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PC Brother Software Administration Free is a comprehensive tool for managing your software. It attempts to be your first choice when you need to download software. You don't need to know much about this software, this program will list all kinds of software and show them in their respected categories. Then you can cho Desktop Tool 1.0.3

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- A user interface that's idiot proof - using Drag & Drop. - Fuzzy Logic sorts out the Show name, Season/Episode numbers (S1E1, 1x1 or 101 formats). - Queries the most advanced search engine - Google - Automatically grabs the official show name and episode titles from the most comprehensive movie database on the web -,, and - Database: Simple and automatic table for keeping track of TV website's ID number. - Force show names: Lets you customize how the Show Name is named (if you prefer shorter names). - Fetch Folder: Scans all files in that directory. Point it to your 'Download Complete' folder. For people who are too lazy to Drag & Drop.....I love it :) - Auto Move: Automatically moves files to your TV Show Archive after it's renamed. - Fully automate the entire rename and move process with parameter (theRenamer.exe -fetch and -fetchmovie) - MOVIES! theRenamer now supports Movie files as well. - Auto creates IMDb shortcut link to IMDb movie webpage.
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PowerPoint Slide Show Converter promises to convert PowerPoint presentations to slideshows without the need for any additional programs. While this claim is partially true and PowerPoint Slide Show Converter delivers results, the program doesn't fully live up to its promises. This program could not be much simpler, which we thought was fantastic. Most likely, you will not need to take a trip to the Help file, since the converter outlines every step on screen and practically holds your hand during the intuitive process. You are given a chance to operate the converter in Simple or Special Mode. Special Mode allows for greater flexibility, by providing opportunities to add custom features to the PowerPoint file such as changing the timing and adding sound. However, we were told we needed Microsoft PowerPoint to operate Special Mode, even though the description says we can run a slideshow without additional programs. Fortunately, Simple mode converted our presentation into a simple slideshow that could also be used as a screen saver and performed its duty quickly, easily, and intuitively. Special features were light on this simple program. Highlights include an option for creating an autorun file for burning the file onto a CD and a handy preview button that lets you see the program before converting it. The 30-day trial period is plenty of time to navigate the program. While we were pleased with the Simple Mode, we were disappointed with the Special Mode option and would only recommend this download for those with very basic needs for PowerPoint slides.
BlueMarket Party 1.0

It's party time! Organize free and live show, attract more people to come, by offering new dimension of entertainment. Get one LCD screen, put it in good place, and let people publish their own photos taken using mobile phones instantly! Process is really easy: - take one photo using your mobile phone - send that picture you just taken, using bluetooth to 'BlueMarket Party' PC That's it! Picture will be visible to everybody. Automatic slide-show will show all pictures received. Expect unexpected! There will be a lots of FUN! Chat is another option. Organize live talk show. Everybody can participate if have mobile phone. Chat is also very simple: - build new contact using your mobile phone - instead of a contact name, put text: 'Chat Hallo!' - save and send contact to 'BlueMarket Party' PC - your text will be published on big screen Both options: Image slide-show and Chat are great entertainment for people organizing parties, weddings, celebrations, but also for bars, restaurants, etc. BlueMarket Party = PARTY FOR ALL !!!
WoW Power Leveling Package 4.2.18

There are the "Leveling Guides" that take you by the hand, and show you where to go and what to do, to get to level 85. Then there is Booster (WoW Power Leveling) - the industry-first, ultimate Cataclysm Leveling Package. We don't just show you how to get to 85. We show you how to break leveling records without even thinking. How to out-level a bot without any grinding. And how to play your class better than most end-game raiders. Our Booster Leveling Package goes far beyond any leveling guide that has ever been offered before. With the Booster guide, you can get to 85 effortlessly in 7.5 days playtime or less. Sporting some Heirlooms, you can get to 80 in under 5 days. That's faster than a leveling bot. - You don't want to do any grinding. Our power level guide is 100% quest-based. There is absolutely no grinding involved.Not one minute, not one mob. - You want leveling to be easy. WoW Power Leveling Package is all in-game, via addon featuring step-by-step directions to lead you through EVERY quest. And when I say "step-by-step", I mean literally every single step. -You don't want to get your account hacked or banned. With this power level package there is ZERO risk to your account. Our addons do allow you to use the guides in-game, but the addons themselves are free and fit within Blizzard's policies. This isn't some tricky loophole - it's just a simple fact. You cannot get banned using our guides. -You want to master your class, before you get to level 85. Goodbye Google searches! Goodbye obnoxious "class leveling" forums! Hello FREE Class Leveling Guides! -10 Class Leveling Guides, covering 13 topics -130+ Videos, in-depth explanations and demos Bonus Videos, how-to's, comparisons and more! -You want to be constantly up-to-date. We're including FREE lifetime automatic updates - for both power level guide and the 10 class guides.


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