Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Anomaly mods can break the game

Capcom has warned Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak players that using mods to cheat their method on end game content could make the game "unplayable". – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW – According to the developers, some customers have installed "illegal" mods to improve their way through the grind to unlock anomaly investigations. These were added in a recent free title update that pits seasoned Sunbreak hunters against safer monster-charged versions. The rewards for defeating these targets are affected supplies, which are used to craft premium weapons and equipment. This warning is probably aimed at the Monster Hunter Rise PC community, as this version of the game is easier to mod: We have confirmed that some players are illegally modifying game information for anomaly investigations. We are currently preparing a separate communication on the method for detecting investigations of illegally modified anomalies. Creating or using sports information that cannot be accessed through normal gameplay can cause gaming issues and even make the sport itself unplayable. Therefore, if you see any missions that you think have been illegally modified, delete them immediately and do not search for them. We are currently investigating the consequences of accepting half on illegally modified missions. We ask for your cooperation in playing the game as intended and keeping it fun for everyone. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the follow-up expansion to last year's main game, which originally released on the Nintendo Switch before coming to PC. Dom scored a triumphant 9/10, saying, "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a nearly perfect expansion, bringing significant changes to the game, lovely new cast members, and most importantly, additional monsters to hunt. It's absolutely essential for those who know”. But what's next for Monster Hunter? Porting Rise to other technologies, including PlayStation and Xbox, seems unlikely at this level, although we wouldn't rule it out by any means. Capcom is barely busy with a sequel to the best-selling Monster Hunter World, though we've yet to see any evidence of what this later recreation within the series might look like. Source: Twitter