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Project Management Template for Excel

Project Management Template for Excel's name says it all: It adds a basic but flexible project management tool to Microsoft Excel, which is exactly where you need it. This Excel template from Business Spreadsheets is free to try for 30 days. It
Project Buzz 1.01

Project Buzz is a Project Manager Software allowing you to set up set up project plans quickly and easily. You can also use it to monitor several tasks over a period of time. Project Buzz provides an easy to use interface where you can add multiple projects and schedules the time frame for each tasks so th
Multi Project Planner

Multi Project Planner offers a vast array of tools to manage complex projects. It has all that you need to oversee any project, but its overwhelming options may hold some back. The program's interface is clean and useful but a bit disorienting from the start because of an embarrassment of riches: Multi Project Planner offers so many details that its commands are difficult to memorize. Even the tutorials are confusingly dense with instructions and examples. In the end, Multi Project Planner produces readable, multicolored charts showcasing every aspect of a project, from daily responsibilities of
RationalPlan Single Project

Many people learn about project management in business school, but plenty of others have to pick up project management skills on the fly. RationalPlan Single Project is a great program for both experienced and novice project managers. This full-featured project management tool walks users through the entire management process
Z Planner Agenda

The last thing a project manager needs is one more project. Though Z Planner Agenda has all the necessary features to help a busy person organize complex projects, the program itself is so convoluted it becomes a project in itself. Though not geared to replace corporate project-management software, this program is for people who manage multiple projects or activities and need help organ
Project Password 2.1

Project Password allows you to recover passwords which MS Project documents (*.mpp) and/or templates (*.mpt) are protected with. All versions up to 2010 are supported. All passwords for MS Project up to version 2003 are recovered in
Smartworks - Project Planner 4.9

Project Planner-PE 4.9 lets you track and manage your projects in the way you had always wanted. It offers you Gantt, Network, Resource, Estimation, Risk, Plan, EVM views to get a broad understanding of where your project is heading. Improveme
Employee Project Clock

Employee Project Clock is a basic program that allows users to track time spent on particular projects and tasks. The program does a decent job of allowing employees to track their work activities, but it's far from perfect. The program's interface is basic, consisting of a slender module full of drop-down menus. To start, users add employees, clients, projects, and tasks to the database. To clock in, users select their name, the project
Recovery Toolbox for Project 1.1.4

Most people think of Microsoft Project upon hearing the phrase project management. Indeed, this program defined the standards of project management software and became the industry's trend-setter. Microsoft Project is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals across the world who often entrust their most important projects to this pro
MU-Trace 1.01

Mu-Trace can help programmers who are working on a bigger project and are working in a group. Many additional features, compared with the standard output. Add up to 255 users and define an individual color per user.30 individual output levels per user can be defined. Toggle th
Office Password Recovery Toolbox

With an exceptional trick up its sleeve, this software gives more than just the standard options for regaining entry into password-protected Microsoft Office files. Office Password Recovery Toolbox's small interface expands once you select a guarded MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, or VBA project file to infiltrate. The program requires Internet access in order to connect to the publisher's server and tap its shrewd options, which is a barrier not common to this class of apps. You can remove modification protection from any MS Office file, or just simply have Office Password Recovery Toolbox give up the exact password, though the trial only displays th
]project-consulting[ 3.0.beta7

Open-source based project management and PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution for consulting companies. ]pc[ covers the entire project life cycle from sales (CRM-light), staffing, execution (timesheet, incidents and discussions, filestorage, controlling) to invoicing and payment. The ]pc[ architecture is highly scalable and includes a sophisticated role-based permissions system.
Project Management Studio

If you're not tracking your business's resources, you could be wasting cash or time. There are many premium business management suites on the market, but they can cost hundreds. Project Management Studio looks to keep your funds in order by giving you a powerful program for free. However, clunky performance and a high barrier to entry hold it back from being useful. The hefty download will take a while to finish on some connections. Once the program is up and running, you need to fill out a long form to earn a product key. You have to enter a new product key every month to keep using the program, too. This drawn-out setup process isn't all that makes the program difficult to use. Though there are several menus that are easy to find, they mostly perform the same way. It's essentially a spreadsheet program with pre-inserted titles like Cost Reporting, Project Reporting, and Human Resources. The program only associates with a proprietary file format, so converting your current human resource documents has to be done manually. If you already use human resource software, you probably won't get much use out of Project Management Studio. The painful setup process takes too long and is too drawn out, even for a good program.
AS2Doc Professional (Single License) 1.1.1

AS2Doc reads your sourcecode, included comments and creates a rich content documentation automaticly! You can choose various options to customize your documentation. Various output formats are supported by using AS2Doc Styles (XSL). You can even write your own style for any custom output format! Now your ActionScript 2.0 based project, web-application or component can have a rich-content up-to-date documentation!Features: ActionScript 2.0 Support GUI Standard HTML Style Standard Comment Tag Support Detailed Class/Package selection Filter Comment Tags Support Source Code Analyzation XSLT Transformations Project Save/Load Custom Comment Tag Support Command Line Support Support for unlimited classes/interfaces Support raw XML output Support for custom Styles Flash CustomActions, Help Styles Style generation configuration Output Formats: XML HTML Flash MX 2004 Documentation CustomActions and Help Panel RTF More will be available for download!
Interior Designer

Interior Designer offers a solid project management solution for businesses involved in interior design that also looks great. It lets you color code different employees and contractors and connect with your customers. However, it doesn't completely outdo other popular calendars in regards to general features. This download sports a very modern layout that lets you manage multiple employees and tasks at once. The only way to organize them is with color-coding; you can't overlay multiple calendars over each other. Only one person can manage the calendar, which is nice for oversight but makes multitasking hard. Luckily, anyone can export the calendar to Excel, iCal, and Outlook. Interior Designer won't sync automatically, though. Google Calendar isn't directly supported, either. Since the calendar doesn't work on smartphones or tablets, that's inconvenient. You can printout your charts and schedules if everyone is in an office setting, which is nice. There are some handy economic features, too. Sadly, those don't sync with any budgeting software. If they did, it might make this program more useful for businesses. Interior Designer performs well and could be a useful download for small interior design firms in need of a project management software. However, if you're already using Google Calendar or iCal, try the free version of this software before deciding to abandon these options as they work for employees with mobile devices. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Interior Designer 1.2.
ClearCode 1.3

ClearCode uses regular expressions (also known as "regexps") to examine source code for dangerous code. Each project manager knows many rules for source code that specified only for his project. ClearCode shows you "dangerous" code fragment. And you may fix it from built-in editor. I use ClearCode all time while I am doing project/build management in software projects. ClearCode checks whole folder and all sub-folders recursively.


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