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Pc Games Theme Hospital Free

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The hospital history and physical (hospital H&P) MedicalTemplate is suitable for hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, family practice physicians, and other health care providers. * E&M Documentation Template * Digital Health Record * Reminders o
Acer Windows 7 Theme

Acer owners can now admire their favorite PC brand with a set of high-resolution wallpaper images from Windows7Theme. Of course, you don't need an Acer computer to use Acer Windows 7 Theme; this free theme pack will run on any Windows 7 machine. With 10 wide-screen images in super-high-quality 1,920x1,200 pixels, Acer Windows 7 Them
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If you're a dancer, or if you know one, it should come as no surprise that dancing is everything to some people. Dancers Windows 7 Theme is a free theme pack of high-quality, high-resolution desktop background images dedicated to dancers and dancing.With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, these vibrant images bring the motion of dance to life as well as any still picture can. As with other free theme packs for Windows 7 from Windows7Theme, Dancers Windows 7 Theme installs and starts the Slide Show feature automatically, simultaneou
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Wrestling fans can add a touch of the excitement of WWE wrestling to their desktops with WWE Windows 7 Theme, a free theme pack for Windows 7 from Windows7Theme. Its slideshow rotates 10 high-resolution images depicting WWE stars. The wide-screen images are in 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution, so they'll display on most desktops with maximum impact. Installing WWE Windows 7 The
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Windows 8 UX pack will change your Windows 7 theme with the latest available Windows 8 theme. You can get the Windows 8 experience with Windows 8 UX pack. Windows 8 UX pack includes themes, wallpapers, welcome screen and much more. Features: Two Windows 8 themes (Aero Glass and Lite theme) Simple and e
Graffiti Art Windows 7 Theme

If you think graffiti is an eyesore, you probably won't be downloading Graffiti Art Windows 7 Theme from Windows7Theme. But if you see graffiti as art that reflects and enhances the urban streetscape, this f
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If someone says to you, "Stamford Bridge gives me The Blues," would you offer sympathy? When someone says, "Chelsea," do you think, "Clinton?" Or perhaps you think of a leafy London borough named Chelsea, not Fulham. If so,
Windows 7 Colorful Theme

Windows7Theme offers a variety of free themes and desktop backgrounds for Windows 7 in self-installing theme packs. The high-resolution images are presented in a wide-screen format (1,920x1,200 pixels) and can be scaled, shuffled, and selected via the standard Windows Personalization page. We took a look at Windows 7 Colorful Theme, which emphasizes vivid colors. As with other theme packs we've tried, the download unpacked and installed automatically, replacing
Baby Kids Keyboard Free Edition

Anyone who's ever been around small children can tell you that they love to imitate Mom and Dad. If this tendency is endangering your computer with Junior's indiscriminate keyboard banging, Baby Kids Keyboard Free Edition might be the program for you. This simple software provides kid-friendly images and sounds while protecting your
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Lightning Windows 7 Theme is nothing to be scared of, unless dramatic pictures of high-energy lightning strikes accompanied by the occasional rumble of thunder rattles you. It's just a free desktop theme pack that rotates a series of intense high-res
Klondike Solitaire 1.0

Klondike solitaire is a free online card game with an eccentric dog theme. This solitaire card game is a more difficult version of klondike, for expert soliaire gamers, that allows only three passes--with an added Dog Theme for extra bite! Download and lay 3-Pass doggy klondike, and you'll see what everyone is barking about. Your score is saved automatically, so you can try to beat it every time you play!
Brain Sanity v1.0

We present the addictive puzzle game Brain Sanity. The players represent a rookie doctor in his first day of work in the great hospital of the city. After coming, you have to confront a complicated operation in which a patient has been infected by virus cerebral. You mission will be to save the life of the patient.
Mercedes Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme

Mercedes-Benz's Biome isn't just the most ambitious and unusual concept car conceived by any automaker but one of the most ambitious technological projects in existence -- one that could herald not only an entirely new way of manufacturing but also change how technology and nature relate. The goal is nothing less than to "grow" new cars using bioengineered bacteria to produce sophisticated materials and shapes. The Mercedes-Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme is a free set of high-quality, high-resolution desktop images of the Biome mock-up. The free Windows 7 theme packs from Windows7Theme have several things in common, including an automatic installer that also starts the program's slideshow as soon as it's finished. The program's installer also opens the Control Panel's Personalization page -- which you can also access by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Personalize -- for further changes such as altering how the images fit the desktop and how often they rotate.The theme pack changed our Windows Sound settings from No Sounds to Quirky, though that's not directly related to the M-B Biome and can be changed back easily. The Biome theme pack contains 10 wide-screen, 1,920x1,200-pixel images depicting the car from various angles. The Mercedes-Benz Biome is one of the most striking designs ever committed to paper, let alone made into a full-scale development mock-up like this futuristic vehicle. Looking a bit like the Batmobile's goody-good twin, the Biome is definitely the shape of things to come. Whether the ambitious biotechnology that is the Biome's driving force ever bears fruit, the Biome concept car should be worth the wait. If you can't wait, Mercedes-Benz Biome Windows 7 Theme is available in the meantime.
Jr. Vet 1.0

This game gives kids a fun way to experience being a veterinarian. Kids go through a hospital and help cure animals like tigers, giraffes, penguins, dogs, and cats. Kids perform surgery and battle evil bacterias that may hurt animals. The game shows kids a positive role model, improves their logic-reasoning skills, and gives them a fun learning experience. Ages 3-8
Transformers Extended Theme

Transformers Extended Theme provides you with a selection of images from the "Transformers" movies to use as wallpaper and icon images. If you're a big Transformers fan, you'll love the way this app lets you keep scenes from the movies in the background at all times, while also adding little touches to other areas of your computer, as well. Once you install Transformers Extended Theme, you can access it from the control panel in the same way you'd change your wallpaper, normally. Click on the package to run it as a slideshow, or open the folder to select only the image or images you want to see. This app comes with 40 images, some of which have a Transformers banner across the bottom. There are shots of the Transformers themselves, shots of the main human characters in the movies, and scenes of battle interspersed throughout. On the left-hand side of the control panel window, there's also an option to change icon images. Clicking on this lets you pick which standard iyou'd like to replace with Transformers images or symbols. You can also choose to use a Transformers image as your user image so it will show up on the welcome screen when you turn on your computer and in the start menu. This package of images and designs is fun and free, making it a good choice for any Transformers fans out there.
Theme Clock-7

Style 7's Theme Clock-7 is a free screensaver that displays an excellent representation of the good-old analog wall clock that has served so many classrooms, waiting rooms, and hallways for so long. It has second-hand settings, a date display, and a text feature, but few other options. Its appeal is its standardized, black-and-white, old-school look, a masterpiece of industrial design that has never been bettered. It's familiar to nearly everyone who can tell time by a clock face, and those who can't can use it to learn how. It's clearly visible across most rooms on most computer displays. Theme Clock-7 installs itself in the screensaver list; we merely had to select it to configure its options and preview its appearance. Under its Settings, we could show the clock's logo, the current date, or a text message we could enter in a text field. A check box let us choose to display the day of the week, and we could also turn the second hand off or make it run backward, giving a countdown effect. We could click a button to make it our default screensaver, but that's about it, beyond the typical OK, About, and Home page buttons. We made our selections and clicked OK, and then clicked Preview in the Screen Saver Settings. The clock face appeared on a white background, with the two-letter date abbreviation displayed much like on a wristwatch face, while our text message appeared beneath the center. The graphics are a bit rasterized up close but bold and clear at a distance, which is what this screensaver is clearly designed for; though it's a bit overwhelming when you're sitting in front of it, Theme Clock-7 outdoes any digital display at a distance. It'd be nice to be able to change the font and color of the text and date display, and a red (or red-tipped) second hand might add a nice touch, too. But we'd stop before the temptation to add actual bells and whistles sets in. If you want a desktop alarm clock, they're available. This screensaver has a simple job that it does well.


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