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Honeyball Meine Kraft Royal Download

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Sim U Kraft Mod is like sim city and the sims mixed together in minecraft, you dont have to go around harvest farms, or dig ores anymore since there are people around for you to employ now. Sim-U-Kraft is one of the most interesting mod
aborange LottoMaster (6 aus 49) 2.00

LottoMaster (Alle meine Lottozahlen) 2001 by Jochen Milchsack ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++ Lizenz --- (Siehe Datei Lizenz.txt) Funktionen --- Sie mochten nicht immer jede Woche die gleichen Lottozahlen tippen und Ihnen fallen nicht immer sechs unterschiedliche Zahlen ein? Dann nutzen Sie doch den LottoMaster (Alle meine Lo
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Team up with Cedric once again, for another exciting adventure! The King turns once more to you, his trusted city planner, to travel to the faraway land of Middleshire devasted due to the poor management and negligence of its rulers. Here you will be greeted by a host of zany new characters, and meet a few old favor
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Battleship Game World War 2 1.50

Naval strategy battleship game which covers all major navy battles during WW2. Game contains missions, Death-Match and Free Hunt scenarios & campaign from Pearl Harbor and Midway to the Iwo Jima and Leyte battle. Player can control or fight againstUSN, Kriegsmarine, Imperial Japan Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy,Royal New Zealand Navy and Regia Marina (Italian Navy) Scenarios includeAircraft Carrier Game, Submarine Games, Bismarck, Atlantic 1941, Lamansh,RAAF, Doenitz, Coral Sea,Midway, HMS Prince Of Wales,Leyte,US Marines,Atlantic 1943,Sir John Tovey, Normandy, Invasion, Emperor Hirohito,HMAS Perth, Road To Okinawa, Sin
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RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer 3.0.0

RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer is a professional grade statistical analysis tool that can be used to validate your particular style of blackjack play. Ideal for beginner, intermediate, and expert blackjack players. Royal Doyle Blackjack contains all the main strategies that you would expect in a professional grade application including Basic Strategy, Card Counting Strategy, Wager Strategy, and Streak Strategy. Combination of strategies can also be utilized for the advanced player. All strategies can be easily tailored by the user to provide unique variants of strategies. RoyalDoyle Blackjack provides a training mode in which the correct play will be presented in a cheat window. This feature can also be disabled if the user wishes to test his ability at making the correct play. Royal Doyle Blackjack provides different speeds of play. In manual speed mode, the user will be required to make every play. In slow, medium, and fast mode, RoyalDoyle Blackjack will automatically play each hand based on the configured settings. In Max mode, RoyalDoyle Blackjack will quickly blaze through extremely high quantity of shoes to show the results. 500,000+ hands is no problem for RoyalDoyle Blackjack in Max mode. RoyalDoyle Blackjack is written in 100% Java code and as a result can be ported to any platform that is supported by a Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE). RoyalDoyle Blackjack comes bundled with a JRE so it is instantly runnable out of the box without any user download being required. RoyalDoyle Blackjack is developed by software engineers in the engineering community therefore strict software design techniques are employed. RoyalDoyle Blackjack undergoes rigorous unit testing and integration testing to ensure that quality is delivered to the customer. RoyalDoyle is the only statistical blackjack application that you will ever need. As your skill level develops so too will the RoyalDoyle Blackjack develop with you.
Constellations 2.52

Help the Royal Astrologers explore the galaxy and hunt for Constellations. Choose between two different game modes to suit your favorite playing style: Explore for a relaxed time or Chase for a faster experience. Use different power-ups to gain an advantage, and steer clear of obstacles that may hinder you in your search.
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Online version of the ancient game called the Royal game of UR. Each players receives 7 chips.The object of the game is to move all 7 of yours chips from start to home. Landing on your opponent's chip will move him back to home. It is very similar to backgammon. Needs the Tams11 Lobby(found at in order to play against others.
Casino Video Poker CGF 1.000

Play the casino game video poker which is based on five-card draw poker. See if you can beat the house and get the royal flush. You'll start the game of video poker with $1000 worth of credit and are able to gamble different amounts depending on which option you select. The options available are $5, $10, $100, and $1000. Be careful with your gambling however, because if your credit reaches zero then it's game over. Enjoy flashy graphics as the on screen cards and even the metal sheen of the surrounding console is rendered in meticulous detail. As you play the game you will also be able to hear and experience the classic video poker machine sounds from the rustling of coins to the buzz of winning. To begin, select how much you wish to bet and click on the deal button.


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