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After the release of +12 Trainer for Metro Last Light, we are proud to announce that now you can also download 100% complete save game for Metro Last Light. After loading this save game, all the
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We are proud to release the ultimate mod for "Six Guns" Android game. You will get unlimited gold coins, unlimited health points, unlimited sheriff stars, unlimited experience points and free in-app purchases from the store.
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We are proud to announce that our trainer hack tool for the Facebook game "FarmVile 2″ is available for public. We have been testing this trainer since the start of this year 2013 and our results shows that this tool is totally undetectable and 100% working. There were a lot of tools available for cheating in the game, but recently ZYnga increased its server side security due to which all trainers (hack tools) stropped working. A lot of people requested us to make this tool
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Call of Duty Ghosts +9 Trainer (Xbox 360 Only)

Finally Call of Duty: Ghosts is available for Xbox 360 and we are proud to announce that our +9 trainer for the Xbox 360 version of COD Ghosts is also available for download. It is a simple trainer which contains 9 options. Some of the trainer options include infinite health, infinite ammo, infinite grenades and more. Are you outnumbered and outgunned in the Call of Duty Ghosts?? This trainer will rescue you out.   Trainer for Call of Duty Ghosts: This is a simple trainer with all the important cheats starting from infinite health to the super speed. Take a look at the trainer options:   Sr. # List of Trainer options * Campaign Mode* 1 God Mode – Infinite health 2 Infinite Ammo – Gives infinite ammo in the game. 3 Infinite grenades – Gives infinite grenades in the game. 4 Custom primary weapon ammo 5 Custom amount of grenades 6 Custom secondary weapon ammo ** Extinction Mode** 7 God Mode 8 Infinite Grenades 9 Infinite Ammo 10 Super speed The first cheat is the as usual "God Mode". This cheat will give you super power and infinite health. Jump right inside a battle without any fear because with this cheat, your health will not decrease at all. The 2nd and the 3rd cheat is for infinite ammo and infinite grenades. The next 3 cheats allows you to enter a custom amount of the ammo and grenades. Let's say you need 2000 ammo, then all you have to do is to enter that amount in the trainer and you will get that. You can use the custom amount to keep the fun in the game because having unlimited resources can make the game boring.   You are playing as a soldier of a nation which is going to be destroyed. You are not fighting for freedom, liberty, power of the money. You are fighting for the biggest motivational source of all times….to survive. You are fighting just to survive. The desire to live in a man can do wonders. Call of Duty Ghosts will introduce a whole new chapter in this award wining franchise giving you a whole new gaming experience. All new built-in game engines and the next generation technology delivers the best graphics and sound while maintaining a minimum of 60 frames per second.   Ten years have passed since the devastating mass event that caused the change of the world's super power. There is only one hope left: "The Ghosts". Part of the special operations forces "Ghosts" continues the fight against the new and superior world power. The enemy is superior from you by all means whether it is by technology, number of soldiers or weapons. Being outnumbered and outgunned, you must fight and reclaim what was rightfully yours.   Other modes include the multiplier and the Squads mode. The squads mode is the same classic mode in which you can team up with up to 6 players and fight with the world's best players all around the world. Call of Duty: Ghosts challenges you to experience a whole new side of this game series.     How to Use: 1. Download the and extract it. 2. Move the 2 files (Trainer.xex & Trainer_Loader.xex) on your Xbox HDD. 3. Run the Trainer_Loader.xex. Now press BACK + DPAD UP to bring up the trainer.       Download: Developer: Pak Circles Trainer options: +9   Note: If you are looking for a trainer for PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts, then click here.
Head Soccer Hack iOS (Unlimited Points)

After the success of our Death Moto Cheats and subway surfers tool, we are proud to announce that our new Head Soccer Hack for the iOS version of the app is now available. This cheat tool is packed with tons of amazing cheats and hacks which you will not find anywhere else such as unlimited points, devil unlock and a lot more. The hack tool is free to download and is 100% compatible with all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. No jailbreak is required at all. The main features of Head Soccer Hack are given below: Unlimited Points - You will get 2,185,584,097 points in the game. All characters & costumes unlocked - All the characters will be unlocked along with all the customes. League mode unlocked - The especial league mode will be unlocked. Full stats - All of your stats will be full. You can see that this is a really amazing tool with all the options that you will need. Not having enough points or not able to play the league mode means you are not getting the best out of this application. To solve such problems, we at Pak Circles added this amazing cheat tool in our iOS section which is already full with cheats for 100's of games. This app has recently reached a milestone of 10 million downloads which is close to 1 billion downloads! We all know about those soccer games which requires a lot of work and it takes ages to learn the correct way to play them. This one is different. It's simple to use controls makes it easy for every one to learn and start playing an awesome soccer game in few seconds. Without our Head Soccer Hack, you can't get the best out of this game. Use the power of lethal shots to beat your opponents! A complete set of lethal shots are present such as dragon shoot, ice shoot and the lightning shoot. These are the shots that can win you the tournament. It is also integrated with game center which means you can play online against your friends. 42 different type of avatars are available to choose from which gives you a lot of options. These avatars can also be customized to get the perfect look.  4 different game modes are available: Survival, Tournament, Arcade and the League. The league mode is locked which can be unlocked using our cheat tool. How to Use: There are different instructions for jB and non-Jb devices. So we have included them along with download package. Download:
Rock and Roll 1.0

As the smartest prehistoric caveman ever, you have actually invented the wheel! So the next time someone calls you a "Neanderthal" be proud! Your mission is to show your wheel to the Prehistoric Society's Annual Scientist Congress, a prestigious convention to show off your goods and patent your product, as well as influence and impact the future of mankind. If you get your invention to the convention, it will change the course of progress forever. If not...well, we'd rather not think about that.
Clean My Registry Mobile 4.4

The Windows Registry is a crucial part of your PC's operation system. Regular use of computer makes the registry fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and invalid data. Clean My Registry software keeps this critical part of your PC in perfect condition. Just clean registry in a blink of an eye. The software has a unique feature of monitoring the Windows registry during installation and un-installation of software that helps you to control your PC Windows registry. Updated and improved edition of Clean My Registry runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista . This latest title has a free download available to the public at
Payday 2 Beta +11 Trainer (Steam Only)

After receiving a lot of requests from people for this trainer, today we are proud to announce that the "Payday 2 Beta" Trainer is now available for download. This game caused us a bit of trouble but after some crashes, several tries and 5 hours of coding we finished it. The trainer contains all the important cheat codes like infinite shield, infinite ammo, infinite cash and 8 more cheat codes. This trainer is only for the beta version of the Payday 2 only. About the game: The whole crew (Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains) is back in Payday 2 on a new crime adventure. This time they are going in Washington DC. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in this game using their favorite characters. You are free to do anything in this game from a small store hit or kidnapping to a large scale bank robbery. As you advance in the game, you will become a legendary criminal and you will be rewarded with a lot of bonuses like full character customization, creating your own guns and gears and a lot more. Do the job in any way you want and collect cash. That the goal of the game. In which way you will earn money…That up to you. You can choose a special skill set for your character from available skills technician, mastermind, ghost and the "enforcer". System Requirements: Minimum PC system requirements for "Payday 2 beta" are given below: Operating system: Windows XP service pack 3 Ram: 2 GB Graphics: Direct X 9.0 compatible graphic card with 256 MB memory CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz  HDD: 10 GB free disk space Trainer options: This trainer is only for the steam version of the Payday 2 beta. Once the final version is released, we will create a new trainer for it. This trainer contains 11 cheat codes in total. Have a look at the trainer options: Hot Keys Effects F2 Infinite shield/protection F3 Infinite ammo – No reload F4 Infinite items F5 Infinite skill points F6 Infinite cash F7 Super speed F8 Super jump F9 Super drilling Number 8 Store Location Number 9 Teleport Number 0 Undo teleportation The combination of the first two cheat codes (Infinite shield and ammo) will turn on the God mode cheat code. You can finish this game just by using the first 2 cheats. The 3rd one is for getting infinite items and 4th one is for infinite cash. The last 3 cheats are related to the teleportation.     Download: Size: 5 MB Compatible with: Steam Version only


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