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ABC Coloring Book II 2.01.0242

ABC Coloring Book is a simple to use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet. A one click selection from many colors is easy to use even for the youngest c
Go Coloring 2.3.1

Go coloring is amazing free coloring pages software for kids. Kids can color over 1200 images right on the computer. Go Coloring is defiantly the next generation of coloring pages and its highly popular among kids. Go coloring has many features among them is the option to print the finished colored
BiblePaint Bible Coloring Book 1.0

BiblePaint is a fantastic coloring book which includes over 30 beautifully hand-drawn coloring pages, by Enache Bogdan. This coloring book is an absolute delight, and each coloring page is accompanied by the related Biblical verses, making it a great introduction to the Bible. The Old Testament coloring pages include well-loved stories such as Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, and David and Goliath. In the New Testament coloring pages, we learn about the life and times of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Kids and adults alike will have hours of fun coloring in w
Leah's Farm Coloring Book 1.0

Children will have great fun with Leah's Farm Coloring Book. This free electronic coloring book features 10 pages to color, fun music and sound effects. It's easy to use, even for preschool children. Children can print their pictures when they're finished. Pictures are automatically saved to your 'My Pictures' folder.
Coloring Book 9: Little Monsters

Coloring Book 9: Little Monsters is a computerized coloring book for kids of all ages. With a simple-to-understand screen and easy controls, your child will be coloring a new world in minutes. The program's interface is clearly aimed at little ones, with its bright colors and large icons. We foresee youngsters easily cycling through pages and filling in blanks with splashes of colo
Coloring Book 11: Trucks

Coloring Book 11: Trucks and Things that Go is a digital coloring book with easy controls; children will be making colorful images in no time. We found the program's interface to be well-suited for young computer users. T
Kea Coloring Book

This free coloring-book application provides enough content and features to keep children entertained. Kea Coloring Book lets kids color about 15 images with a few clicks and includes subjects such as snowmen and animals. Parental tools allow adults to design even more templates afte
Vehicles Coloring Book 1.0

Vehicles Coloring Book is one of the great products in Star Coloring's line of coloring book software solutions. Aimed at children, it is designed to bring out their artistic and creative flair, giving them something constructive to do with their time in front of the computer. This kind of edutainment software presents a great opportunity to keep your child occupied, enhancing their knowledge in using computers and various other aspects. Using a delightful and intui
Kea Coloring Book 3.7

A fantastic Coloring Book for kids of all ages. "All of the fun. None of the mess!" Includes 15 pictures, and over 300 more available from the website for registered users. You can even add your own pictures. Kids learn about color use and color mixing, and the marker pen and eraser allow them to get creative and draw their
Kids Coloring Book 3.1

Kids will have hours of fun with this electronic coloring book. Includes more than 250 high-quality pictures in different categories, and also possibility to add any pictures found in the Internet. There are functions of mixing of paints, drawing pencil. Kids learn about color use and color mixin
Coloring Book 2: Dinosaurs 4.22.06

A second coloring book program, but this time it's ALL dinosaurs! It has the same interface as the first Coloring Book with large buttons that make it easy to use for children, but there is new background music. Not only are there dinosaurs to color, but the written pronunciation of the dinosaur names are included. Download a free trial version of the Dinosaur Coloring Book that you can use indefinitely! The 50 pictures included with the complete version are Albertosaurus, Allosaurus, Anatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Barosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Camarasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Coelophysis, Compsognathus, Corythosaurus, Deinonychus, Dilophosaurus, Diplodocus, Dryosaurus
Coloring Book 2: Dinosaurs

This very simple, featureless program targets children by providing a virtual coloring book. True to its name, Coloring Book 2: Dinosaurs lets kids paint prehistorical reptiles, such as Allosaurus and Triceratops. The application's interface couldn't be more basic to operate, with an extensive palette of colors surrounding a large black-and-white outline of the chosen image. First, you click on a certain hue (such as red, yellow, or blue), then choose the specific shade you'd like. After that, simply clicking on an area of the drawing will paint in that particular section. Amusing sound effects and music accompany the painting process, but we were disappointed to learn you can't turn them off. We also would like to see a free-form drawing tool for children who want to create their own pictures. The trial version only offers about five pictures. With its point-and-click coloring, you'll likely agree Coloring Book 2: Dinosaurs is only right for the youngest of tykes.
Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals

Children can have fun coloring cyber style with this computer-based coloring book. Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals includes a selection of baby animal drawings that children fill in by clicking on colors in preloaded palettes. Parents can help their children print their finished artwork with a few simple clicks. Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals features a colorful, easy-to-use interface that children of all ages should be able to navigate. The program's drawings are simple, so older children may not find them challenging enough. Each drawing is "colored" by selecting colors from the palettes that ring the edges of the drawing. Children can click on the color they want to use with the mouse and then click on the area of the drawing that they want to fill with the selected color. The simple clicking process makes this program a great fit for younger children or children who have difficulties with dexterity. This program could also be a fun way to introduce young children to computers. Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals doesn't have a Help file, but most users will be able navigate the program without it, and there are further instructions on the manufacturer's Web site. This is a trial version of the program that is limited to five sample drawings. It adds a desktop icon without asking when you install it, and it leaves a Program files folder behind when you uninstall it, but those are minor inconveniences. This is a cute and fun program that children will enjoy.
Coloring Book 10: Baby Animals 1.02.06

A tenth coloring book program filled with 50 pages of baby animals. Download a free trial version of the Baby Animal Coloring Book that you can use indefinitely! 50 pictures are included with the complete version: Bear Cub, Bison Calf, Cow Calf, Camel Calf, Chicken Chick, Chipmunk Pup, Deer Fawn, Dog Puppy #1, Dog Puppy #2, Dog Puppy #3, Duck Duckling, Elephant Calf, Fox Pup, Giraffe Calf, Goat Kid, Guinea Pig Pup, Hamster Pup, Hedgehog Hoglet, Horse Foal, Hippopotamus Calf, Kangaroo Joey, Cat Kitten #1, Cat Kitten #2, Koala Joey, Leopard Cub, Lion Cub, Lizard Hatchling, Llama Cria, Mole Pup, Monkey Baby, Moose Calf, Mouse Pup, Opossum Joey, Ostrich Chick, Otter Pup, Owl Owlets,Panda Cub Penguin Chick, Pig Piglet, Platypus Puggle, Rabbit Kit, Rhinoceros Calf, Seal Pup, Sheep Lamb, Skunk Kit, Squirrel Kit, Tiger Cub, Walrus Calf, Wolf Pup, and Zebra Foal. Published by Dataware.
DinoPaint Coloring Book 3.1

DinoPaint is a fun and educational coloring book full of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Includes a fact file with every page, telling you when the animal lived, what it ate, and other fun and interesting facts.
Animals Coloring Book 1.0

Animals Coloring Book is a useful product aimed towards children of almost any age, allowing them to express their artistic flair in an educational and constructive manner. With a fully three dimensional interface, it allows you to mix colors and paints and create some delightful sceneries. It is a rather unique product, and something which can keep young children occupied for many hours. However, it is a little bit more complex than one might think, also including various sounds and music in the background. It is a particularly attractive program for children who have an artistic flair already, and also like to use the computer. With so much out there on computers which are really not best suited for children, this can help to keep them out of the less appropriate side of computer games and the Internet. There are also many varying templates available to accommodate a wide variety of different interests. The program is only a small download, and you can also test the program for free. There are various other programmes available from the same makers, so you should be able to find something that will suit your kid perfectly.


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