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VLC Codec Pack

VLC Codec Pack gives several different media players more support for videos and audio in a few seconds. It even comes with a brand-new media player that's loaded with features. If you constantly run into messages that your media player can't play a video or song, this download is awesome to have. Though th
Media Player Codec Pack

Media Player Codec Pack supercharges your Windows Media Player by adding support for dozens of new video and audio formats. If you'd rather not download a universal player to play all of your favorite songs and movies, this will be an essential boost to your built-in media player. This comprehensive pack adds support for FLAC, MP4, FLV, and other v
Audio One Pack (Audio CD Creater) 1.4.1

The Audio One Pack program is designed to create and burn music to an audio CD, with support for a range of audio compression formats.Because Audio One Pack is automatic, it is not necessary to recode files from an audio collection in order to burn them onto an audio CD. The intuitive and simple interface of Audio One Pack ensures a smooth process from start to finish, meaning youll be listening to copies of your favorite music in no time. Original and perfect sound quality without interference can be achieved when
Windows 7 Codec Pack

Windows 7 Codec Pack adds up-to-date, high-quality audio and video playback capabilities to Windows Media Center or any media player. Though it's a bundle of software codecs, not a program, it installs just like any Windows program, and the Codec Settings panel opens from the Start Menu. Pros Plays in anything: These codecs work with
Download Windows 8 UX Pack Theme

Windows 8 UX pack will change your Windows 7 theme with the latest available Windows 8 theme. You can get the Windows 8 experience with Windows 8 UX pack. Windows 8 UX pack includes themes, wallpapers, welcome screen and much more. Features: Two Windows 8 themes (Aero Glass and Lite theme) Simple and easy logon screen customization User Title Instant one click installati
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Trainers

Download exclusive trainers for StarCraft 2: Heart of Swarm PC game. We have more than 4 trainers for the game. Trainers works on all the versions of the game. Only we have the trainers for this expansion pack of StarCraft 2. Release Date: Mar
River Past Audio CD Ripper 6.8

River Past Audio CD Ripper is an easy-to-use and fast audio CD ripper software. Rip audio from audio CD (also called CD-DA), to AIF (AIFF/AIFC), AVI, MKA, MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV or WMA. You have the full control
Super Minesweeper Combo 1.12

Super Minesweeper Combo includes all the features of Super Minesweeper plus the additional boards of the Super Minesweeper Expansion Pack! There are seven various styles of gameplay, each one serving up a new challenge. These styles include the classic gameplay any Minesweeper player knows of, plus six others: Flagless, Backwards, Multi-Mine, Moving Mines, Endurance, and Mega Mines. There are also over 150 boards to challenge you, including the 50 boards from the Super Minesweeper Expans
DmC: Devil May Cry +18 Trainer (Steam Version)

A new trainer for DmC: Devil May Cry is now available for download totally free. The trainer contains more than 18 cheats. With this +18 trainer you can use infinite health, mega scores, fast dante, one hit kill, freeze mission timers and more. Trainer works on Steam version of the game. Tested compatibility
River Past Video Cleaner 7.8

River Past Video Cleaner is a easy-to-use, flexible, powerful, and fast video converter. It convert video from 3G video (3GPP/3GPP2), ASF, AVI, DAT (VCD), DivX, DV, FLC/FLI Flic animation, animated GIF, IVF, Matroska MKV,
Download Crysis 3 (+8 Trainer) PC

Download Crysis 3 Trainer for PC. Using the Crysis 3 (+8 trainer),you will be able to use mega health, infinite ammo, set nano points, super speed, super jump and more. Supported Versions: Retail, Origin and others. Supported OS: Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Crysis 3 Trainer Options: Trainer contains more than 8 cheats. Cheat codes and hot keys are given below: Hot keys Cheat Codes F1 Mega Health F2 Infinite Energy F3 Infinite Ammo F4 Set Nano points F5 Super speed F6 Super Jump Number 8 Store location Number 9 Teleport Number 0 Undo teleport Print the hot keys & related cheat co
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) SP4

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) is a recommended upgrade. Download Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 to obtain updates that can help improve security, application compatibility, operating system reliability, and Setup.
Super Mega Pet

This unique game puts a virtual robotic pet in your care, although some folks may find that the fun wears off too quickly. In Super Mega Pet, you adopt a small, ball-like creature in its infancy. Not only should you feed it and play with it regularly, you also must nurse it back to health when it gets ill and keep it away from various monsters and enemies. However, the action only really heats up when the pet encounters trouble; the rest of the time, the game is just a repetitive cycle of feeding it and cleaning up after it. By the time our pet finally bought the farm at age six, we were already tired of the game. The graphics won t wow you, but they re decent enough, and the various sound effects for bodily functions are so realistic that more squeamish players may find them disgusting. Unfortunately, you can t turn off the audio, which is quite a shame, as we found our sick pet s yelps and squeals particularly annoying. Despite its minuses, Super Mega Pet is worth downloading sheerly for the singular experience it provides.
VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.2.16

VirtualBox Extension Pack provide support for RDP, as well as USB 2.0 and PXE booting for Intel network cards. To install the Extension pack you download and save it to your hard drive and then open the VirtualBox main program. Click on preferences and on the left side click Extensions. On the right side, click the add package icon and then open the folder that has the extension and click to install it. Additionally you can install the Extension Pack from the command line using VBoxManage.
Mega Video Converter

The field of Internet video converters is not short on contenders, some good at what they do and others, not so much. Mega Video Converter (MVC) from Clip Extractor is a new challenger in a very competitive market. Thankfully, it is one of the good guys. We like Mega Video Converter for being fast, simple, and intuitive. Installation is quick and compact, only taking up about 20MB on your hard disk. However, you do need MS .NET Framework 4 before you can proceed and MVC will alert you if you don't already have it. Upon launching Mega Video Converter you'll notice that the UI is a near-perfect replica of Windows 8's interface, making this process an almost seamless integration if you're already on Microsoft's latest OS. However if you're running an older version of Windows, it may feel a little bit out of place. We liked the interface as it is intuitive and easy to navigate -- very touch- screen friendly. You can also select from a variety of color schemes for a more personalized look. The thing we found annoying is that since it was optimized for the big buttons and tile appearance, it wasn't "Snap" friendly. The software window just won't snap correctly to fill half the screen, preferring instead to edge out a little more to grab your attention. Not a huge issue on a desktop, but it could pose a problem for laptop users. The core of the program lies in converting videos, primarily YouTube videos. MVC lets you do this in two ways: the old-school method of adding a link/file or the new way that we much prefer of dragging the file or video link directly from the YouTube search page into the program, itself. You can drag the preview pic or the title of the video on YouTube, and MVC will automatically find the link. You can also set single or multiple download tasks at the same time. After you have chosen your desired video to covert, MVC will list a variety of templates for popular devices (iPhones, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Samsung Galaxy). Each template will ensure that the converted file will be compatible with your selected device. If you have an Apple iDevice, it will also auto-import into iTunes. You can create your own personal template if you have an unlisted device. Further control can be obtained by clicking on Expert mode, which will give you full command of the conversion factors such as: output formats, resolution, codec, FPS, sampling, and channels. Given the opportunity, we much preferred using Expert mode for videos as the template conversion works well for smaller devices (phones and tablets); but on a regular computer, default settings convert videos at a much lower resolution. The process of downloading and converting, itself, is all automated and MVC will alert you when a task is completed. Not the fastest we've seen compared to other converters, but it's not slow. Overall, Mega Video Converter, with its clean and easy to use interface, will hit it off with the casual users, but its option to take total reign over all the settings will no doubt win over the tech-enthusiast crowd.
UltraLott Powerball and Mega Millions 1.2.6

Results for the Powerball and Mega Millions lotto are obtainable via a direct download web link. Program calculates/suggests lottery entries giving a better than average hit rate. Charts are provided showing when, how often, the frequency, and the expected drawing for each ball. The lotto program allows you to enter a standing entry that can be recalled by a simple selection and checked against all the draws occurring in the history file or of course against the current draw. Any entry can be checked against all the draws in the history file. The program also contains a help file. No need to enter tedious dates or file names for lotto draws or files, all dates are entered by selection from a calendar and the program finds the correct file. You can use the program to select an optimized entry that would give a high win rate over a past number of draws that you specify. Import text entries from other programs or wordpad. Usefull filters to reduce entry cost without sacrificing likelyhood of a win. 3, 4 and 5 Wheels for guarantees. Prints directly onto play slips (requires configuration)


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