for better or worse. Different ways to play: The new Obliteration mode, where players make a mad dash to compete and plant explosives at common points, is plenty of fun. The Commander mode from Battlefield 2 makes a comeback in Battlefield 4, as players can support their team by setting targets, spotting enemies, and even launching counteroffensive attacks against the opposition.An iPad app means that you can even lead your army on the go. Cons Weak campaign: Battlefield 4 has improved on the cinematic design of its Campaign mode, but -- although it's not as bad as the single-player missions of Battlefield 3 -- it still lacks that captivating draw of other first-person shooters.With a cheesy story and even cornier dialogs, you'll need some wine to go with it (or maybe some macaroni, if that's your thing). Battlefield 4 makes an effort, but after a few hours, any gamer will see that multiplayer mode is a better draw. Bottom Line Known for revolutionizing the FPS genre with its vehicle- and team-based, sandbox-style play, the Battlefield games have always pushed the envelope.Terrain destruction is good and bad. On some maps it can drastically change your tactics; on others it may shift the balance of power. Battlefield 4 may not have brought many new ideas, but it did bring more of the memorable mayhem that Battlefield is known for.With enhanced graphics and well-modeled physics, this is a game for those who love the thrill of working together and competing online with other players.Running and gunning may get you far, but it won't help you win matches, as the series continues to encourage teamwork over the lone-wolf-style of gaming.With new maps released every few months, you can expect to keep returning to the danger zone for that next weapon unlock. This is a review for Battlefield 4 for Windows with the March 31/14 PC Game Update.
Battlefield 4 +16 Trainer (All Version)

The all new Battlefield has arrived and so comes our trainer. Our team has developed a +16 trainer for Battlefield 4 PC version which contains 16 cheat codes. The trainer works on the Origin version and all the other version of the game. Some of the cheat codes include God mode, infinite ammo, infinite explosives, super speed, one hit kill and 11 more cheats. You can't compare anything with the huge scale and the scope of the Battlefield 4. Dominate land, sky and sea with the all new Battlefield 4! Trainer for Battlefield 4: Without wasting time, let's talk about the Battlefield 4 trainer. This is a +16 trainer for this game and contains 16 cheat codes. We have checked its compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Take a look at the trainer options: Hot Keys Effects F1 God mode (super health) F2 Infinite ammo F3 No reload + infinite grenades F4 Super accuracy F5 No recoil F6 No overheat F7 Super speed F8 Super jump F9 Bullet time F10 Increase speed End key One hit kill Number 8 Store location Number 9 Teleport Number 0 Undo teleportation Numpad 7 Infinite vehicle health Numpad 2 Infinite explosives This is a mega trainer with 16 options… You will not find such a trainer with these number of options anywhere. Just like usual the first cheat is for the infinite health. the 2nd cheat is for infinite ammo and the hotkey "Numpad 2″ will give you infinite explosives. By using the combination of infinite health, infinite ammo and infinite explosives you can easily finish the game in matter of hours. The trainer has a cheat codes for the supper accuracy, cheat for the super speed, cheat for super jump and the teleportation options. Most of the times you need to take out the enemies quickly. In such conditions you can use the one hit kill cheat. After activating this cheat, you can take out the bad guys with just one hit. We have covered all the important parts of the Battlefield 4. You name it and we have it in our trainer. About the game: Its time to enter in the full scale war with the all new Battlefield 4. You can play the game in any way you want. Really there are no restrictions in the game. Be the boss and take things in your hands and become a commander or work with highly trainer squad as a  strike team. There is no comparison of Battlefield 4 in terms of its huge scale and scope. New weapons, new maps, new vehicles and the ability to destroy things. Take down a skyscraper in the downtown area of the Shanghai or destroy a dam to flood a whole city. The choices are endless with the Battlefield 4. The all new commander mode gives you the freedom to take things in your own hands in this urban warfare game. Battlefield 4 brings the best strategy experience you ever had and challenges the player to dive in its vastness and huge scale. This is the latest from the blockbuster gaming franchise "Battlefield". With the use of Frostbite™ 3,  the developers claims that you will get the next generation technology and the best Battlefield experience. You know what makes Battlefield different from other games??? It is only in Battlefield that you can destroy a whole building, lead an assault from a remote location, destroy a whole city, flood a city, attack from air, land and sky…and so on.. This game gives you the freedom to do more and play with your strengths. The new campaign mode follows a story in the Shanghai. The US VIPs are evacuating from the Shanghai and you along with your squad have to finds its way to home. Battlefield 4 is a all-out war with no comparison with other games. Changes in the landscape happens in realtime as you advance in the game. The ability to take down almost every structure in the game brings you closer to the reality. The game is using Frostbite™ 3 which brings you the best audio, video and gaming experience. The time has come to dominate land, sea and the sky in the Battlefield 4! System Requirements: Minimum PC System Requirements for Battlefield 4 are given below: OS: Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8 Ram: 4 GB or better Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz HDD: 30 GB free disk space Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT (512 MB video memory) Download: Options: +16 Size: 5.04 MB
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Money Cheat

Our team has developed a simple program for getting unlimited money in Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded. All you need to do is to run the program and start the game. Now whenever you need cash, press the F1 key and you will get 100 cash totally free. Have a look at the screenshot of the program: Even the developers of this game claims that it is the most infamous game of all times. This game was originally released on 1987 and revolves around a loser Larry Laffer who is in search of true love at the age of 40. This new version is a whole new game developed from the scratch. Be ready to experience new graphics, new music store, new hand painted graphics, new characters, new locations and a lot more. Thousands of new jokes, gags are also added in the game.   System Requirements: Minimum system requirements for this game are given below: Operating System: Windows XP, Vista,7 + Mac OS X + Ubuntu CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.8 GHz Ram: 2 GB HDD: 4 GB free disk space VGA: Direct X 9.0 compatible graphic card   How to Use: This trainer is very to use. First copy it and paste it in the game directory. Start the trainer and play the game. Now whenever you need cash go to slot machines and press the F1 key. You will get 100+ cash instantly. You can do it as many times you want.   Download: Developer:
Download IDM 6.14 Full Version

Internet Download Manager 6.14 full version is available for download. Version 6.14 build 5 is the latest release(Jan-09-2013) of IDM. What's new in IDM version 6.14: Improved downloading from some of the video servers and YouTube. Support for latest versions of browsers. Added support for latest YouTube algorithm changes. Windows 8 integration. Improved downloading from YouTube. Added support for Firefox 20. Improved Internet Explorer integration. Fixed bugs. and more… After installing "IDM 6.14 Full Version" you can also install the updates with any problem. Enjoy free life time updates with IDM 6.14 full version. Screenshot: Download: Click here to download Internet Download Manager 6.14 build 5 + crack. Download package includes crack, serial and setup of IDM v6.14.


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