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Quality Center 10.0 Trial Version

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Ashampoo Music Studio

Ashampoo Music Studio is an affordable all-in-one music software solution that can play, manage, analyze, record, edit, extract, and burn high-quality MP3s and other audio; create mixtapes and CD covers; and more. ProsExtended free trial: Free registration extends Ashampoo Music Studio's ten-day free trial to a full
Math Center Level 2

For some of us, calculus was a long time ago, but it sure would have been easier if Math Center Level 2 been around. It's a package of precalculus and calculus tools from Tvalx, a tongue-twisting name for a company that specializes in math software. It's mostly designed for math students, but it's also useful to teachers and anyone w
Capture One Pro 8

Capture One Pro 8 not only processes top-quality digital photos but also helps professional photographers and advanced amateurs manage their workflow. Version 8 is a major upgrade, featuring a faster processing engine, improved HDR tool, and better suppression of image noise and distortion. Pro support: Video tutorials and additional resources like the Image Quality Professor's blog, user forums, tips, keyboard shortcuts, and Introduction Video for new users make a complex and powerful tool reasonably easy to start using. Unique interfa
SesamTV Media Center 2.2

SesamTV? Media Center is a friendly multimedia-player software designed to help you create your own digital home. SesamTV? Media Center has a new easy-to-use interface and a following features: - Digital Television (viewing, recording, time-shifting, scheduling) - Audio player - Video player, - DVD player - Photo album - Playlist - Internet
Startup Control Center 2.11

Startup Control Center lets you control which applications your computer executes when it starts up. Startup Control Center assembles startup information from multiple locations and presents them in a easy to understand graphical interface. Find and remove any installed spyware, keylogger or other invisible
Sorcerer Envelope Printer 7.0

Use Envelope Printer to print addresses and return addresses on any size envelope. Print in landscape, portrait or laser (center feed) mode, using any of your system's fonts, and pr
S2 Zoop 1.0

Riveting four-way action as colored pieces appear randomly along a grid and move toward the center. You must eliminate the colors before they enter the center square. If you strike a colored piece that is the same c
pdf4u Printer

pdf4u is an online PDF conversion service that lets you produce professional-quality PDF documents without the need to spend a lot of money for conversion software. Simply install and use the pdf4u printer to customize PDF output settings and create an intermediate file that is automatically submitted to the online conversion center. In a few minutes the PDF document is sent back to you as an email attachment.
Joyvy Game Center 1.3.0

Joyvy is the largest source of the best free flash games including logical games, strategies, arcades, quests, shooters, sport games, gambling and other games. Play all these games with Joyvy for free! With reviews and ratings, Joyvy poll and sure to find captivating new games daily! Visit and download

Mezzmo turns your PC into a Digital Library Network Alliance media server that can connect to nearly any media device and stream nearly any file to all your home network displays. Mezzmo rips CDs and creates and imports playlists, too -- even iTunes libraries. It has a more intuitive and "software-like" layout than Windows Media Center
Bubble Spalsh 1.1

Bubble Splash is not your ordinary puzzle. In fact, it's an action game masking as a puzzle. If you are a puzzle junky looking for a challenge, you simply can't pass on this game. The rules are quite simple. There are five columns consisting of bubbles of various colors. You can move them up or down to line up three or more bubbles of the same color in the center row. When this happens, the bubbles pop. Sound simple, doesn't it? Well, rest assured, it's not. New bubbles keep on being added to the top and bottom of each column. So pretty soon your ability to rotate them gets hindered. That's why you ha

You want to rock, but your fingers keep getting in the way. While this application's design doesn't exactly sing, it has all the necessary functions to help you read music and put your fingers in the right place. TablEdit uses a standard set of music notation marks, and displays a stave in the center of the main program window for you to follow along. One pesky problem we encountered was that at launch, the program toolbars display right in the center of the stave, blocking it from view. You can move these toolbars aside, thankfully. We were impressed with TablEdit's ability to add fingering "hints" to the stave, a unique feature we've seldom found in other music editors. Although the program is able to import and open a number of files, we discovered a few errors in importing ASCII files. The trial limitations only allow one song (of 16 measures, in 4/4 time), which is sufficient for a little ditty but perhaps not generous enough to get into the groove with TablEdit.
PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Suite 2.5.1

The software provides a One-Click, All-In-One solution to convert DVD, Tivo, DivX, MPEG, WMV, AVI, RealMedia and many more to iPod Video. Super fast (up to 400% faster than other solutions) DVD conversion speed. MPEG-4 and H.264 support with high video quality plus advanced video editing features gives you everything you need to turn iPod into a portable media center. Watch iPod movies, TVs, home videos on the go - a new lifestyle to experience.
Play Super Mario: Flash Version 1.0

Super Mario Online is a basic program that puts a direct link to a high quality flash version of the classic game "Super Mario Brothers". This version is different in many ways but it still unmistakably Mario. If you are bored take a few minutes and play this classic game for a few minutes and see if that helps. There are many flash versions of Super Mario online and I have played a few of them. I preferred to host this version because of the quality of the graphics. When you play Super Mario online it gives you the option of lowering the quality if your computer can't handle playing the higher quality version. Play Super Mario Online today for a moment of mindless relaxation.
Windows 7 Codec Pack

Windows 7 Codec Pack adds up-to-date, high-quality audio and video playback capabilities to Windows Media Center or any media player. Though it's a bundle of software codecs, not a program, it installs just like any Windows program, and the Codec Settings panel opens from the Start Menu. Pros Plays in anything: These codecs work with any Windows-compatible media player, not just Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player. Specific codecs and settings for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows enable precise compatibility and high performance. Hi-def, hi-res, hi-fi: Windows 7 Codec Pack includes not just HD video codecs but also high-resolution digital audio, including DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus, and more. Digital out: Direct digital output in S/PDIF or HDMI (needed for Dolby TrueHD) and other state-of-the-art formats for a home media server or connection to a home theater system or external DAC. Codec settings: You can configure specific settings for 32-bit and 64-bit codecs and go deep with Advanced Settings. Cons Codex complicatus: Extensive settings and options could be daunting to inexperienced users, and the Advanced Codec Settings are not recommended for beginners. Surprise package: "Extras" like search bars keep freeware free, but if you choose the standard installation and don't read the EULA, they sometimes seem like freeloaders. Choose the custom installation option to accept or decline additional software. Bottom line These free codecs can play an array of high-quality media, including lossless and high-resolution digital audio formats like DTS, plus the latest Dolby technologies. While its settings can be complex, Windows 7 Codec Pack has the flexibility required for state-of-the-art home theater, audiophile, and gaming applications.
Boilsoft Video Converter

There are only three questions worth asking about a video-converting program: is it free, is it fast, and how is the video quality? Boilsoft Video Converter answers the second two questions well, but misses on the first. If you can handle paying for it, it is a quality video converter. Boilsoft Video Converter costs $34.95 to use. If you don't pay, the program adds a goofy watermark over the middle of your video. For your money, you're getting a really smooth layout that's easy to use. The program features a built-in video player that plays any video format it can convert. There's about a dozen supported files types, so you'll probably be able to get the video format you need. Conversion is noticeably faster than with other video converters, plus you can add your own subtitles and watermarks. The result the program gives you plays just as well as it did when you put the video in -- audio quality is even retained. If you know what you're doing, you can up the frame rate and audio quality to make your video look a little more polished. This program isn't messing around; it's one of the most powerful, useful video converters on the market. The problem is that it's competing with Any Video Converter and other free converters that are enough for most. If you need professional-quality results, Boilsoft Video Converter is certainly good enough for the price. However, if you just need to convert a video on the fly, stick with a free converter instead of paying for this one. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Boilsoft Video Converter 3.02.8.


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