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Facebook Pro

If there's one thing we hate, it's software that doesn't do anything that you can't already do with existing programs on your computer. Why clutter up your hard drive with software you don't need? Unfortunately, Facebook Pro is exactly that: software you don't need. The program is essentially just a Web browser that displays F
Shoplifter Pro 2.0

In Shop Lifter Pro free game your job is to steal as many valuable objects from the store without getting caught. Walk in the store and try to steal various items. Be careful of the clerk as it seems he has his eyes on you. If he catches you will go straight to jail. When you get to the level where there are more valuables for you to steal, passing the surveillance will get to
Family Feud 2 1.29

It's Family Feud 2, the sequel to the smash hit, based on the fast-paced TV game show! New questions, awards, and mega-bonus points for winning streaks and top answers. Beat the average score, or go head-to-head with a friend or an entire family! Pass, Play, Steal and Strike -- with over two thousand questions! Survey says: Play Family Feud 2! FAMILY FEUD is a registered trademark of FremantleMedia Operations BV.
Facebook @Desktop

Facebook users struggling to keep up with their accounts will like this free app that helps with checking messages, invites, friends' requests, pokes, and notices on the social media site. Facebook @Desktop from Olcinium is a dot NET app that provides access to this information directly on your desktop. With the new app, there is now no need to log in to the account itself
Inbox Backup for Facebook

FEAR TO LOSE All Your Correspondence? Donâ??t Know How to Save Your Facebook Inbox? Inbox Backup for Facebook is what you need! A simple desktop application that makes the backup of all your Facebook correspondence as easy as drinking a water's glass!
Facebook Fast Delete Messages

If you are a regular Facebook user, you must be familiar with how long it takes to delete a single message from the social media site. While the reason for this is obvious, some people might actually prefer a faster way o
Facebook Chat IM

You won't find any revolutionary features with Facebook Chat IM, a free instant messaging program, but it does give you a way to easily interface with your Facebook friends. The free instant messaging tool presents an
Facebook Toolbar

Do you find yourself constantly flipping back and forth between Facebook and whatever it is you're supposed to be doing? In about as much time as it takes to say, "There has got to be a better way," you can download and install Facebook Toolbar from MSBit. This free Firefox add-on places a new toolbar in your browser that contains everything you need right at the top of whatever browser window you're in. We installed the Facebook Toolbar and restarted Firefox, and then opened the

Wondering how much time you spend on Facebook? Look no further than TimeRabbit, which displays how long you've been on Facebook during your current session and logs each session for the day, week, and so on. TimeRabbit works with most major Web browsers, but it's not a browser add-on; it's a standalone program. More good news: TimeRabbit is freeware. We installed and opened TimeRabbit, and
Chit Chat for Facebook

Facebook's chat feature is a great way to have instant contact with your friends, but it's not always practical to stay logged in to the site all day long (ahem, such as while you're at work). Chit Chat for Facebook acts just like Facebook's own chat feature, but it lets you cha
Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

Users of Facebook are sure to like this app, which is designed to make uploading photos to the social media site even easier. Easy Photo Uploader from ObviousIdea lives up to its name, simplifying the process and giving you more control of your pics. Once it's installed, you just need to connect the free application to your Facebook account. The software is quite simple and easy to understand. Uploading is just a matter of right-clicking on the folder or the specific photo you want to share, a method that is faster than going through the usual Facebook utility. You can also customize the resizing process for the photo upload. Th
Car Thief 6.0

You are a criminal and earn your living on a car theft. One day, you've found yourself deep in debt to the local loan sharks. You have to show the best of you, steal as many cars as possible and sell them to the dealer to repay it. If you won't do it in time, the loan shark's thugs will come after you. You win the game when you clear up your debt and leave off your illegal business before you get to a prison or killed. The more cash you have in the end, the more score you gain. This is a sequel to the Car Thief game. Yet more equipment to use, yet more non-player characters to talk with, yet more auto-generated quests, yet more ways to steal a car! Numerous options for tuning up your favorite car and disguising it from police. Handy user interface and ability to enter your own photos in the game.
Facebook Fan Puzzle 1.0

The Facebook Fan Puzzle, A Fun, 30 Piece Puzzle Facebook Fan Puzzle For Facebook Lovers. This puzzle allows rotation of pieces to make the completion more difficult. Built for Beginner and Intermediate Puzzle Lovers, while still providing a bit of a challenge and fun for the more Advanced Puzzle Solver. Puzzle defaults to your computers screen resolution to allow optimum game play. To rotate pieces rightclick on them, with each click the pieces will rotate, increasing the difficulty of the puzzle and making it more enjoyable. For even more challenge, play in "surprise mode", never looking at the picture before solving the puzzle so you have no idea with the finished product looks likes. The finished image can be pulled up at any time to provide hints if you happen to get stuck. If you need help, Ghost image is enable to allow you to pull up an image overlay of the original, finished puzzle image. This will be affixed to the center of your screen and give you a bit of assistance in solving the puzzle. Gameplay options: Start, Pause, Re-start, Shuffle/Rotate Pieces. Timed or Untimed Gameplay. This game can be played an unlimited numberof times. Computer Requirements: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit. At least 500 mb of RAM should be available in order to ensure speed. To play: Download the puzzle and click to play. Full installl and unstaill directions are included as well as help files.
TimeLine Remove

We happen to like Facebook's Timeline feature, but we know firsthand that there are plenty of people who don't. TimeLine Remove is a Firefox extension that can make both your own and other people's profiles appear in the old, pre-Timeline style. We think it's a good choice if you find yourself unable to get used to the new two-column layout. TimeLine Remove installed easily and was ready to go without a browser restart. We went to Facebook and found that the extension worked as promised; we checked both our own profile and those of several other people and found that the Timeline had been replaced by the old-style layout. Strangely, it did seem that many of the photos that our friends had posted appeared slightly blurry in our newsfeed; we're not sure if this can be attributed to TimeLine Remove or not, but the images displayed without issues when we clicked to enlarge them. Overall, we found TimeLine Remove to more or less be exactly like using Facebook before the Timeline was introduced. It's a sure thing that Facebook will continue to evolve, and it's probably a good idea for you to get used to it. But if you're just not quite ready yet, TimeLine Remove is a good way to hang on to the Facebook of yore for just a little bit longer. TimeLine Remove installs and uninstalls without issues.
Upload Rabbit for Facebook

It's not difficult to upload photos and videos to your Facebook account, but some users would like to make posting pictures on Facebook as easy as it can be. They need Upload Rabbit for Facebook, a free tool that uses a simple wizard to help users post pictures and videos to their Facebook page. It can create folders, post to your Wall, and let you choose whether to share your pictures and videos with everyone or just friends. However, its drag-and-drop interface and capability to stay logged in to your Facebook account make it a great choice for heavy users, too. Upload Rabbit's interface is extremely simple, with buttons to select either images or videos and a simple but effective diagram depicting how the program works. We selected Upload Photos and clicked Next. We could drag and drop images into the program's target or browse to files to add. Next came the Accounts page, where we could log in to our Facebook page by allowing various levels of access. Once we were logged in, we could simply click our Account photo to access our image files. Next we chose where to publish our pics: on the wall, in a new or existing album, or as a new profile picture. Once we'd selected a destination, Upload Rabbit did the rest, rapidly uploading our pictures and tracking the action with green progress bars. We could click a button to view our posted image in our browser. Next we uploaded a short video, which took longer to post but was just as easy. When we clicked finished, the program asked us if we wanted to upload more files. Clicking yes returned us to the start of the wizard; clicking no closed the program. It's hard to image an easier or faster way to post pictures and videos on Facebook than with Upload Rabbit. If you'd like to post most stuff but feel a bit intimidated by the process, it can help. And heavy posters might just like its time-saving steps.
FaceFetti for Chrome

It is our opinion that one of the biggest reasons that MySpace lost its popularity was the fact that it let users customize their profiles, turning the pages into unreadable, barely functional Web design disasters. We are thus wary of anything that threatens to disrupt the relatively functional design of Facebook. Fortunately, FaceFetti for Chrome is the best of both worlds; it lets users add customizations to their Facebook pages, but they're not disruptive and they're only visible to that particular user. Like most Chrome extensions, FaceFetti installs easily. It appears on Facebook as an additional menu to the right of the Account menu. Users simply click on it and select Pick a Profile Skin, and a sleek interface pops up that lets users choose from a multitude of themes. The themes are arranged in 35 categories, including a variety of sports, celebrities, pop culture, food, flowers, and much more. To add a theme to your Facebook page, simply click on it and then confirm your choice. A background image will be added to the white space on either side of the Facebook newsfeed. We like that FaceFetti jazzes up the look of Facebook without altering its layout or causing functional problems; it's nice to look at, but otherwise, you'd never know it's there. The extension doesn't have a Help file or any other settings, but none are needed; it's quite easy to use. Overall, we like FaceFetti, and we think anyone interested in customizing the look of Facebook should give it a try. FaceFetti for Chrome installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.


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