Sims 4 modding is about to get easier

Amid the excitement of The Sims 5 news at today's Sims Summit event, The Sims 4 Group announced that they will be creating a new model database of custom content for their Era game. currently.

Currently, The Sims Resource is considered one of the best destinations for CC of all kinds, but others use Tumblr or follow the websites of well-known developers like Deaderpool, who create the ubiquitous MC Command Center mod.

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However, this glorious place has one important caveat: you must be invited to add content to your work and be a part of what EA calls "The Mod Squad." Nobody knows exactly what criteria the group is looking for or if it will continue after launch. (It seems undeniable that the riskier CCs could be excluded). Existing sites are much more open, which is crucial for those just starting out.

This appears to be much more exclusive than EA's version of The Sims 3 , which was shut down in 2018. This also served as a hub for uploading and downloading custom content, but it wasn't invite-only.

Mod Squad and its CC port aren't here yet, and we don't know when that will be ( the Sims 4 team only vaguely mentioned that players can still check for updates). But if that's the case, it will most likely be interesting to see what impact it could have on independent, creator-focused Sims modding websites.