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The Living Dead John Joseph Adams

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LCD PixelsOK allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors. You can use it to test a new LCD monitor before purchasing, or an already purchased monitor during the warranty period (you may get a replacement according to the manufacturer's dead pixel policy). A defective (dead or stuck) pixel is a pixel that does not illuminate properly or does not display the correct color output. It usually looks like an annoying black, white or colored spot on your screen. LCD PixelsOK fills the entire screen with one of the colors that make up a pixel, allowing you to inspect the screen for pixels that do not match the selected color. LCD PixelsOK is easy to use and it has a very intuitive interface. LCD PixelsOK can be run directly without having to install it on your computer: just download and run. An installer program is also available.
Dead City v1.0.8 Android Mod (Unlimtied Gold)

This mod for Dead City Android game will give you unlimited gold which you can choose to get all the 20 weapon upgrades, all vehicle upgrades, more weapons, more armors and almost anything you want to buy from the store totally free. This mod has been developed from the latest†available†version†of the game which is version 1.0.8. Features of Mod: 1. Unlimited gold up to 99999999999999. The amount of gold will not decrease even after buying items from the store. 2. Get all the†upgrades, weapons, armors from the store totally free. About the game: After the nuclear war, there is no human left expect me. The famous D-virus has turned every living being into a zombie. There are only two options left: kill or be killed. Shoot in all the directions without any fear as there is no human left. Use your skills of using weapons to fight with the zombies. Your ultimate goal is to survive. use†different†weapons,†upgrades, armors, planes and vehicles to survive. One of the fun thing about this game is its†infinite†missions. Yes you have heard right..countess†missions are waiting for you. Simple controls allows you to fire in all the directions easily. There are also a lot of upgrades available as you advance in the game. We have tested this mod as usual on more than 10 android devices and it is working fine on all of them. All you need is to install this mod and start playing the game. The game is modded for unlimited gold which can benefit you†through†out the game. Instructions: - uninstall the game if you have already installed it. - Install the mod. - Play the game and enjoy. Requirements:†No root is needed to run this mod. This will work on both rooted and non-rooted†devices. Download: Size: 27 MB Version: 1.0.8
Rizone Pixel Repair

With this little tool, you can detect stuck or dead pixels and also repair stuck pixels. Many tools like this can be found all over the internet, but we could not find a tool with all the functions in one. So, we made one. Before we continue with what you can do with ĎRizone Pixel Repairí, letís start with what you canít do (our Ďno bullí policy). First of all, you can only attempt to repair stuck pixels and it wonít repair dead pixels. Secondly, it wonít work every time either. No miracles here boys and girls. Now letís get to the good part. You can use the ĎDead pixel locatorí section on ĎRizone Pixel Repairí to look for dead or stuck pixels. You can also use this section to help you find dirty little spots and dust when you clean your screen (Because dust doesnít show on all colours). Now, after youíve located stuck pixels, try to repair them with this tool. Set the colour mode, press go and place the flashy window thingy under the stuck pixel. Sometimes this unsticks that pixel, but as stated before, not always.


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