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Portraiture Plugin Free Cs3

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ELASTIQUE Pitch Plugin 1.1

Highest pitch shifting quality in real time - ELASTIQUE pitch shifting plugin ELASTIQUE is an easy-to-use pitch shifting plugin guaranteeing highest quality by using the widely used elastique Pro engine. With its real-time and multi-channel capabilities,
NSIS Skincrafter plugin 2.6.1

An installer is the first thing that user faces beginning to use an application. So its really important to make your installation program not only user-friendly but also attractive. Taking into account this fact we developed NSIS SkinCrafter Plugin a freeware developer tool meant for skinning of install packages created with NSIS
Video Pilot Plugin for Adobe Premiere 1.10

Video Pilot Plugin for Adobe Premiere is a digital video program that allows you to improve color balance of your video. The program is easily mastered and does not require any specific knowledge. To correct a color of your digital video using the plugin you only need to take two steps: 1) choose the region whose color needs to be corrected; 2) choose the color for performing color correction. You'll see the corrected image right away.
7Zip Plugin

7Zip standalone packer plugin for Total Commander. Features: - File listing - Extraction & compression (7-Zip 9.2 compatible methods) - 7zAES file decryption/encryption using password - CRC test and detection - Multilanguage support, langpacks included: Chinese BIG5, Czech, Danish, English (built-in), German, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian. - SFX support: put 7z.sfx, 7zC.sfx or 7zCon.sfx into 7
PPMulator+ plugin 2.11.2

Professional Metering solution PPMulator+ is a cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Programme Meter (PPM). By adding this plugin to the master output of your audio editing program, you can record, edit, mix and exp
All in One SEO Pack - Pro (Nulled Version)

All In One SEO PackAll in One SEO pack pro version features include: Free from advertisement Free updates, notices and messages Taxonomy support All in One SEO Pack is a must have
AceHelper :: Total Commander Plugin 3.5

* Synchronous and asynchronous dialog modes. * Dynamic tracking of use by a plugin of processor time, and tuning under the set critical limit. (Can lead to change of set time of updating of the inform
Anti-leech Plugin 5.03

Anti-leech is an IIS plug-in that will protect your web site from bad people stealing your traffic by directly linking to the resouce on your server. If you have an image collection, video, software or document archives, Flash games or any other downloadable resouce Anti-leech is a right product for you.
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Pro 2.01

The product indexes your ICQ history with Google Desktop Search thus enabling you to use amazingly powerful search facilities GDS provides. You can search files, documents, mails and now ICQ chats within the same familiar and convenient Google search interface. You can index o
MSU Smart Brightness & Contrast 1.01

Free high-qualitybrightness & contr plugin for VirtualDub. Allows flexiblemanual and auto mode. Easy to use. Filter is designed for low-contrast video stream processing, video quality improvement.
Sonoris MS Codec for SAWStudio 1.2

This plugin allows you to convert from and to MS and adjust the level of the M and S signals. MS stands for Mid/Side, and is traditionaly used as a recording technique with the aid of a MS microphone. M stands for Mid or Mono, and is nothing more than the sum of the left and right channel. S stands for Side and is the difference channel, or left - right.After LR-MS processing the left channel becomes L+R(M) and the right channel becomes L-R (S). You now can for instance process these channels individualy. This is a mastering trick. For instance, compress only a voice signal in the middle, or enhance the stereo
Flash Wallpaper (Professional License) 1.01

A flash wallpaper is the best way to deliver rich media content to right on to the user's desktop. Tenmiles Flash Wallpaper helps you create installable flash wallpaper. It's easy and hassle free. Creating an installable wallpaper as easy as 1-2-3. End users' installing the screensaver will not need any plugin or flash.
ProofPlus - Indesign Plugin 1.0

Introduction:- ProofPlus possesses the capability to add emailing features to your Adobe InDesign CS Suite. It also allows you to add watermarks to your documents. You can attach and send common file formats like pdf, jpeg and eps, amongst others. Emailing Solution:- Its been always desirable to add ease and comfort to everything we do. A regular practice for all InDesign professionals is to send their InDesign documents as emails. ProofPlus converts this desire into actual functionality by allowing the InDesign professionals to send emails directly to and from InDesign workspace itself. Document Proofing and Addition of Watermarks:- ProofPlus acts more than an email solution for InDesign. You can easily add watermarks to your InDesign documents, control the level of transparency of the watermaked images, relative size of Watermark Image and their position in the document. Automate the whole process:- ProofPlus allows you to automate the process of sending emails. The automation process also attaches file formats like pdf, jpeg and eps alongwith optional watermarks. You can predefine the subject and the body part of the emails. Other Versions:- CS4, CS5, CS5.5 OS Support:- Mac OSX5, Mac OSX6, Mac OSX7, Mac OSX8, Win7(32 Bit),WinXP,Win7(64 Bit), Win Wista(16 Bit), Win Wista(32 Bit). Download ProofPlus for Mac from Our Website:- For any query, suggestions or so, contact at
Adorage for Movie Maker 1

Adorage for Movie Maker is the ultimate enhancement for Movie Maker! It contains more than 100 videoeffects for results like stunning transitions or decorative frames, offering new possibilities in Movie Maker. Just select an effect - that's it. Adorage works as plugin direct in Movie Maker. 3D-objects and photo-realistic motifs offer professional results for projects like wedding videosfilmers, holiday moviesfilmer, documentariesy producers... Other proDAD products: , excellent videotitling & compositing , giant effect collection for most NLEs , easy-to-use online multimedia content managment
BrowsePlus- InDesign Plugin 1.0

Introduction:- BrowsePlus gears your InDesign with the complete features of a browser. BrowsePlus increases your efficiency to many folds while working within InDesign by allowing you to simply drag and drop images, stories and text from your favorite websites right into your InDesign documents, while working within InDesign. It is a powerful tool for custom integration with both OpenSource and Commercial Content Management Systems. Manage Bookmarks, Check emails, Watch Videos - all inside InDesign:- With BrowsePlus, you can easily add and edit bookmarks for your favorite websites, work on your emails, watch videos, search for pictures and documents - all within Indesign workspace. Integrate Search in the InDesign's context menu Not sure about a word written in the InDesign document while editing it? No issues. Simply make a right click on the word and BrowsePlus will search the Internet using the same keyword, and that even within the InDesign document itself. Multiple Tabs:- By allowing you to work in muliple tabs, BrowsePlus allows you to work simultaneously with multiple websites within the existing workspace of InDesign. Smart. Isn't it? Other Versions:- CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 OS Support:- Mac OSX5, Mac OSX6, Mac OSX7, Mac OSX8, Win7(32 Bit),WinXP,Win7(64 Bit), Win Wista(16 Bit), Win Wista(32 Bit). Download BrowsePlus for Mac from Our Website:- For any query, suggestions or so, contact at
IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX IE Plugin

Construct and print barcodes quickly with this ActiveX control. IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX IE Plugin can be easily invoked through Microsoft Word, Access, Visual Basic, and other applications. The program also includes a simple single barcode image generator. This program's strength lies in creating barcodes inside other applications. The manual details the few installation steps needed for each of eight major applications. Programmers should have no trouble adding the control to their apps. The manual also provides helpful examples for other methods to use this app. That doesn't mean less-experienced users can't find a use for this tool. System administrators at libraries and small businesses will find that this program can generate barcodes in 17 major symbol sets. The included Metafile Image Generator quickly constructs a barcode to a small set of user specifications. The barcode image is then easily dropped into a Word or similar document. Unfortunately, the generator doesn't include default settings. This app creates accurate, and easily scanned, barcodes. The lack of default settings won't bother the occasional Metafile Image Generator user. Every business and library clerk who uses barcodes will find this program helpful.


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