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Perl Regular Expression Tester

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TextCrawler 3.0.3

A tool for search and replace across across multiple text files.Supports regular expressions and provides an expression tester and library. It also features an interactive file list and highlighted search results with preview. Fully Unicode co
BareGrepPro 2.50a

A file finding and text searching tool: * Regular expression text search * High performance search algorithm * Wildcard and regular expression file search * Recursive directory search * Real-time file viewer to see search results in context * Tabs for convenient access to files recently viewed * Configurable highlighting * Save, name an
Love Tester 2.0

The GoodSoft Love Tester uses advanced algorithms to calculate if you and your partner are ment to be together. Just enter both your names and press the button!
V-Grep 1.00

V-Grep is an easy to use while feature-rich application that brings - well known in the Unix world - regular expressions power to the typical Windows users. Even in DOS you could use masks, to speed-up searching for files. These masks were later adopted for use in Windows. Masks are special types of strings that with the help of reserved characters - here it would be an aster
Orneta Tester for Smartphone 2002 1.0.8

Orneta Tester is a system tool for testing vibration, display, keypad, etc. of your Windows Mobile based Smartphone. It allows you display device specific information. Other functions are useful, like "Soft reset", "Power off" and "Keep backlight of the display ON".
Replace Tool 1.50

Fast, easy to use utility batch find and replace utility for webmasters and developers. Special HTML-mode for easy and visual updating and editing of HTML tags. Perl-styled and simple Grep regular expressions are supported.
IT JPEG-Tester 1.25

The program is able to find invalid jpegs, to remove unnecessary information out of the files and to find duplicate jpeg-files. The program IT JPEG-Tester is a tool to find invalid jpeg-files. The found files are listed in a box so that you can check if you really want
Renamer + random 3.0.20

Full featured batch file renamer. This is the only renamer that can add a random number to the filename. This is very useful for webmasters who want to randomize the order that pictures appear. Also has limited regular expression support. Extra fast.
RegexRenamer 1.3.1

RegexRenamer is a powerful user-friendly graphical tool used to batch rename files using regular expressions. A regular expression is simply text that contains special characters that together defines a pattern that can be used to match text, in this case filenames. Using the power of regexes it becomes easy to apply complex transformations to large g
MultiFind 1.51

MultiFind is a lightweight efficient file search and replace application. It allows to search multiple files by text string, binary data, regular expression, file size, file date and more. Key feature of MultiFind is that multiple searches/replaces can exist at the same
MultiFind Pro 1.74

Multifind Pro is an advanced file search tool for Windows. It allows searching for files by text string, regular expression, file size, file date and more. Many popular file formats are supported (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, RTF). Found string is highlighted in a file line. You can have several searches in different tabs.
Search and Replace 6.1

Search multiple files and directories for a text or binary phrase and replace with another. Extensive regular expression (egrep) support w/ extras - inserting filenames, sequential numbering, and more. Replacements may be viewed in context before they are made. Scripts and command line switches for automated tasks. Filters, complex paths andboolean expressions can be used. Multi-line search/replace easily done. International versions available.
Folder Watchdog Service 1.6.5

Provides file system changes email notification service. It can send you a mail on either an event or no event, filtering by file system object types (file or folder), masks (regular expression-based) and filters, which can remove events are not required. It can help you when: - you own a public ftp service, and want to be notified when someone uploads new file(s); - you set a procedure of regular file load (i.e. new antiviral package) and want to know if the package has not been delivered; - you want to be informed about every change in either local or remote file system, but do not want or is unable to use built-in audit feature; -you have a logging system and want to know if nothing has been written for a given period of time; - any situation when you want to know about file system changes. Key Features: runs as Windows NT Service - no interaction with desktop required both remote and local file system may be monitored unlimited number of monitored folders monitoring schedule notification on either an event or no event subfolders may be monitored too inclusion and exclusion masks (regular expressions) data on item type (file or folder) and size (added in version 1.3) preprocessing filters to supress unwanted notifications (added in version 1.1) email formats supported are Plain Text and HTML (added in version 1.1) notifications may be logged in plain-text files (added in version 1.1) SMTP authentication for outgoing email configuration may be exported to and imported from a text file SQL logging is available on request.
AdventNet QEngine JAPI Tester 6

QEngine JAPI Tester is specifically equipped to test the functionality & scalability of APIs of your application. It allows you to add test cases to test individual methods, and execute test cases method-wise and class-wise. It creates, modifies, replicates, and executes API test cases, and helps view API test reports and logs. Point-and-Click interface to construct complex Java objects for testing. Provision to test API calls with valid and invalid parameters. Provision to generate API call sequences within a single test case to simulate end-user usage of API. Provision to test application middleware based on the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and RMI. Provision to fetch Test data - from various sources: CSV text, and Database tables. Provision to validate Method return values against DB data or File data. Provision to validate method Return Objects using its bean properties. Provision to test Java Objects that are accessible only within Application's Java Virtual Machine. Provision to load classes from anywhere , also at run time (dynamic loading).
Easy File Editor 2.3.6

Automatically edits any number of files chosen by a user-supplied list, searches the plain text or regular expressions, maintains the data stack of what was found so far and allows composing new data from it. Files can be modified and renamed using all available data pieces. This program is good for everyone who needs a smart text processing tool for the medium to high complexity tasks on a large number of input files. Start using a full-featured text editor Multiple codepages support including Unicode, conversion to/from any charset on your system, conversion between Windows and Unix style CR/LF lines. Can act as a standalone text editor for the every day use Enjoy the powerful text operations engine Easy to use regular expression and sub expressions search and replace. Operates according to the user supplied edit rules, maintains the data stack, similar to the programming environment. Create file lists of any size Browse directories recursively and select files by a plain text or regular expression mask. Combine files, file lists and directories to include or exclude files and produce file lists of any size. Automatical file renaming capability. Process all files in one go One button operation on the whole list of files. No user attention required.
TSE Pro 4.4

TSE Pro v4.4 for Windows. Compact, fully-featured text editor.Undo/Redo; Multiple files/windows; color syntax hiliting; regular expression search/replace; incremental search; macro programming language; configurable menus/keyboard/commands; column blocks; multi-language compiler support; bookmarks; templates; sort; compare files; spelling checker; compressed view; and much more! Ideal for anyone that needs to manipulate text.


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