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Download Google Chrome 23.0.1271.10 Full Setup

Google Chrome browser is a combination of sophisticated technology with simple design to make browsing fast, secure and easier.  Fast Speed: There is doubt that Google Chrome is the most fastest browser present on the internet. One box for everything: You can simply type any search query or web
RSS Subscription Extension

Google's RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome automatically scans pages for RSS feeds and lets you subscribe to them with a single click on the RSS icon in the Omnibar. You must be signed in to Google to use it. It works with Chrome in Incognito mode, too, and supports multiple fee
Black Menu

Black Menu for Google is a free Chrome extension that improves on the late, lamented Google drop-down menu. Its customizable menu accesses all of Google's many services, from AdSense to Zeitgeist. A tabbed sidebar displays search results, notifications, and information on Google features. Black Menu installs almost automatically from the Chrome Web Store. ProsDark good looks: Black Menu's attractive and functional layout is based on the drop-down menu that Google dropped in one of its frequent updates. Clicking its browser toolbar icon opens Black Menu;
Incognito This!

Incognito This from Jerry and Ben is an application designed for what is termed "private browsing." This is an Internet navigation mode preferred by individuals who, for whatever reasons, do not wish others to know what sites they visit. If you want to have this functionality literally at your fingertips, then you will probably like this free Google Chr
SRWare Iron Portable

Google Chrome is a strong contender in the raging browser wars, but it's not without its critics. Concerns have been raised about several aspects of Chrome that could potentially compromise user privacy. SRWare Iron Portable is a browser that's based on the Chromium source code and is nearly identical to Chrome, but it addresses several of these privacy concern
BlackHawk Web Browser

The browser wars continue, and many developers are taking the best features from the most popular browsers and trying to create something even better. BlackHawk Web Browser is a variation on Google Chrome that claims to have the spee

Superbird is a free browser that uses the open-source Chromium toolkit to emulate Google Chrome, while enhancing security and privacy. The result is a fast, lightweight browser that works well on the fly. Combined with a portable version that can be loaded from a USB driv
Checker Plus for Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to keep your existence humming along smoothly, you'll like Checker Plus, an add-on for Google Calendar. Checker Plus brings a lot of useful features, such as Quick Add desktop notifications with Snooze and Dismiss options, audible reminders, and even a cooking timer that will tell you when it's time to take the pizza out of the oven. Checker Plus is free, but it could conceivably pay for itself in no time simply by preventing API (accidental pizza incineration) due to
Google Chrome beta

Chrome is the lightweight flagship browser that originated from an open-source Google project called Chromium. It is now one of the more widely used browsers, with a vast ecosystem of extensions and add-ons, a robust javascript engine, and a rapid-release development cycle that keeps it competitive. Pros Minimal UI:Chrome's overall UI has remained stable sinc
Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a Chrome-based Web browser with enhanced security, privacy, and stability. Like Chrome, Dragon is free. It's available as a standalone browser or as part of Comodo's antivirus and PC security software. Dragon's unique features include access to Comodo's Secured DNS server network, which e

Slimjet is an alternative Web browser built on the same platform as Google Chrome, but with added functionality and customization. With this app, you can enjoy the speed and familiarity of Chrome while also fine-tuning your browsing experience to your own specific needs. Form Filler: One of the nicest extra features of this browser is the Quick Fill Form Filler, which goes above and beyond Chrome's password manager to include all kinds of data entered into various form fields. With this tool, you can complete all kinds of online forms with just a few clicks, and you'll never have to worry about typing out the same information over and over again. Chrome compatibility: This browser supports all extensions desig
Ultimate Football Results

Developer Dave's Ultimate Football Results is a free Google Chrome extension that fetches results from the most popular soccer leagues from multiple BBC Sport pages and displays them in one page in Chrome. It's the fastest way to check the latest results for your team, league, or association. Ultimate Football Results is compact and, like most Chrome extensions, installs almost instantaneously. It placed a soccer ball icon in Chrome's address bar; we clicked it to access the extension's setup options. This involved selecting feeds for four tabs, each with four separate frames containing a drop-down list and the option to display Results, Fixtures, or a Table. The tabs are labeled Home (for the U.K.), Europe, Other, and Knockout cups. We made our selections, closed the options page, and clicked the program's icon. An attractive dialog bearing the BBC Sport logo popped up with our selections displayed in its four squares; clicking the tab labels changed the view to our selected matches. Better still, we could click links within each square to access more detailed information. Clicking the Peek button let us quickly glance at results for any league by selecting it from a drop-down list. There's also a Message Board, which we looked at but didn't sign up for, and an Options button that let us quickly change our choices. Fans of European football and Chrome have reason to celebrate the outcome of this fixture since both sides win. If you find yourself checking and re-checking BBC Sport for the latest results, you need help. Well, here it is, courtesy of Ultimate Football Results.
SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron heavily mimics Google's Chrome browser, incorporating access to developer tools, various settings to change appearance and privacy settings, as well as the ability to add extensions. In contrast to Chrome, Iron is more privacy minded. Chrome-style settings: You'll find SRWare Iron's settings to be nearly identical to Chrome in both appearance and options. From the settings page, we were able to change the browser's theme, and select and manage our search engine. Hitting F12 brought up the developer tools. Import bookmarks: We have a lot of bookmarks saved to our default browser, but SRWare Iron let us quickly import them with just a few clicks. We were able to just as easily export our bookmarks to other browsers. Quick page loads: While browsing, our pages seemed to load quickly. However, page loads didn't really seem to differ that much from Chrome and other browsers we've tested. Plug-ins site seems a bit iffy: If you want to browse for more extensions, a link takes you to a generic Chrome extensions page that didn't look trustworthy. We warily clicked the link for our language, and it took us to a page that listed Chrome extensions such as PanicButton and Angry Birds. However, we felt a need to immediately run our AV software after visiting the site. We don't have a lot of complaints about SRWare Iron, but we also don't have a lot of compliments. If you're concerned with Google's stance on browser privacy, or are just looking for a different browser, Iron is a worthy choice.
Adblock Plus for Chrome

Online ads slow down Web browsing and are quite annoying in general. As an extension for Google Chrome, AdBlock Plus will eliminate all of the ads from your browsing experience, even ones attached to videos on YouTube. It installs in seconds and has absolutely no hiccups or surprises. This software offers one the best features related to ad blocking -- it strips Web videos of ads. This is a fantastic feature if you frequently watch TV shows or other videos online. Other than that, this program isn't about what you see, but what you don't. While there's no layout of the actual program to speak of, it doesn't leave a bunch of obnoxious blank spaces where ads once were. It modifies Chrome's layout to make it look like the ads were never there in the first place. There are sometimes little jumps where ads would be in Web video, but it's hardly noticeable. There are two things to look for when you're looking for ad-blocking software: Does it work and is it easy to install? AdBlock Plus fits both of those criteria perfectly. It installs and is ready to go in seconds and snuffs out ads all over the Web. If you use Google Chrome, there's no reason to surf without it.
Speed Dial

Anyone who's used Google Chrome for any period of time has likely encountered its "Most Visited" landing page, which displays thumbnails of your most visited Web pages for quick and easy access. Speed Dial is an extension for Firefox that mimics this feature of Chrome--sort of. Instead of displaying your most visited sites automatically, Speed Dial lets you create your own sets of thumbnails. It's a great way to organize your favorite sites and access them quickly. The extension installed without issues but, like all Firefox extensions, required us to restart our browser. A small configuration screen popped up immediately, allowing us to select whether we wanted the extension to load in new windows and tabs and whether we wanted to enable dial groups. If you're not sure what to do here, don't worry; this screen can easily be accessed later. Speed Dial appears as a small icon to the right of Firefox's address bar, and clicking the icon brings up a surprisingly comprehensive set of menus for customizing the extension's appearance and behavior. Dial groups let you organize your favorite sites however you want; you might have a group for social networking, a group for news, a group for shopping, and so on. Each group can then be selected from a dropdown menu accessed from the Speed Dial icon. Once you've selected a group, Speed Dial will display a set of thumbnails representing each Web site in the group; to visit one, just click the thumbnail. The extension makes it very easy to reorder and otherwise customize the thumbnails. Speed Dial has so many features that a Help file would be useful, but its lack of one isn't a huge drawback; everything can be figured out with some experimentation. Overall, we like Speed Dial quite a bit; it's a unique and useful way to access your favorite sites.
CoolNovo Portable

CoolNovo Portable is the new name for ChromePlus, an enhanced version of Google Chrome. As the new name indicates, CoolNovo is totally portable, meaning it runs when you click it without having to be installed. You can set up CoolNovo on a USB stick and use it a home, work, and on the go, with all your bookmarks, passwords, and settings. CoolNovo has all of Chrome's features plus some useful extras, such as Mouse Gestures, Superdrag, EI Tabs, support for downloads from context menus, and the ability to close tabs directly with a double click. CoolNovo is basically identical to Chrome's baseline version, with the addition of an expanding, optional sidebar for bookmarks and other uses. A bookmarks sidebar that can be pinned open is a feature Chrome users have long sought, but obscure issues we won't go into kept them waiting. CoolNovo's sidebar appears to be the very thing. Of course, CoolNovo can be customized in many ways, just like Chrome, and most of the add-ins that work with Chrome will also work with it, too. CoolNovo's settings menu is also the same as Chome's. We opened CoolNovo's Web page from the About menu; the site offered lots of information, including a Getting Started Tutorial. We were already familiar with ChromePlus, so we started with CoolNovo by importing our bookmarks, passwords, and other settings from Chrome (you can also import them from IE and Firefox). Like Chrome, CoolNovo is very fast, and we ran through our familiar bookmarks with no problems. Opening the Options, we saw some of CoolNovo's unique features, such as Mouse Gesture, Adblock, Accelerator, and IE Tab Settings. The Mouse Gestures option is selected by default. The gestures are super-simple to set up: Just click the visual icon showing the motion and select a command from the list, such as navigate forward or back. The Adblock feature offered separate fields for subscribed and user-defined rules. The Accelerator page offers several goodies, including a Boss Key and tons of shortcuts and hotkeys. IE Tabs options include a Cloud switch. Many of these features can be added to Chrome but come integrated with CoolNovo.


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