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Funny Photo Editing Free Download Software

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Photo Decorator 4.1318

Photo Decorator is an easy and funny photo editing software that enables you to enhance photos. Photo Decorator can resize, crop, warp or transform your photos easily. It also allows you to add any picture as frames, texts, balloons and other items quickly. With the fun
Magix Photo Designer

Magix Photo Designer offers enough features and good looks to rival many photo-editing programs. It's confusing to set up, but it's all worthwhile once you get to work. It's especially helpful for users who fell in over their heads with programs like Photoshop. Though the program comes free of charg
PhotoPerfect Express

Photo editing can be a long and painful process, especially for people inexperienced with the complex software and processes involved. PhotoPerfect Express provides users with the ability to make quick changes to their images without a lot of hassle. This free program has an incredibly simple interface. Using traditional file search methods for selecting a picture, your images quickly dominate the screen. Along the top are a few options for editing, saving, and making batches. Along the right-hand side are five different thum
PC Image Editor

PC Image Editor offers relatively powerful photo editing capabilities in a free package. Although it doesn't match professional photo-editing programs, it does allow you to make some basic image corrections. ProsBasic interface: The main menu across the top of the screen features very large, easy to understand icons. Right-hand slider controls: The actual adju
Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer offers several standard image-altering functions and a few helpful surprises. While it's mostly nothing new, Fly Free proves a solid enough performer to make it a good alternative to costlier choices, especially since it's free. The program's interface feels very natural to operate. Its professional-looking design i
PhotoPad Free

PhotoPad is a desktop photo editing and filtering tool that operates like and contains many of the same features as a mobile editor. For those that share a lot of photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is actually a very good thi
Photo - File - MP3 Renamer Pro 4.00

Free software download. Free for 15 days. This software will rename your mp3 files, photos, images, downloaded files, mp3's, pictures and more. Photo - File - MP3 Renamer Pro 4.0also has a simple mp3 tag editor and photo resizer included
Roxio PhotoShow

Though it probably shouldn't be considered a serious photo-editing tool, PhotoShow Express adds a splash of fun to any digital photo project. The software's big, bright interface is perfect for newcomers. Picture collections can quickly be converted into a variety of useful formats, including wallpaper, screensavers, and printable calendars. Where PhotoShow Express really shines, however, is in creating multimedia-rich photo shows. Using a slick combinat
Altarsoft Photo Editor

Sometimes you just want a simple photo editor that doesn't require a degree in graphic design to operate. Altarsoft Photo Editor is just such a program. Its commands are a bit spotty and the Help file is lacking, but it proved to be a capable photo-editing program for the novice user. The program's user inte
Photo Decorator

There are photo-editing programs for users of all types and skill levels, from those who play with images for fun to professional photographers. Photo Decorator is definitely meant for less serious users, with features that provide more silly enhancements than serious photo correction. If that's what
Photo Hunt in Hawaii 1.0

A challenging seek-and-find game that takes you to the Hawaiian Islands. Each round starts with a set of 9 photo assignments chosen at random. You navigate the islands, exploring live-action scenes in search of your assignments. Then snap a photo and drag it to the correct slot on the game board. Each photo gets you cash, a spin of the Big Wheel, and a shot at score-boosting trivia about the history, culture, wildlife, and funny quirks of ...

FotoMix is an intuitive photo-editing tool that allows users to create dual-layer images, making it possible to add, remove, and combine elements. Although it doesn't begin to compare to full-featured software like Photoshop, it's not a bad choice for non-professional users who need something that's quick and easy to use. The program's interface is quite simple, with the five-step photo-editing process arranged with buttons across the top. Users simply select a background image, select a foreground image, do the necessary editing on each, tweak the settings on the final composition, and save the result. We, for example, inserted a giant eggplant into the water in front of a small fishing village. We can't say that it looked particularly realistic, but we can say that it is within the capabilities of FotoMix to combine elements from different images in a realistic way. We very rarely do any photo editing, but we found just about all of the program's features to be intuitive, and the built-in Help file is well-written and thorough. We think that FotoMix is a great choice for users who don't have much photo-editing experience but need a basic way to combine elements from different images or just perform basic edits and improvements on a single image; if nothing else, it's an easy way to crop, rotate, and add text to images. FotoMix is free, but does include advertising. The program installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.
Compact Flash Data Recovery 2.93

Compact Flash Data Recovery Software: Download digital photo recovery software for deleted photo recovery, or to recover from corrupt or damaged compact flash cards and other digial photo storage media. Try if FREE to preview photo recovery results. Recovers from all types of digital photo cards, including Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, SD, XD. It will bring back all digital photo types including JPEG, BMP, TIF, NEF, CRW, CR2, RAW. Download and try it now.
Photo Go

Photo Go is a powerful photo editing program with many convenient features and an intuitive interface. The app lets you import photos from a digital camera or directly from your computer. Once they've been imported, you can edit, organize, and share them with ease. Add effects and filters to make pictures more special or reduce red-eye to make your photos look more professional. Installing Photo Go takes a bit longer than some other apps, but it is a straightforward process. You do have to register the software online before using it, but this takes only a minute or two. As soon as you're registered, you can open the app and start importing photos. When you open the app for the first time, a tutorial window pops up automatically to walk you through some of the features of the program and how to access them. These tips are helpful and quick to work through, but you can also choose to forgo the tutorial and explore on your own. Help is always available from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Photo Go works well and includes lots of options to help you make your pictures look just right. You can adjust the hue, color, and saturation, as well as add sepia tone, switch to black and white, or eliminate red eye. And you can see how all of these changes will make your photo look before actually finalizing them and saving them to your computer. This software is free to try for 30 days, after which you must purchase a license for $19.95 to continue using. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Photo Go 1.0b Build 123.
Free Slideshow Maker

You don't have to buy expensive software or be an editing guru to create photo slideshows. Free Slideshow Maker pieces together multiple pictures and you can add audio files to make your slideshow more appealing. It's not as feature-packed as some similar programs, but it works just fine for showing off pictures to friends, and it's easy enough for rookie users. Free Slideshow Maker supports most picture and audio formats, so there's no need to convert anything. As for outputting the final product, only the AVI extension is supported. While most computers will be able to play these files with no trouble, it would be nice to have a few more options. The main limitation of this program is that you can't choose your own transitions between pictures. However, people who just want to make a simple slideshow may prefer that simplicity, and should appreciate how easy it is to change the slideshow's timing and frame rate. There's even an option to change the frame size to work with larger monitors or HDTVs. For a simple, no-frills download, the Free Slideshow Maker is fine for producing simple slideshows for showing off photos or making a photo screensaver. However, professional photographers and businesspeople won't be able to do much with Free Slideshow Maker as the output wouldn't be polished enough. They should look for more advanced slideshow-creating software like Picasa and IrfanView.
Passport Photo

The last time we had a passport made we ended up with one of those typical unattractive headshots from the local copy place. If you'd rather have a little more control over your passport photo--and we don't blame you, as you'll be stuck with it for a while--you might want to try Free passport photo software. What you actually get with this program is not just a tool for correctly editing passport photos, but a whole suite of photo tools called CamToPrint. In addition to the passport tool, there are also utilities for creating photo albums, calendars, greeting cards, and collages. We only tried the passport feature, but the others may be worth checking out as well. The part of the program that handles passport photos is pretty simple. You select the image you want to use and the program helps center and crop it into the required size. There are also tools for rotating the image and adjusting the brightness and contrast. A drop-down menu lets you select whether you want to use United States or United Kingdom passport photo requirements, which are slightly different. We were disappointed that the "Show U.K. Passport Photo Requirements" button took us to the U.S. requirements instead; those in the U.K. will want to be on the lookout for this. Once you are satisfied that your photo meets the requirements, you can either print it directly from the program or save it to be printed professionally. Photos are saved or printed as one 4-by-6 image, with U.S. photos saved in sets of six and U.K. photos saved in sets of eight. The program doesn't have a Help file per se, but there is an online video tutorial that demonstrates its use. Overall, Free passport photo software doesn't have a ton of features, but it could be just what you need if you're looking for a quick way to ensure that your passport photo meets the necessary requirements.


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