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GAL-apagos is an addictive Arkanoid-style game with fun and colorful graphics and polished gameplay! The setting of the game is in the sunny Galapagos where you resque beautiful girls that have been captured by the Idols of the Temple. Game features: 24 stunning levels that will challenge your dexterity and your brain too! 8 bea
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Despite its sunny, unsophisticated graphics, Happyland Adventures is a surprisingly challenging adventure. You play a dog who travels through an amazing land. On the way you jump over pits filled with steel knives, eating hearts and other bonuses to increase your score. You have to recruit some creatures to follow you, whil
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In media, "preproduction" generally means drawing stuff: sketching out ideas on storyboards, whiteboards, legal pads, and even cocktail napkins. Greyfirst's Celtx is a free tool that finally brings preproduction into the same century as the media it creates, with some old-school touches, too. It includes Project Templates for planning and creating Film, Audio-Visual, Theatre, Audio Play, Storyboard, Comic Book, and Novel projects. Sample projects help get you started. Celtx integrates with free online and cloud-based resources and syncs with your mobile devices, so your creative projects are always available and safely stored online in the cloud, as well as on your home PC and smartphone or other mobile device. You have to sign up for Celtx online, but it's free, too. Celtx opens with a start screen listing its template types, as well as sample templates and news about the software and the large and active Celtx community. We clicked the first template, Film, which opened an Untitled project template with a layout and look recalling classic Office, with Project Library and Scenes in the left sidebar; Notes, Media, Breakdown, and more on the right; and in between a main window with word processor-style controls above and tabs for Script, TypeSet/PDF, Scratchpad, Index Cards, Title Page, and Reports along the bottom edge. The program's Tools include a spell checker and inline spell checker, but there's a Toolbox feature for adding and managing optional Celtx tools. We named and saved our project and moved on to Scene 1 in the Script tab. A drop-down menu let us choose Scene Heading, Action, Character, Dialogue, Shot, and more. The default typeface is classic movie script that looks like it was done on a manual typewriter. We could edit dialogue, move blocks of text, and even lock portions with a Text Lock feature. The Title Page template has precentered fields, and we just had to compose our titles, choose fonts and other factors, and type them in the appropriate fields. And that's just a sample. Its forums, user-created "Seeds," and much more set Celtx apart from any other tool of its type.
Light Artist 1.5

Now completely free! Light Artist is a unique image editing program offering a number of options that produce amazing results. The program allows adding multiple light sources to photographic images, which can be useful either for enhancing images taken in a dimly-lit environment or for producing different lighting effects. By choosing different colors, spread and intensity of the light sources you can boost color, make dull and unexciting tints warmer or brighter or highlight any image area. You can get amazing results if you highlight overcast skies or brighten up the sunset sky giving it any imaginable hue. Use different colors of a light source to alter the color scheme of the image and change the overall impression it produces - make it either sunny and luminous or mysterious and frightening. Still another possibility is adding 3D relief to images, which can help enhance outlines, make the contours more distinct and produce an embossing effect imitating engraving. Light Artist comes with built-in light source presets to demonstrate the full range of possibilities of this handy and powerful tool. You can also save your light settings so that you can apply them later to your other photos. Light Artist is an indispensable tool for image enhancement that can be useful for both novice users and professional designers. The program also contains a plugin for creating thumbnails of your photos for web galleries.
Batch Launcher 1.1.4

Batch Launcher allows launching several applications by one click. The applications that you wish to launch get united in a batch - just drag and drop needed shortcuts to the Applications list of the batch. After you have formed several batches this way, you can choose, with which set of applications to be working. Batch Launcher allows launching the dialogue window for selecting a required batch at Windows start, or at any other moment when it appears to be necessary. Besides, you can create shortcut on the Windows desktop to quickly launch each created batch.
Gone Fishing iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Gold & Sliver)

Download cheat tool for the world's #1 fishing game "Gone Fishing". This cheat is specifically designed for the iOS version of this game. You will get unlimited gold, unlimited silver and free in-application purchases by using this tool. Just like our previous releases, this cheat tool will work perfectly with all the current and new versions of Gone Fishing. Features of Gone Fishing Cheat Tool (All Version): The features of this amazing tool are given below: A) Unlimited Gold - You will get 1888888775 gold coins totally free. B) Unlimited Silver - You will get 1888900888 silver coins in "Gone Fishing" game. C) Buy anything - You can buy all the items from the store totally free. D) Others: All the baits like earthworm, worm, hydra etc. and all the poles, special reel and special line. All the items will be unlocked and available. This is the best fishing game in the world being played by 12 million people worldwide. You can fine tune your fishing skills in this fishing simulator game. The backgrounds just looks like real with a sunny environment and a cool & calm place. All the things and items being used in real fishing are also present in this game like different kinds of baits, poles and other stuff. Gold and silver coins are the main currency of the game. There are two different ways to get the gold and silver coins. The first way is to play the game and earn them. The 2nd way is a little costly as it involves buying these things for the real money. The "epic pack of gold coins" costs around $99.99! But do not worry as there is another way around to get all these things for free. Yes you have heard me right…You can get all these things for free. Just download our cheat tool and follow the instructions given below and you will get tons of free gold coins, free silver coins and free purchases from the store. A lot of people have complained on the iTunes store about how much costly this game is. So what you are waiting for?? Download this amazing cheat tool now. Have a look at the proof of unlimited gold and silver coins: Instructions: After downloading the cheat tool for Gone Fishing game, please follow the instructions given below: - Launch the game and wait until you get the main menu. Then close the game from multitask. - Backup your previous data from User Applications/Gone Fishing/Library/Preferences. - Extract the GoneFishing.rar and then move the file to User Applications/Gone Fishing/Library/Preferences. - Now start the game and enjoy… Download: Version: All Developer: Pak Circles


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