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Du Meter 5.30 Free Download

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GPU Meter

GPU Meter displays information on your graphics card, from usage to temperature, as well as clock speed and other useful stats. It installs as a Windows gadget and sits on your desktop. If you want an easy way to see GPU information at a glance,
Fluke 45 Serial Application 1.82

Connect your Fluke 45 Meter to a PC for Display, Logging, and Data Capture. Includes a Meter Control Panel and Alarms. Try it free for 15 days, after which a Registration Code may be purchased through PayPal to unlock. Requires a null-modem cable. Useful in the field, on the bench, or in a lab. Large Display useful for making
SoftCollection Distance Meter 1.43.043

Description: Distance Meter allows you to measure distance between two points on any surface, not only flat, by rolling mouse wheel on this surface. Not all mice have the same wheel parameters, so, in order to perform measuring with specified mouse, you must perform calibration for it for only one time. In order to perform calibration, click menu Options / Calibrate, then turn mouse upside down and roll it slowly for exactly 1 Meter, when wheel is pressed. Afterwards you can perform multiple measuring by the same way as you did with calibration. In order to stop measu
Network Meter

Network Meter offers plenty of details about your Internet's performance in an easy-to-install, stylish package. Though it won't tell you everything you might want to know like other desktop tools, it makes most of the details you'd need readily available and is extremely easy to customize. If you want a cool status center for your PC, you probably won't find a better one than this. T
Big Meter Pro

Big Meter Pro shows what your CPU is doing. Or your RAM. Or Disk. Or Processes. This useful gadget can display them all in a customizable analog-style pointer gauge that's big enough to see from across the room yet not so large that it dominates your desktop. It's compact in data size, too, and uses very few system resources, so it doesn't influence
Process Meter 1.05

Process Meter displays chart with information about all processes running on local or remote system. It may show the following information for each process: - CPU usage - Handles - Thr
PPMulator+ plugin 2.11.2

Professional Metering solution PPMulator+ is a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Programme Meter (PPM). By adding this plugin to the master output of your audio
CPU Meter Pro 1.2

A free utility for modern microprocessors, displaying the usage for all their cores. It continuously reads each logical processor's usage, showing the data on big dials, as analog hand rotation and numeric percentage. It also offers you general information about your microprocessor (brand, type, speed). Now it's very easy to have a dynamic overview of your processor's performance when running tasks on all its cores. The program's window can be dragged anywhere on the screen and placed on top of other programs with a selecta
Speed Test Gold 1.0.736

This Speed Test Meter has it all and allows you to test your full bandwidth speed completely automatically. Speed Testing: Testing your maximum throughput of your connection type. The best way to measure maximum throughput is to download a large file and measure the time it took to download and divide that into the size of the file downloaded. Speed Test does ex
Download Sleeping Dogs (+12 TRAINER)

A new +10 trainer with more than 10 cheats for Sleeping Dogs version 2.1 is now available for download totally free. With this trainer you will be able to use infinite health, infinite money, infinite ammo and more. Release Date: August 14, 2012 Platform: All Sleeping Dogs (+10 TRAINER): We
EnCalcLU 3.5

EnCalcLU calculates the cost of water use, allowing both the real cost based on meter readings and forward prediction based on the readings and elapsed time to be calculated.EnCalcLU is ideal for checking and predicting water bills. The results can be saved to a log file for later analysis. The program can cope with both water and sewage volume charges, varying tax rates plus fixed charges and discounts enabling most charging models to be handled. EnCalcLU is part of the JSutils group of software utilities which have a theme of energy conservation. Requires a registration code (free for personal non commercial use).
PokerLuckMeter 1.0

Poker Luck Meter use Poker Tracker database to find probabilities of different poker events, like probability to get certain pocket cards, to improve to certain combinations on flop or river, etc. Using program you can check room's RNG or your luck.
MING Bandwidth Monitor PRO 2.0

MING Bandwidth Monitor PRO is a powerful bandwidth meter and monitor, which measures and displays all traffic to/from any process, your computer or your network. MING Bandwidth Monitor PRO shows you which processes in your machine are causing TCP/IP network traffic, how much traffic that is, over which IP ports this traffic takes place, and where it goes. It can display bandwidth data in a real-time graphic display and record all network traffic and includes extensive logging (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly).
Mouse Throwing 1.0

Good fun for feline lovers. Throw a mouse in the air and watch how far it bounces. Try to get the mouse pointer arrow indicator to stop at 45 degrees and stop the meter at its maximum. Then, watch the mouse bounce over distances of 350 feet. You have 5 tries in each round to throw the mouse. The final score is the total points of the 5 tries. If you can score 300 points, you are a grand master of Mouse Throwing.
TurboTax Deluxe 2014

TurboTax Deluxe includes everything in Intuit's online TurboTax Free Edition, starting with free federal eFiling, but it also helps homeowners, investors, and charitable givers maximize deductions. TurboTax Deluxe offers real-time help and searches for all possible deductions, including medical bills. Its Audit Risk Meter flags potential audit triggers and helps you avoid them. You can try TurboTax Deluxe for free, but it's now a lot more affordable. First-time visitors to the TurboTax storefront can sign in, create a free account, or start any tool for free. Considering it's just a step up from the Free version, TurboTax Deluxe's compatible form list was a (welcome) surprise; basically, it handles everything but business forms like Schedule C and items like estates and trusts. There's an option for first-time filers, too. We could start with last year's returns or create new forms. A prominent Help Search tool proclaimed "We're right here," offering assistance by phone, chat, or online community. The site, itself, is slick and professional, very clear and easy to navigate, and avoids looking either too clinical or commercial. We have no complaints about the TurboTax experience, from start to finish. Not long ago only 1040EZ filers had the smug satisfaction of filing their taxes from the kitchen table. TurboTax Deluxe not only lets homeowners and others with deductions file electronically, too, but it also does so at a lower price than last year. That counts as genuine progress!

Application launcher, command line tool, macro runner, memory meter, CD player, MP3 player, multiple-desktops, text & code library, address book and more... the swiss army knife of dektop enhancements. Exybar - a multi-featured task bar to make your e-Life a little easier.


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