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Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper

Dream-Rain Animated Desktop Wallpaper transforms your desktop background into a dreamscape populated with gently-moving raindrops. When you want something a little different as a background to your work, this app provides it through a fantasy of gently falling rain. When you install Dream-
Rain Talisman 1.02

Rain Talisman is a puzzle game. Spin wheels and match 4 spheres of one color! Logical thinking and unstoppable fun combined in one game. The goal of the game is simple. Turning the wheels with 4 spheres of different colors on them find matches of the same color that would form squares, diagonals and rectangles.
3D Rain Forest Adventure

3D Rain Forest Adventure turns a computer desktop into a lush Amazon scene. With beautiful visuals, realistic sounds and a surprising feature, this program will make nature lovers happy. The program's interface is exclusively through Windows' screensaver menu and was a breeze for us to access and navigate. We enjoyed watching the screensaver's animated, but lifelike, scene operate. A white, splashing waterfall crashed down among dense green ferns, vines, and trees that swayed in the breeze. Brightly colored birds swooped in and out of t
TOff 2.5.5

Handy utility for those who'd like to leave their computer unattended and then to automatically turn it off. TOff can turn off your computer (reboot, or hibernate, when possible) at a certain day and time with seconds discrepancy. I used it every time when I left my computer at the office to download some stuff from the Internet and then to turn it off at night so that it looked
The Mysterious City Golden Prague game 2.5

The Mysterious City Golden Prague game is a Hidden Object game, one of more than 400 free Games you can download and find at Free Ride Games. Your peaceful morning is interrupted by a frantic knock on your door. Your beloved professor has gone missing from the museum where he was last seen. It's up to you to explore the beautiful and historic city of Prague includin
Age of Dinosaurs 3D

If you're looking to escape to the era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, then this excellent screensaver is for you. Age of Dinosaurs 3D takes you on a whirlwind tour of a prehistoric Powerdart 1.10

Shoot the arrow to the center and receive the highest score! In a good old classical arcade style Powerdart combines best entertainment with a minimum of download size, disk space and installation time. It looks like Windows&ium
CO2 Saver 1.0.0

As seen on Good Morning America and The New York Times, CO2 Saver adjusts your computer's power settings to automatically save as much energy as possible, thus reducing global warming and saving on your electrical bill. CO2 Saver is far easier to use than changing the settings yourself and it's such a small program that you can leave it running 24/7. For convenience sake, it includes a built-in search engine that lets you submit queries to the majors:, Google, Yahoo, MSN, et
5th ball 1.2

5th ball starts new series of logic games from Frostworks. The goal of the "5th ball" game is to create maximum amount of lines joining five balls. To create a line all you need is to put a ball on the gametable and connect it with another four balls (which already exist) directing towards the end of new line. All available directi
Eco-Match 2.52

The polar ice caps are receding, the rain forests are vanishing, and animals are losing their habitat.The World is changing
Special Events Racing 3.0

Try yourself as a GT class racing cars pilot. 17 most famous courses of the world are waiting for you! The morning half-hour WarmUp is finished, and while Formula I racers are preparing to the main start, "special events" are held on the track. In Italy it's "Renault-Spiders", and in Austria it's "Porsche" bolids. Realistic physics of this free racing lets you feel nuances of driving in various weather conditions. After driving cars is mastered you may take the risk and try your professionalism and guts in a championship, where a minor fault causes flying out off the track and loosing precious seconds and victory. Download free
Falco Cockroaches 3.2

You roll out of bed excited for your morning tea and pastry. You sit down to enjoy it and...Yikes, a cockroach is trying to steal your breakfast!Oh no, there are more of them! Time to take back your kitchen, show them who is master of this domain.Grab a slipper and start squashing!
Easy MP3 Alarm Clock

This alarm program is easy like Sunday morning--but hopefully you'll get to snooze on Sunday and program this puppy for Monday. Easy MP3 Alarm Clock lets you set one alarm (and one only) to play your favorite music track in MP3 or another music format. The program window is compact and easy to use. One button lets you browse for music files on your hard drive, while drop-down menus help you set the alarm. One shortcoming we discovered during testing is that you can't minimize the window to the system tray. Overall, this is a basic, useful program that's probably easier to use than the Windows scheduler.
Autumn Lines 1.0

You are welcome to the wonderful world of the first season (autumn) in the famous lines. This game is to give a reach filling of AUTUMN in a small 9x9 squares field. The rain begins and it sounds so realistic... Take a look on this really nice game and it will give you the golden moments of relaxation! Performed in windowed mode, it is easy to hide and to find again...
BootStatus 1.0.3

This little thing keeps a log of times you rebooted the PC. Can come in handy. (In my early Win95 days, I created this to actually make sure I wasn't hallucinating about the times I had to reboot...)
Axle+B 1.6.1

Editor features more than 18 special effects, like snow, fireworks, falling leaves, sunsets, mist, rain, lightning, ocean, fountains and more. Choose your own good and bad word for every stage, and make your own epic journey. Great as a teaching tool, or just watching it play by itself in demo mode. Stash treasures in your vault and build up your reputation by setting of fireworks.


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