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Courseplanner 4.1.0

FSX/FS2004/FSCOF/FS2002/FS2000 Courseplanner 4.1.0, stand alone flight planner. Complete with a color map to track all your moves in a separate window. Can be used with or without Flight Simulator running, (totally independent of FS). Allows you
Microsoft Flight Simulator X 1.0

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator franchise-the most significant addition to date. Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world with dozens of aircraft and interactive Mission
Pro Flight Simulator 1

With today's modern technology, the Pro Flight Simulator can help aspiring pilots and flying enthusiasts can develop their skills through a three-dimensional simulator. Becoming a pilot and being able to smoothly and swiftly operate an aircraft can be very difficult, but learning how to fly is a thrilling and fascinating experience. The Pro Flight Simulator software features a very realistic simulation of flying, from the kind of aircraft to the terrain navigated. This program provides an opportunity for a great number of flying stud
Space Shuttle Simulator 1.0

SPACE SHUTTLE SIMULATOR simulates the complete flight from launch to landing. It's easy to control and not overloaded with complicated functions. Game play is the bottom line. A included mission editor allows you to add your own new missions or let you modify allready existing missions. Highly detailed 3D graphics.
First Class Flurry 1.0

Time management fun in the skies! Take on the job of a flight attendant and take care of passengers in this fast paced game. Starlink Airlines has gone bankrupt, but the new owner wants to bring it back to the top of the airline business. Claire, the airline's top flight attendant needs your help in making sure every passenger has a wonderful flight! Features * Be a flight attendant!
AquaSoft Earth Pilot 7.1.01

Only flying is more beautiful. Enjoy your travels for a second time with a flight over the globe. Simply insert start and destination point, the rest is handled by our AquaSoft E
P39K Airacobra aircraft for CFS2 2.9.60418

P39K Airacobra aircraft for CFS2 (Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2). Trial version and additional information available via Trial version is limited for about ten-minute flights only
ClearView RC Flight Simulator 5.34

ClearView delivers even faster frame rates, crystal clear graphics, stunning full screen mode and faster loading times. ClearView provides best in class hi-res sceneries with full collision detection. Dynamic camera mode. Zoom modes. Close up camera. Auto Pilot. Magic Time(tm) time slowdown for better learning. Record, replay and share your flights.

This software transmits GPS-data from the FSX to a navigation program on your pocket PC. With the help of an arbitrary navigation software running on the PocketPC you can watch position, altitude and speed of your aircraft. Requirements: - Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Microsoft .Net-Framework 2.0 - a pocket PC (ARM-Processor) wit
Eagle Lander 3D 2.1.2

Eagle Lander 3D (EL3D) is an authentic simulation of the Apollo lunar landings.. EL3D includes accurate renditions of scenery, flight dynamics and the lunar module. EL3D has developed from a freeware first generation Apollo 11 simulator to one that will recreate every Apollo la
jalada Air Strike Afghanistan Windows 1.7.6

jalada Air Strike Afghanistan is your action flight simulator and combat game. It puts you directly behind the trigger, in the fighter pilot's seat. Your goal is to destroy enemy targets dispersed throughout the various challenging campaigns leading through Afghanistan. In each mission you must score points to be promoted and to get new technology. Fight for glory to compete for the best pilot ever on Earth. The game offers you an unprecedented level of realism in regards to flight dynamics, avionics and weapon systems. Powerful enemies driven by artificial Intelligence of ground vehicles, weapons and jets bring you an enjoyable gameplay. A wide rang
Space Flight 3D Screensaver 1.4

One day the Earth will become too small for the humans and they will start looking for a home on other planets in distant galaxies. They will embark on a journey never ventured before. Theyll get to the very center of the Universe discovering new bright stars and mysterious planets on their way. They will see huge space stations and magnificent battleships on a voyage to conquer new civilizations. Do you want to get there? With Space Flight 3D Screensaver your screen becomes a teleport gateway to that world. You will definitely appreciate the outstanding graphics and the enchanting space scenery with fascinating special effects. Download it now and see for yourself.
Flight Over Sea 3D Screensaver

Though lacking in features, this free screensaver imbues your desktop with a sense of calm. As you'd expect, Flight Over Sea simulates a glide over open water, not far above the ocean's surface. The scene consists of sea, sky, and clouds--all reasonably well drawn--and a soothing New Age soundtrack. The tiny feature set allows you to turn the music off and set the resolution as high as 1600x1200 pixels. However, you can't control the angle of the flight, and the simulated motion made us a bit queasy. Also, after a few runs monotony began to set in. We wished for some optional features on the water's surface--islands and reefs, for example. Nevertheless, since it costs nothing, we can suggest Flight Over Sea to those in search of a peaceful interlude.
Helicopter Simulator: Search & Rescue 1.0

Become an emergency pilot and test your skills to their limits, as you sit in the cockpit of an emergency helicopter, across more than 40 challenging missions. Choose from 8 models of 'copter, each varying in size, ability and specs. Fighting forest fires, communication failures, and conducting perilous search and rescue missions are just the start... you'll face many more natural disasters throughout your missions. Game features: - 8 different helicopters - 45 various missions - over 400km2 of terrain - changing weather conditions - well-balanced flight controls
Niborex E6-B for the Pocket PC w CD 1.3.003

Introducing the NiborexElectronic E6-B... Simply the Best E6-B, Period! Everything you need for flight planning Cockpit Friendly Design No stylus required Single-Handed operation Available for both Palm and Pocket PC All for Only $24.95!Download a 14-Day Trial E6-B Calculations With 21 E6-B aviation calculations and 18 aviation conversions (more than any other electronic E6-B), the Niborex Electronic E6-B provides much more. Situational Awareness Just knowing where you are, and where you are headed may save your life.The exclusive, easy-to-use, graphical, electronic holding and landing pattern entry calculators provide pilots critical situational awareness at the touch of a button. Weight & Balance Very few things in aviation are as critical as proper weight and balance calculations.This fast and easy-to-use weight and balance calculator ensures every flight is a safe one. Flight Timers The best-of-breed, precision timer includes stopwatch functionality for counting up/down, and even tracking holding legs.
Falco Super Flight 3.2

Welcome to the Super Flight! Take your aerocycle and begin to play! You aim is to clear the sky from these bad guys! The game includes 15 levels (16 - survival), 3 bosses, some types of weapons, armor, enemies and everything that should be in a true scroll-shooter. And the last thing you need - is MEGA-Graphics! Try it yourself!


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