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Secure File Vault 1.0

Secure File Vault is a file and folder locker software incorporating 128 bit encryption techniques.This data encryption software not only locks your 'Content Sensitive' files and folders quickly and professionally using 128-bit Thay
Password Bank Vault

Password Bank Vault is a free tool that stores your passwords securely with 128-bit encryption. You can store, enter, change, edit, and manage all your passwords in Password Bank Vault, yet access it all with one easy-to-remember Master Password. Password Bank Vault also generates passwords, imports and exports lists in CSV format, a
Digital Vault

What would happen if your computer was lost, stolen or hacked? Computers can be replaced, but often the information they contain is valuable and confidential. Hackers and identity thieves are finding ever more clever ways to hack into systems and access information. Digital Vault 2006 protects you and your data by encrypting files and folders so only YOU can access them. Do you really know who's snooping around your computer? Do you share your computer with family members or co-workers? Is your computer on a network that others have access to? If so
WinTweakz Vault 2.1

WinTweakz Vault is your personal Virtual Safe to store your private documents, images, videos and files to protect them from prying eyes and data theft. Sailent Features: 1.Create as many data vaults as needed on PCs and laptops to store photos, music, movies, documents and more. Automatic Vault shut down when user logs out or when computer sleeps. 2.Turn USB sti
Portable Vault

Portable Vault encrypts, hides and password protects your private files and folders from others on your Portable USB Device. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you protect your files quickly and easily. Now protecting data on your mobile drives couldn't be easier or more secure!
Folder Vault

Folder Vault is a fine file and folder locker by most definitions, thanks to its abundant style and security. It will keep your private and sensitive files away from even the savviest prying eyes, provided you're good at making secure passwords. When starting Folder Vau
Folder Vault

Folder Vault lock, hide, securely encrypt and protect files and folders in the blink of an eye. With one master password FolderVault will protect your files, folders and even entire drives from being viewed, deleted, renamed, removed or accessed. Encrypt and hide
Registration Vault

This impressive program organizes and stores online account log-in, software registration, and other password information. With several themes, Registration Vault makes it easy to choose a favorite look for the interface. We appreciated the program's easy flexibility to choose from two layouts, or create your own. Registration Vault's tabbed interface seems a bit cluttered at first, but after spending a little time navigating the tabs, File menu, and toolbar, it was easy to decipher. There are also tabs for Software Pa
S10 Password Vault

S10 Password Vault gives you a secure place to store all of your log-in information so that you can access it anytime and don't have to remember individual passwords. Once you enter all of your accounts into the app's convenient interface, you'll only have to remember your master password in
Bayview Password Vault

Though it doesn't offer a method to import, this password keeper is secure and easy to operate. With a file tree and button interface, Password Vault feels familiar. Function buttons are clearly labeled and need no explanation. That's good since the online
Barn Yarn Premium Edition 1.0

Return to the ranch and refurbish a whole new area in Barn Yarn Premium Edition, a charming continuation from the makers of Farmscapes. Grandpa Joe and his grandson Tom are knee deep in repairs once again. This time, Joe has bought an old barn with the intent of using it to house his livestock and other important items through the harsh winter. The barn is in terrible disrepair however, and in order to clean it up, they are holding a huge sale. Help Joe and Tom raise the money to fix their barn in this charming escapade. Find over 3,000 items in 30 various locations as willing customers are ready to pay out. Choose from over 60 unique indoor d cor items in three original styles to spruce up t
Television Player 3.2

TV Player v3.2 provides live tv channels worldwide. Download it now and enjoy live television on internet for free with our television player software. Premium stations such as HBO, Star Movie, ESPN, Star Sport, Cinemax Movie, Setanta Sports, MTV Asia, MTV American, Cartoon Networks, Sexy American . Download more than 150,000 movies online with HD quality ( all free now ) . Many p2p plugins are listed for your usage as well : TVU, Sopcast, ppstreams, ppmate, ...
Living Legends - Ice Rose Premium Edition 1.0

You're their only hope as you explore the frigid landscape and architecture of Rosemount looking for your beloved Edward. With the help of diary notes from Kay and brief encounters with the frozen souls of her parents, you are directed to carry love in heart to defeat the powerful Ice Queen. No matter how many threatening visits you receive from the Ice Queen herself, you must courageously uncover hidden objects and solve a variety of puzzles. You're their only hope. You must persevere! Experience the thrill for yourself when you try the free trial version of Living Legends ? Ice Rose Premium Edition or download the full-unlimited version today!
Premium Booster

As time runs out your Windows gets older and your computer starts to lose its speed. Some users try to solve this problem by reinstalling their Windows, other will buy additional RAM etc. In most cases this helps, but in no way does it remove the main problem. And you will wonder what is the main problem here? The matter is that your system needs to be taken care of just like everything else in this world. If you want your Windows to operate as quick as it actually can you must be sure its registry doesn't contain any garbage and that it's regularly defragmented. Unused registry entries will often appear as a result of incorrect software uninstallation. The more such entries your registry contains the slower your PC gets. Thus the very first thing you should do is get rid of useless keys. Premium Booster will scan your PC and detect erroneous and orphaned entries in your registry. After you fix found issues you'll have to defragment the registry so that it gains linear structure. This way you will noticably increase performance of your applications and OS as well. Premium Booster also provides you with a set of Windows tweaks which can visibly boost your system. Boosting your PC is something that everybody would like to do. But one should not forget about the protection. Premium Booster will give you details on programs which are currently set to launch at Windows startup. This feature will let you detect and remove useless and malware modules from your startup lists. Our program also includes a tool to protect your registry from some known malignant ActiveX which could hurt your computer if it's not immunized in time. Premium Booster will do all the job for you making your Windows stable and fast. Download it now and get the best from your system!
Free HideMyAss Premiur Proxies

Get Free HideMyAss Premiur Proxies (07 March 2013) and enjoy. The proxies are working and speed is awesome. As the proxies are premium, so you will get the maximum possible speed.These proxies are elite and highly anonymous. Speed and connection time is 99%-100%. Proxies are mainly from USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany and more on. Anonymity level is Normal + High. Speed and connection time is Fast because these two things should not be compromised. Details: Proxies Country: More than 50 Protocol: HTTP and HTTPS Anonymity level: Normal and High Speed: Fast Connection Time: Fast *This is the latest package of premium proxies exclusively available for our site members.* Download: Elite Proxies packet for March 2013
Dr. Hardware 2010 Premium Forever - KeyRegistrierschlüssel 10.2

Registration key for unlocking Dr. Hardware 2003 Standard for Windows 9x,Me, XP Home Edition.This is the basic version suited for beginners and non-experts.Professional user get additional features by registering the Professional resp. Premium version: - Autoreport feature - Mainbaord sensor analysis - more free upgrades -Professional for 95/98/Me/XP-Home (#131749).-Professional NT4/2000/XP Prof. (#131750).-Premium for 95/98Me//NT4/2000/XP (#131751).


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