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KMPlayer has evolved from a video player to a leading source for content discovery. The app's record-breaking viewership and the use of its flagship media is most visible on the gaming front, with a successful casting of Season 3 of the League of Legends Worl
Skinner 3.1

Now you can add a beautiful landscape picture to your Internet Explorer toolbars!Skinner automatically downloads pictures(skins) from it's online gallery, and all you have do is click to apply a new skin.Toolbar preview lets you see what your new skin will look like before applying.You can also select your own skin from any jpg or bmp file, and you can submit your own skin for others to
Skinny Clock 1.16

Skinny Clock is a freeware utility helping you to show date and time in the way you like. One way to watch the time is a clock window, whose look can be adjusted via a skin. There are several pre-made skins available within installation, or you can even design your own skins. Each skin can contain info about its author and it is recognized by all Skinny Clock versions, so that you can become a famous clock skin designer;o). The clock window supports alpha transparency at the window and skin levels, as well as input transpa
Free Photo Blemish Remover

Although the occasional skin blemish is a fact of life for most people, no one wants their imperfections to be immortalized in a photo. Free Photo Blemish Remover is an easy-to-use tool that can quickly remove blemishes, whether they appear on the image's subject or the image itself. The program can't handle jobs that require a l
Nicky's World Productions WindowsMediaPlayer Skin

Nicky's World Productions Windows Media Player Skin offers an alternative to the bland appearance associated with the music player. This fun skin streamlines the popular media program. The program's interface will be fairly simple to master for anyone who has operated Windows Media Player before. All the normal command buttons are th
The Last of Us PS3 Save Game (100% Complete)

Free download "The Last of Us" Save game for PS3. The save game is 100% complete with all levels unlocked, all weapons unlocked, survivor trophy unlocked, Increased healing speed, reload speed upgraded and a lot
SkinCrafter (AxtiveX+DLL) 3.7.1

SkinCrafter is a custom skinning implementation library and GUI design tool available as ActiveX and .NET components. It allows you easily to create VB skins and other end-user applications because this skin cr
FileREX Update Checker 2.1

How do you get the latest versions of your favorite software without checking different sites every day to see if your software's outdated? FileREX makes it easy with our free update checker. It scans your Windows registry and lets you know which software needs some upgrading, and provides useful information like the size of the download, the current and latest version, and of course a link to download the latest version of the software itself.Simple, and incredibly effective. Filerex Update Checker main features: 1) Automatica
Well of Souls A91

Well of Souls is Synthetic Reality's FREE multi-player Role Playing Game (MMORPG). It is extensible through a simple scripting language so that you can compose your own quests, create your own world, and share it with your friends. You can also customize your skin and contribute art and music. Plus, you can create your own guild and host your own server where people can play together.

While MIDI files can't compare to the MP3 for sound quality, they have tons of uses and can be tons of fun, too. MidiGlassPlayer is a free player that doesn't look like much but handles any type of MIDI files. We never judge a book by its cover or a program by its skin, but not much about MidiGlassPlayer's user interface,
Makeup FX

Whether you're dressing up for Halloween, putting on a play, or doing something else that involves creepy appearances, there are plenty of ways to achieve gruesome effects with common household items. Makeup FX is an e-book that details some techniques for simulating injuries and all kinds of other yucky stuff. It's definitely not a comprehensive guide, but it's not bad if you need some basic tips. Makeup FX is really just a set of HTML files that can be viewed with any browser; it's like a Web site that's hosted on your own computer instead of on the Internet. A table of contents splits the techniques into beginner and intermediate le
Amond DVD to PSP Converter 7.17.010

Amond DVD to PSP Converter is fast, easy to use DVD to PSP converter, DVD PSP rip software to transfer DVD to PSP, can convert DVD to PSP movie.So easy to use and fast than ever before, just a few clicks to convert DVD to PSP, DVD to PS3 Video! Free Download Amond DVD to PSP Converter and have a try now! Convert dvd to AAC-Advanced Audio Coding. Convert dvd to MP3-MPEG Layer-3 Audio. Convert dvd to WAV-Waveform Audio. Convert dvd to PSP-PSP MPEG-4 Video. High-speed encoder ensures smooth conversion of video and audio data. Automatically shutdown computer after long time conversion. Easy-to-use interface and support skin. Allows you to select target subtitle and audio track. Output profile is adjustable, you can compress movies to any size and quality you need.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Skin Pack 1.0

This is a pack of more than 30 skins from various authors for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to give Tommy a new look. Included are thunder cat skins, adidas skins, a ghost rider with a flaming skull, a priest and much more.
Analogue Vista Clock

This completely customizable clock lets you dress up its clock face with your own pictures. Though it took us a little time to load our picture, we found it a fun alternative to the staid system clock. Custom Skin Clock appears on your desktop as a plain, analog clock with directions to right-click to add an image. Doing so introduces a menu that lets you adjust the clock's size and transparency. You can also choose to keep the clock on top of whatever you're working on at the moment. The Customize Clock option introduces a new interface that we found a little awkward to navigate. The clock appeared in the middle of the page, as well as text to change the clock hand colors and to load the image, but the buttons to perform these tasks were nowhere to be found. It was only after we hovered our mouse in the general area that the buttons and menu options appeared. Once we figured it out, we were able to easily add and resize our image to the clock face, change the clock hand color, and choose the font and color for the clock face numbers. Custom Skin Clock doesn't include an alarm feature or Help file, but no matter; we liked its spin on the standard desktop clock. We recommend this free clock to any user tired of the standard toolbar time display.
Porn Terminator Delete Porn Pro

Porn Terminator allows users to scan their computers for objectionable content, analyzing images based on skin tone.We found the program to be surprisingly effective at picking up on pornography, although it's not perfect. The interface is simple and will be easy for anyone to navigate. Users need only select the directory they want to search and click Scan Now. The program searches for objectionable images, movies, and Web sites, and then allows users to review the findings and delete content as needed. We were a bit skeptical that the program could differentiate pornographic content from other images, but it did a pretty good job. We saved several adult images along with other benign images, such as a bodybuilder, scantily-clad volleyball players, and a naked baby. The program picked up on all the images that showed a lot of skin, pornographic or not, as well as a few surprises, like a landscape and a beige colored button. On the whole, the program errs on the side of being overzealous, which is fine; it found all the porn, which we easily deleted. Users simply ignore nonpornographic content that is tagged erroneously and get rid of the rest. Porn Terminator is a powerful tool for users who want to keep their computers porn-free, especially those who aren't used to sophisticated or complicated programs. The trial version of Porn Terminator has a limit of three scans. The program adds a desktop icon without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.
PSP Video Manager

*Great news:PSP Video Manager1.1.14.1015 is released. *PSP Video Manager is a PSP Video file manager freeware developed specially for PSP owners by, which can transfer PSP video files between your PSP and computer with ease and is very popular with the PSP owners. PSP Video Manager helps you easily import PSP MPEG4 files to your PSP. At the same time, the freeware also allows you to export PSP MPEG4 files located in your PSP to your computer. While transferring PSP video files, you can copy or move the video files to decide whether or not keep the original files. The whole process is easy. You don't need to manually rename PSP MPEG4 files to play in Sony PSP, and just a click can do it with PSP Video Manager. *Key features of PSP Video Manager: 1.The simple and easy-to-use user interface; 2.Two beatiful skins are offered in the program to select; 3.The program supports two lauguages- English and Chinese; 4.The size of the selected file will be displayed; 5.Both veterans and beginners will love it, and you can know what function is available from the status of the buttons; *What a best and powerful PSP MPEG4 file manager freeware! With PSP Video Manager, you will no longer be confused by how to manage your PSP video file. Why not free download and enjoy this freeware right now? *What's new in PSP Video Manager V1.1.14.1015: 1.Rectify the main interface style and it looks more beautiful; 2.Added feature of changing skin enabling you to select your favorite skin in the menu by right-clicking the program window on the taskbar; 3.Added feature of displaying the size of the selected file; 4.Added feature of showing the status of button so that users can know what to do; 5.Fix some bugs;


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