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Password Bank Vault is a free tool that stores your passwords securely with 128-bit encryption. You can store, enter, change, edit, and manage all your passwords in Password Bank Vault, yet access it all with one easy-to-remember Ma
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Checkbook Ease Freeware will help you take charge of both your checkbook and budget. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time manually entering your bank information, but once you're done it, it'll give you a clear overview of your finances. This free program is impressive with its practically l
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Personal finance technology has come a long way; there are now Web sites that will automatically download your transactions and alert you when you've gone over budget or are in danger of overdrawing your checking account. And then there are programs like Finance Explorer. Although the program does what it's designed to do--mostly--it just doesn't measure up in a world of increasingly sophisticated personal finance software. Finance Explorer has a pretty bare-bones interface. Down the side there's a menu listing different accounts including bank, cash, credit card, investment, a
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Backup your computer files securely online. No more loss of data from hard drive crashes, accidental deletion or fire/theft. No more carrying around USB hard drives. Access your files anywhere, anytime with MyPC Backup. Download our free application and MyPC Backup will automatically start to backup all your computer files securely online using bank grade encryption. You can even view, share and d
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CD Bank will help you maintain and organize catalog of your media collection, including CD-ROMs, DVDs, audio CDs, diskettes, ZIP-Drives, hard and any other drives. It can create previews for documents, ext
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Cheque Printing software (ChequePRO) helps to print on any bank Cheque, and manage your customer & bank information pro actively. It automates the whole process of storing customer details, Cheque details, print payment vouchers, Cheque Alignment and generate up to date reports with a ease of one click. Write Cheque in just the way the banks want it, ChequePRO can be your first step towards improving your business payment process, Let us tell you how. Price as low as $60.
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According to the information provided by the analytics of the biggest antivirus companies, the number of spyware stealing usersĺ private information including bank details to payment systems access as well as internet payment systems such as e-gold and pay-pal, etc. has greatly increased within the year. Spyware is becoming more and more sophistic
Modern War iOS Cheats (Full Unlocked)

Today we are going to release cheat tools for the game "Modern War". This cheat tool will work on all version of Modern war and is tested by our team on iPhone, iPad touch and iPad. This cheat tool will allow you to get unlimited skill points, all maps unlocked, all items unlocked, free bank upgrade and more. Features of Modern W
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DownloadáDespicable Me Minion Rush Hack (Latest Version: 1.6) which is especially made for all the iOS devices including iphone, iPad, iPod touch. You will get unlimited bananas, tokens, power ups, costumes and you can buy anything you want in the game. This hack is for the new version which includes the new secret area: "The Bank of the Evil" and the new suits like jogger minion etc. Take a look at the cheat codes offered by our hack for Despicable Me Minion Rush: 1. Unlimited Bananas - Stop worrying about collecting bananas in the game as you will unlimited bananas in the game. 2. Unlimited Tokens - Yes you will also get unlimited tokens. 3. Buy anything - Want to buy somethi
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Capture bank robbers! Save damsels in distress! Battle pirates on the open seas! The game Breakout fans have been dreaming of for years has arrived. Say goodbye to bricks and hello to a spectacular new level of visual detail in Magic Ball 3. Features outrageous bonuses, awesome audio effects and captivating music. Download Magic Ball 3 now to get your first taste of the next generation of casual arcade games!
LastPass for Chrome

Passwords drive us crazy. With bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, social networking sites, student loans, pharmacies, and many other sites all demanding passwords, it's a lot to keep up with. LastPass for Chrome is an easy and secure way to manage passwords, and we wish we'd had it a long time ago. LastPass has a lot of features, and it took us a little while to get acquainted with everything, but overall it's very easy to use. At first glance it may seem that LastPass doesn't do anything that you can't already do in Chrome; like LastPass, Chrome will store user IDs and passwords for you. But LastPass does much more than that. You can also have the program automatically fill in forms for you, and you can store as much information as you're comfortable with; just enter your name and address if you want, or have LastPass store your credit card and bank account information to make online shopping easier. The program also has a secure notes feature that lets you keep other sensitive information handy but safe, and a password generator that creates ironclad passwords. On the whole, we found that LastPass worked well, although it had trouble with a few sites. It couldn't handle our bank's Web site, which requires our user ID on one page and our password on another. And the log-in for our student loans requires our Social Security number, the first two letters of our last name, our birth date, and a PIN; we tried to use the form-filling feature for this, but for some reason it only filled two of the fields. These sorts of situations are a good time to use the secure note feature; the program won't auto-fill the fields for you, but at least you'll have the information close at hand. LastPass for Chrome has a comprehensive online Help file, as well as multiple helpful tutorial videos. Overall, we were quite impressed with LastPass, and we think it's a great way to simplify password management. LastPass for Chrome installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this program to all users.
MTH My Money

Anyone creating a piece of personal finance software had better bring his A game; there's an awful lot of competition out there. Unfortunately, MTH My Money just doesn't quite hit the mark. It's definitely not the worst we've seen, but it has some pretty significant drawbacks. The program's interface is OK, but it could stand to be more intuitive. We had to consult the online Help file in order to get started, and at first we were excited about what we read. Unlike the vast majority of personal finance programs, MTH My Money doesn't just depend on users uploading their bank statements in order to update transactions. The program is actually capable of connecting to banks directly and updating account information automatically. This sounded like a great idea, but unfortunately, it's a capability that's only available from a small number of banks. Our bank, one of the biggest in the U.S., was not on the list. So we decided to do things the old-fashioned way and import our data from a CSV file downloaded from our bank. Although the program gave us a message stating that our data had been successfully imported, none of the transactions showed up. In the end we were able to enter transactions manually, but in this day and age, there's no reason for that. MTH My Money may have some useful features, but it needs to do some work on its functionality before we'll be interested in it. MTH My Money installs a desktop icon without asking and leaves an icon and folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program. Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of MTH My Money 2.0.55. The trial version is limited to 60 days.
DISKExtinguisher (PC) 3.0

DISKExtinguisher totally eliminates confidential information.Sensitive data removal is crucial when selling, donating or discarding computers.Data such as IDs and passwords, social security numbers, financial documents, human resources data, tax records, corporate trade secrets, bank account information, customer databases, credit card numbers and more could be exploited. Typically, data deleted on the computer is not truly deleted. The file stays on the disk until it is overwritten by another file. Until then, those files or file fragments can be recovered. If the data is sensitive, the recovered data could cause irrevocable damage. When you delete your data, you want the data totally extinguished.The unique Basic Input Output System, or BIOS technology, will completely destroy deleted data and file fragments.With a file size of only 347 KB, this fast and reliable application is the perfect download to demo today.
Chily Active Directory Query 9.09.01

Chily Active Directory Query software is a user friendly and easy to install tool designed to fetch details of relevant information from Active directory information bank. Active Directory query tool functions as per the queries and displays object information or details saved by the users. Active Directory Query software tool is highly useful for Windows Administrators who often scrutinize AD for important user information. Owing to its simple Active Directory query features, the tool extracts relevant data and displays detailed information of all objects saved by the user. The information generated by the tool can be saved for future referrals as the tool saved the output in CSV format. Chily Active Directory Query tool can offer optimized results with the use of Advanced button. The Advanced option supports the administrator in generating improved attributed results for the Domain as per the query. Chily Active Directory Query software is available for free download. Exclusive features of Chily Active Directory query software are: a free to download tool designed to query active directory attributes, runs with administrator credential and saves quality amount of time, saves generated output in CSV format, equipped with advanced option to optimize the results to be more detail focused, freeware, Fast and easy installation.


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