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This fourth Sticker Book has electronic stickers and backgrounds from your favorite fairy tales -- Beauty and the Beast, The Bremen Town Musicians, Cinderella, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Gingerbread Man, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Hansel
Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life 1.0

In Horse Lifethe player can select his horse from seven different breeds and can take care of it, train it and take part in various competitions. The horse's behaviour is thereby depicted in a lifelike way in real-time. All competitions in the riding world such as dressage, show jumping and cross country are shown realistically. A gripping story really at-tracts the
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Flash video has taken the Internet by storm, with everything from music videos to clips of kittens riding Roombas. It's no surprise that people frequently want a way to save such videos to their computers. Save2pc Lite is a basic program that allows users to do just that. Although it does work, it's not exactly chock-full of features, and the extra stuff it installs may not be welcomed by all users. The program's interface is quite plain, consisting of a single screen. Users simply select their destination folder and choose whether they want to save the video as FLV, AVI, or MPG. Enter the video's URL, click start, a
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Practical Scriptwriter is a word processor optimized for scriptwriting. It includes a wide range of script formats as well as tools designed to make it easy to start writing with little or no experience. It can produce results good enough to submit for consideration in TV, movies, and other media, although you must provide the
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EF Process Manager helps computer users take a look under their hard drive's hood. But with an overwhelming amount of information in a tight space, users might need to take extra time to warm up to it. This program's appearance is sure to make a user's head spin, unless they already have an intimate knowledge of their computer. Two claustrophobic screens of strange words a
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Torch Browser includes media downloading, torrents, and social media and sharing. The all-in-one approach has advantages and disadvantages. Chief among advantages is browser integration, which is also the chief disadvantage if you don't use a particular feature or prefer an

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Casual users might not see the allure of this simple freeware, which not only detects hardware and other system information but also lets you benchmark your system's performance. Users with an interest in what goes on under the hood, however, will appreciate this easy-to-use and informative tool. PC Wizard 2008 goes to work as soon as it's installed, quickly gathering gene
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Undelete and recover files deleted from hard disks, USB drives and flash memory drives reliably and automatically with SoftAmbulance Uneraser. The recovery tool is simple and easy to use, yet packs sophisticated data recovery technologies under the h
AquaBall 1.0

Get ready for an exciting deep-sea experience in Aquaball, a new Arkanoid game from the publisher of Magic Ball 2. You won't be smashing bricks, though, but rather the things a scuba diver might see when plunging into the crystalline waters of a tropical paradise. From brilliantly animated seashells, starfish and other marine life to anchors, treasure chests and explosive mines, Aquaball is brimming with creativity.Aquaball offers more than crustacean-crushing action; it also contains five mini-games unlocked at various points throughout the campaign, including a fun memory matching challenge. In addition, you can utilize 23 bonuses and wreak havoc with several weapons, including the devastating Aqua-Gun
Swords and Sandals 4: Tavern Quests 1.3.0

The Swords & Sandals saga continues with S&SIV as our embattled gladiators step out from the arena and set out in a wider and more dangerous world. Up to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames, adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger and adventure. Swords & Sandals IV: Tavern Quests... it's the game all the gladiators are playing! .Full downloadable version game features: • Multiplayer "hots-eat gaming" - up to four human players on the one computer • Advance your gladiator up to level 70 and beyond • 23 mini games to unlock, from horse riding and sailing to mining caverns for treasure and racing beasts in an arena • Hundreds of unique weapons and armour pieces to buy • Save and manage the careers of up to four gladiators • Eight realms across four game boards to play on, from an underground cavern to a mighty stone giant. • Find all 23 Quest Cards to take into battle with you! • F ullscreen play, no loading times and stereo sound • Unlock 23 Arena Champions from Swords & Sandals 3 to adventure with and compete against! • Hall of Minigames - play any of the minigames whenever you like
CrazyRush Volume 1 Unlimited Money Mod

Free download unlimited money MOD for CrazyRush volume 1: Race in the sky. After installing this MOD, you can have unlimited money in the game and when I am saying unlimited then it is truly unlimited. Only the sky is the limit. Here is what you will get: All levels unlocked All 6 loony characters unlocked unlimited money All bonuses unlocked and more… About the Game: CrazyRush Volume 1 is an Android game and requires at least Android v2.2. The latest available version of the game is v1.0. There are 6 loony characters in the game. It is a 3D runner game in which you will have to pass through all the obstacles to complete a level. Have a look at some aspects of the game: 6 unique loony characters 30 different levels 5 different worlds with nutty surroundings 2 laps per race 4 extra tracks, bonuses, black gates, rainbow gates and more. The name of the 6 characters of the game are: - Bunny: A small rabbit with nitro - Jack: Missile throwing aviator - Smok: A dragon (fire breathing) - Zlorg: Alien with magnetic powers - Ney'Tu: Warrior riding on a magical dragon - Rub'e: A robot collector of crystals We have tested this game on more than 4 Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S4. The MOD will play on almost all the devices having Android v2.2+. If you have already installed the game, uninstall it and then install our MOD to get access to unlimited money and other cheats. Download: Size: 43.5 MB Developer: Pak Circles Powerdart 1.10

Shoot the arrow to the center and receive the highest score! In a good old classical arcade style Powerdart combines best entertainment with a minimum of download size, disk space and installation time. It looks like Windows� XP, but it feels like you are in the early 80s! Big fun for 1 or 2 players - addiction guaranteed! :-) New in version 1.10: Improvements under the hood, new score image and savable high score list!
Iron Portable

Iron Portable from PortableApps is a fully functional browser that its makers tout as the browser of the future. The browser is based on the same Chromium source code as the Google Chrome browser, but it doesn't have the unique IDs, time stamps, and other components that allow user tracking and other privacy-compromising functionality. The browser presents a simple no-nonsense interface and is used just like any other browser. Chrome users will note the obvious similarities between the two browsers. In fact, since they're based on the same code, they have compatible add-ons and extensions as well as themes. The Iron toolbar offers direct links to an image hosting site, the Iron Forum discussion site, and the publisher's Web site. The browser performed as any other browser would. The only difference we noticed was that it does not make suggestions when you type something in the Web Search box. Users won't see much of a difference between Iron Portable and other browsers, but security-minded folks (or those that just like their privacy) will like the under-the-hood safeguards that Iron Portable offers.
Maze Quest

Games don't always have to have dazzling graphics or cutting-edge gameplay to be fun. If you need proof of this, look no further than Maze Quest. This simple little game is surprisingly challenging and addictive, and we found ourselves playing for far longer than we had intended to--always the sign of a worthwhile game. Maze Quest's interface is nothing to get excited about, just a small rectangle with some fairly unremarkable 2D graphics; they're not amateurish, but they didn't impress us, either. There's a little man in a green hood and some blocks that are preventing him from reaching the stairs. At least, that's how it starts; as players work their way through the seven tutorials and beginning levels, new challenges and tools are introduced. There are blocks that can be pushed or walked through, elevator platforms, slippery ice blocks, bombs, slingshots, teleporters, and much more. The beginning levels provided a fairly easy introduction to how the game works, but the challenges quickly mounted as we worked through each level. There are 135 levels in all, which should keep even serious puzzle-solvers busy for quite some time. If that's not enough, users can also create their own mazes. The program doesn't have a Help file per se, but the built-in tutorials provide plenty of guidance. Overall, we were surprised to find such an enjoyable game in such humble packaging, and we recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle. Maze Quest installs and uninstalls without issues.


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