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The Roots Game Theory Free

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Reversi Fight 1.0

Remember how first newsettlers used to seize lands. Check if your roots are still alive and play this free game. Your goal is to get the greatest part of the game board. You will play it turn with your computer and you should be quick and attentive. You will be able
Neon Wars 1.01

Neon Wars is a arcade style game which combines vivid graphics, great music, and exciting game play to create an amazingly new experience that stays true to its classic roots. This easy to learn game has you collecting stars and dodging enemies, with powerful special weapons that even the odds with intense pyr
Governor of Poker 2.3

Go back to the roots of this exciting card game and play Texas hold em poker against the old western for cash, transport, real estate and tournament titles! From tournaments to cash games, every hand brings you closer to your goal of becoming the governor of Texas and preventing poker from being prohibited. Choose who to challenge or what tournament to join and try to outsmart or out-bluff your intelligent opponents in this totally different kind of poker game. Take over buildings and manage your properties well to gai
QuickSnooker 7.0.948

QuickSnooker is the most realistic Snooker simulation available on the Internet. The game can be played in 3D, 2D or both at the same time ! It has been refined and developed over ten years.. more than 5 million frames have been played. Some simulations make potting so hard the games are just a chore.. QuickSnooker keeps hold of it's 'fun' roots - and gives you accura
Prometheus 1.0

Prometheus is a mission-based, single-player co-op game in the spirit of "Portal" and "Mirrors Edge." By using the Prometheus Device, players bend the laws of Einsteinian physics using the theory of quantum states, meaning that goals are accomplished by completing missions with your past, present and future selves. This standalone version of "Prometheus" was created using UDK. Youll need to k
Hexagonal Chess 2.0

Hexagonal chess is a chess game variant played on a hexagonal board. Of all popular chess variants this is probably the youngest one - game rules, starting positions and game theory were primarily developed in the 20th century. Still, hexagonal che
Chess Opening Trainer 1.1

This software will help you learn and remember chess opening theory faster than ever before. In addition, you can use this software to build your opening repertoire. Unlike the other chess training software, Chess Opening Trainer does not randomly select training moves and position
NodeMind Poker Calculator 20.11.2011

Create your personal "Pre-flop - Post-flop" strategy with the help of NodeMind Poker Calculator. NPC will help you to choose your personal style of game depending on many factors in different game situations. This program is a powerful poker calculator that works on the basis of iterative methods along with combinatorics and the theory of probability formulae. The main peculiarity of the program is consideration of psychological players types in order to find out optimal decision. The result of NodeMind
Two Worlds II 1.0

Two Worlds II explores the next chapter in the history of Antaloor. The hero must investigate his mysterious roots, discovering surprising twists and turns in his adventure. a perfect mix of story, atmosphere, and technology promises a fascinating new RPG experience.
NSF Converter 9.0

SysTools has a theory that make everything so easy that no vice user can even able to use computer solution for his or her needs. Export Notes is based on this theory thus it is simple fast, reliable, comes with a 24*7 customer support system and a 30 days price challenge. NSF

Sokoban has been around since the 1980s, challenging users to move boxes around a puzzle and into designated storage areas. It sounds easy in theory, but there's actually quite a bit of strategy involved. Sokoban++ is a basic version of the puzzle game that won't impress you with its graphics, but will definitely strain your brain with its 50 levels of challenging gameplay. The program's interface is plain and not particularly intuitive; if you've never played Sokoban before, you'll definitely be turning to the HTML Help file in short order. Although some versions of Sokoban have graphics reminiscent of boxes and warehouses,
Forest Images Screensaver 1.0

This screensaver shows fantastic images of forests. Amongst them you'll see trees, stems, roots, herb, branches, shrubberies. You'll feel of a forest spirit via this images. This screen saver contains 33 amazing images. All images have original resolution 1024*768 and High Color (24-bit). You may to use any image as wallpaper for desktop. The screensaver also comes with two possibilities is ScreenSaver Control and Wallpaper Control. Download the screensaver to get real forest mood.
I-Doser Free

I-Doser is a program designed to give users "binaural beat doses" to "sync their brainwaves." It's a music-only media player that takes only DRG files. We'll let users speculate as to the meaning of DRG. These doses, according to the theory, are to align your mood with the theme of the dose. The two included doses, "Alcohol" and "Content," have a not-so-subtle intended effect. As far as the player goes, no media files besides DRG will work with it, and aside from the two freebies included, users must purchase any additional DRGs. Links are included to the I-Doser community to simplify sharing your I-Doser experiences. Powered by the freeware SbaGen, all in all this is a simple and limited program of mediocre use and questionable intent. It does, however, come with three snazzy skins and is worth downloading for the novelty if nothing else.
Note Reading Extended

Learning the basics of music is easier than you'd think with Music Reading DeLuxe. This free educational software uses a simple gamelike process to teach "absolute beginners" how to recognize and read music. To use it, your computer must have a sound card or sound capability and either Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Music Reading DeLuxe took over our desktop with its interface and disabled our mouse within its view, too, which are necessary steps for classroom use. We could mouse over to the Windows toolbar, though, and access other system functions normally, and exiting the program via the Esc key instantly restored our mouse function and desktop. We navigated via keyboard commands while using this program. Music Reading DeLuxe is built around a series of lessons that introduce users to the basics of music theory. The first step was to choose either the G clef or F clef for our lessons. The first lesson, Note Reading--Easy offers three levels of difficulty. We had to identify a note on a clef, and the program graded our progress (or lack of it) as we moved through the levels. We could change the key by pressing K, view the notes by pressing V, and check our answers by pressing enter. Once we'd learned the notes and placements, the software tested how fast we could recognize them. There's an Advanced lesson that includes sharps and flats, too. A section that describes the theory used in the program serves as an excellent source of definitions and explanations; however, we found no settings or options, nor did we find a Help file. Education software that's difficult to use or even to see on the screen isn't much use, but Music Reading DeLuxe has a colorful look with crisp, clear graphics, text, and animations. The commands were all easy to learn and operate, too. We found this to be an extremely easy yet effective tool for teaching the basics of music and music theory to beginners of any age and ability.
Kalkulator 2.41

The most powerful Sci/Eng calculator for Windows. Expression evaluation, 18 digits of precision, variables, >100 functions, unit conversion, polynomial roots, interpolation, polynomial regression, linear algebra, numerical integration and differentiation, systems of linear, non-linear and differential equations, multi-argument functon optimization and fitting, curve, point and histogram graphs, statistical operations, computer math ...
Kludget Engine

Fans of Apple's Mac Dashboard may want to try Kludget Engine, which promises to replicate the Dashboard experience on Windows machines. It'd be great to touch a button and see a variety of useful widgets fly onto the screen. But, like many attempts to bring Apple style to the Windows world, it's better in theory than in practice. That isn't to say that Kludget Engine is bad. It looks much like Dashboard, and it's actually designed to run Apple widgets. So, we hurried over to Apple's Web site and downloaded some widgets. And they worked--sort of. They appeared within Kludget Engine and looked the way they were supposed to, except for widgets that required any kind of user input, which was many. Entering your ZIP Code for WeatherBug, for example, did not work. And a couple of widgets just wouldn't display correctly at all. Kludget Engine has produced a few widgets of its own, but there's really not much to choose from, and the lack of Help file means users have no guidance when it comes to widget selection or configuration. Thus, users are at the mercy of Apple widgets that may or may not work. It might be worth messing with for die-hard Dashboard fans, but most users can take a pass on kludgy Kludget. Kludget Engine is free. It installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program, but with reservations.


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