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Royal Mail Size Guide Template Download

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Gantt charts aren't essential to project planning; it just seems that way. Project Gantt Chart is a free template for Microsoft Excel. It's specifically designed to address some of the shortcomings of other free Excel templates for creating Gantt charts, such as the need to enable Macros. The Lite template is a free version of a premium template, Excelindo Gantt Chart. The premium software adds sev
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Free Invoice Template

Vertex42 specializes in Excel templates. Its Free Invoice Template is designed to give small businesses an easy and inexpensive way to bill their customers. It's customizable, too, and it even calculates subtotals and taxes. You need Microsoft's Excel to run it, or a similar program that can run Excel spreadsheets. As with other Vertex42 templates we've tried, Free Invoice Template is a very small download, just under 11KB zipped and 43KB unzipped. We clicked the extracted templat
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Mail Attachment Downloader

Download your email attachments to your PC with a single click using Mail Attachment Downloader. This app works out of the box with most of the popular email services and is highly customizable. You can set multiple filters, so only the attachments that matter to you will be saved. ProsSafe: Mail Attachment Downloader only scans your emails, and it doesn't mess with them in any way. So there's no danger of having your emails inexplicably deleted, even if their attachments have been downloaded by the app. Highly advanced filters: With just a few clicks, you're able to set the app to create a new folder for each person who has sent you attac
Sales Invoice Template

Sales Invoice Template is a simple Excel spreadsheet for creating personalized sales invoices. Although we've seen actual invoicing programs that offer many more features, this easy-to-use spreadsheet is a fine choice for users who simply need a basic template to work with. Sales Invoice Template is both attractive and easy to use. The template has a sleek design, employing several shades of blue along with black to create a very professional-looking invoice. Users can insert their own logo into the invoice, and the rest is really just a matter of filling in the blanks for addresses, item numbers, quantities, prices, and so on. You can enter the appropriate tax rate, for instance, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the tax and add it to the total. A space for notes and special messages at the bottom of the invoice lets users add more information if they like. The template doesn't come with a Help file, but it's really not needed: the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory. We've used invoicing programs that can access inventory databases and insert items into invoices automatically, and obviously this simple spreadsheet doesn't compare with those full-featured programs. But if you're simply seeking an Excel template to handle invoices, Sales Invoice Template can meet your needs. Sales Invoice Template is free to try, but the trial version limits template customizations. This spreadsheet program downloads as a ZIP file and runs without installation. We recommend this program to all users.
Employee Payroll Template

Even if you use an accountant or payroll company to handle your business' payroll needs, it's still important--and often legally required--that you keep payroll-related records yourself. Employee Payroll Template is a template for Excel that can help you keep track of this important information. It's not a payroll calculator, so if you're expecting something that will help you do payroll yourself, you'll need to look elsewhere. But if you just need a tidy way to keep employee payroll records, Employee Payroll Template fits the bill. The template is plain and attractive, with a blue header across the top that contains the column names. For each employee, you can enter the employee ID, name, Social Security number, address, gender, occupation, and hire date. There are also columns for annual salary, hourly and overtime rates, overtime exemption, the number of federal allowances, the percentage contributed to a 401(k), insurance deductions, and any other deductions. A second page in the template lets you track payroll information for each pay period; for each employee, you can enter the number of hours worked, as well as vacation, holiday, sick, personal, and overtime hours. There are columns to record the gross pay and the amounts of various taxes and other withholdings, as well as the net pay. An online Help file explains how to use the template, although it's pretty self-explanatory. Overall, Employee Payroll Template isn't something that most Excel users couldn't create for themselves, but since it's free, why not save yourself the trouble and check it out? It could be exactly what you're looking for to keep accurate payroll records.
CBM Calculator

The CBM Calculator is used to calculate your consignment volume and weight based on the container size. It is a useful utility for any business that involves shipping. This CBM Calculator has a very simple look, but it is effective. Make sure you have a valid e-mail address, as this is required to use it. It has an Excel layout in which information such as the Product/Container, Length, Height, and Breadth -- which can be listed in a number of different units -- is used to calculate the Pack Weight, Volume, or other weight measurements. This information can be recorded and saved in the program for future use. We could not find any guide or Help section for this application, which would have made it easier to use. Without any information or resources, we can't be sure if there are any features that we might be missing out on or perhaps even using incorrectly, though we're fairly sure that those who download this utility are already somewhat familiar with the features. Downloading was easy and fast. You just need to read through the steps carefully to understand that there are other download offers made that you don't have to accept to finish the installation process. There seemed to be more steps to go through to finally install the CBM Calculator, but they were all easy. Overall, this application was good but not great.
Royal Sudoku 1.0

Royal Sudoku is complicated version of sudoku game destined for real puzzle kings. Game is based on Japan puzzler also known as Suduko, Sudoko, Su do ku, Sodoku, Suduku. In it you must to compare numbers on game board to make them according the rules. Lets repeat history of this puzzle. The game refers to a number placement puzzle also known as Number Place in USA. First Japanese title of this puzzle was "Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru". It's means that number is limited only single (unmarried). But this title is too long, then it was abbreviated as "Sudoku". So "SU" means number, "DOKU" means single. It seems to have first been published in the USA before being noticed and then popularised in Japan. And has the following simple rules. Each row, column and subgrid inibox comprises the numbers 1 through 16 or letters A through P or anything else. The attraction of the puzzle is that the completion rules are so simple and yet the overall task can be difficult. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning. This game also can be used as Sudoku solver. It is easy to solve your sudoku puzzles and try to find right solutions for any game combinations. It is very simple to learn, requires no calculations, and provides a surprisingly wide variety of logic situations. From children to old can enjoy it for a pass-time.
Simple Invoice Template

Invoices are important for keeping track of what you're owed by your clients, so it's important to include all of the right information for proper bookkeeping. Simple Invoice Template lives up to its name by offering you an easy-to-use, customizable, and professional invoice template to present to your clients. The Excel-based template has a very straightforward interface, with labeled cells for entering your company's logo, data, invoice number, customer ID, and purchase order number as well as bill to and ship to information. There's a description section for entering your services and a place to enter the amount owed for each service, which is already formatted to dollar currency. Totals are reflected at the bottom of the spreadsheet, where you can adjust the tax rates accordingly. We were able to very easily add a logo as well as our business information to the spreadsheet. We entered our services and costs, and our totals were automatically added together with subtotal and tax rate info included. A notes section leaves you room to add any additional information that your client needs to know. The template features a drop-down menu for changing the invoice color (blue, red, green, or no color) and a second tab offers the same template, but in landscape format. A help file specific to the template is not included, but it's really not necessary. Simple Invoice Template comes as a ZIP file and is accessible after extraction. It's a simple but professional template that we recommend.


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