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"Mine" is a personal windows application toolkit, it is "small size" and "green". Mine design idea is "start small" to solve the practical problems, in order to allow everyone to do things more smoothly, more liking. At present, Mine has released 3 modules: "Doing My Things", "Caring My Eyes" and "Shutdown My PC". These modules can
Mine Sweeping Race 1.5.0

In this game you need to race against each other for the fastest mine sweeper. The play area is composed of a grid of blocks, the one who opens all the blocks first wins. When you open a block, the number of mines adjacent to that block will be shown, and you can use this information to figure out where the mines are and open the blocks without mines. If you
Mine Field Runner

When playing Mine Field Runner, your success depends more upon your gut feeling and luck than it does on you skill. You must guide your soldier across terrain that's jam-packed with land mines to get to the end zone in one piece. While survival is your primary goal, you can earn points by collecting gold along the way. You have a metal detector to alert you to the presence of mines, but since it only tells you if an explosive within a few yards, don't count on it to save your neck. Since the game doesn't include any sort of help files, we were initia
Gold Fishing 1.3.0

People have become fanatic about the treasure in the newly discovered gold mine. Come and grab your share before the mine is emptied! Your goal in this game is to collect pieces of gold and stones by using a hook, and achieve the target amount of money within the time limit. When the game starts, you will be given a hook which swings back and
Laser Minesweeper 1.0

It's time to fight the evil forces and to render harmless the mines hidden under some of the squares on the board. It's no easy task to find the mines. Use your logics and lightening method to find them. If there is a mine somewhere in a line - it will absorb light and the sphere you clicked on will be red, if th
Minesweeper 1.0

A greatly challenging free guess-or-loose game for real mine-seekers. Try to find all mines hidden under the cells of the board. Mark them with red flags - one click of the left button of the mouse. To open the
Tsunami Sweeper Trial 1.0

Tsunami Sweeper is an innovative logic puzzle game that combines the structures of Japanese tsunami puzzles with those found in the popular mine sweeping genre of computer games. Find and mark all the mine locations to solve each puzzle. Registration Benefits: - New random puzz
Super Minesweeper Combo 1.12

Super Minesweeper Combo includes all the features of Super Minesweeper plus the additional boards of the Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack! There are seven various styles of gameplay, each one serving up a new challenge. These styles include the classic gameplay any Minesweeper player knows of, plus six others: Flagless, Backwards, Multi-Mine, Moving Mines, Endurance, and Mega Mines. There are also over 150 boards to challenge you, including the 50 boards from the Super Minesweeper Expansion P
Super Minesweeper 1.13

Super Minesweeper takes your classic minesweeper gameplay and adds several new features to the mix. You can play on many different board styles such as squares, hexagons, rectangles, skewed squares, intricate octagons, and tons more. There are three gameplay modes to choose from in the sha
Bouldermouse 1.4

You are the famous Bouldermouse! Collect all the diamonds in the mine. Avoid monsters and falling rocks. Use dynamite and bombs to blow your way through 40 levels. Featuring 3D GFX, Online hiscores, a Leveleditor in a beautiful 3D environment...Now also featuring the free
Get The Gems 1.1

GET THE GEMS Get The Gems is an action/puzzle game like Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine. The mission is to find the way through numerous caves back to the surface. To solve a cave, a certain number of gems have to be eaten in a limited time to unlock the exit leading to the next cave. But beware, for many obstacles are going to give you a hard time, such as boulders blocking your way, sneaky bugs, exploding nitro balls, walls, a mysterious bubbling mass and a lot more...get ready and accept the challenge! An absolute MUST for every Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine fan !! FEATURES ?Gloomy atmosphere ?30 tricky, varying levels ?Steadily r
3D Valentine Fairies

A peculiar cocktail of flowers and graceful dancing fairies, 3D Valentine Fairies is only tenuously related to Cupid's holiday. It doesn't display the traditional sentiments "I love you" or "Be mine." In fact, it would have nothing to do with Valentine's Day if not for hovering hearts. Instead, a piano piece plays while fairies float against a backdrop of huge flowers. It's pretty enough, if monotonous. The trial version displays nags from time to time, and a register reminder constantly scrolls in the bottom of the screen. If you or your sweetie is a fairy fan, however, this is the thing to download.
Adwords Vouchers Unleashed - Free Vouchers

eBook "Adwords Vouchers Unleashed" contains a new method for getting unlimited Google Adwords Vouchers totally free. The eBook is written by the CEO of Pak Circles- Umer Jutt. Adwords Vouchers Unleashed is a simple 5 page report which contains a secret and totally untouched method for getting free $75 Adwords vouchers. The method is totally legitimate because it follows all guidelines of Google. Tips on how to use and safeguard your Adwords account are also included as a bonus. The eBook also contains a new link for getting free $75 coupon. Advertising on Google is a gold mine and every one wants to take advantage of it. That's why a lot of people keeps asking on different forums that from where and how they can get free vouchers. A free voucher can help you to expand your business, get more visitors to your site etc. If you are looking for free voucher, then 'Adwords Vouchers Unleashed ' is for you. Instead of selling the eBook 'Adwords Vouchers Unleashed ' we have decided to share it totally free with first 500 visitors. So after the 500 downloads, we will add a price tag to it. Download: Name: Adwords Vouchers Unleashed 2013 Author: Pak Circles Price: $55 (Free for limited time) Download: Review copies left: 50
Atomic Minesweeper 1.0

Absolutely new and addictive mine-seeker game! Try to find the dangerous atoms hidden under the squares forming the board. This task will not be too difficult if you use the lightening method - the beams of light will scan the board and point to where these atoms can be hidden. Make your choice between hre skill levels available and enjoy the game. Don't think that it is very easy - some practice will be of great use for you. You needn't open the squares at once - flag those that might hide atoms inside. Don't hurry and stay alive! Spend some hours of real entertainment! Free to play. This game runs on any 32-bit Windows operating system (Win95/98, NT, ME, 2000, XP) and requires Flash 5 player installed to your computer.
3D Minefield 1.1

3D Minefield is a 3D minesweeper game, it is a refreshing concept of the old minesweeper game. It is a challenging game of strategy and luck, taking its payers to the wonders of 3D environment. The game is based on the classical minesweeper game with adjustable parameters that allow you to change and complicate the game. Changing the classic two-dimensional game to an original three-dimensional game has added to the playability without changing the basic game logic. To play 3D Minefield: 1.You can uncover a cube by clicking it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. 2.If a number appears on a cube, it indicates how many mines are in the six cubes that surround the numbered one. 3.To mark a cube you suspect contains a mine, right-click it. 4.If you are uncertain about a cube, right-click it twice to mark it with a question mark (?). Later, you can either mark the cube as a mine or remove the markings by right-clicking the cube again once or twice. 5.If you have marked all the mines around a numbered cube, you can uncover the remaining cubes around it by clicking the numbered cube with the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously. If not all mines surrounding the numbered cube have been marked, the all cubes surrounding the numbered cubes will flash when the numbered cube is clicked with both buttons simultaneously. Controls: In this game, you can operate a camera that allows you to survey the playing field by keyboard. W or UP -- rotate up; S or DOWN -- rotate down; A or LEFT -- rotate left; D or RIGHT -- rotate right; Q -- enlarge the distance of the cubes; E -- reduce the distance of the cubes; Z -- zoom in; X -- zoom out; ESC -- quit.
CastleMiner Z

CastleMiner Z is an online coop survival horror game in a block based environment for the PC and Xbox 360. Travel with your Avatar and your friends in a huge spanning and ever-changing world while defending yourself from the zombie horde. Mine the world for resources, to craft the weapons that you will need to survive.


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