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Crank Brothers Candy 1 Pedal

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Candy Crush Saga 2.2

Switch and match your way through more than 400 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure. Ain't it the sweetest game ever? Please note Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. The super hit game Candy Cr
Viking Brothers 1.0

Explore storied Asgard on an unforgettable Viking adventure! Embody heroic ways as you experience a legendary story of love and valor in Viking Brothers, the rollicking time management challenge you've been dreaming of. You and two Viking brothers must eradicate the savages who have ravaged the kingdom, restore the g
Super Candy Cruncher 1.53

As if eating candy weren't addictive enough! Super Candy Cruncher drops tasty sweets into an ingenious puzzle game. Slide the candy around to form complete rows and columns and "crunch" them from the screen. Complete the required number of rows in time and jump to the next level but watch out for the dreaded black jellybeans. A tasty and addictive new treat!
Cut the Rope 1.0

Satisfy a cute monster's appetite for candy in Cut the Rope, a fabulous challenge based on the hit mobile game. A mysterious package arrives at your house with a cute little monster inside. His name is Om Nom and he has a voracious appetite for candy. Can you figure out the puzzles to cut the ropes and release delicious bundles of candy into Om Nom's mout
18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal 1.07

Take your show on the road. Drive your rig to make it big and build your business. Money talks when you're in charge, so get the peons to do the driving while you count your cash. You're not only a trucker, you're a tycoon. You are the Boss and you give the orders. You own up to 35 trucks and you own the road. Dispatch 45 ca
Death Rally 1.0

The basic idea behind Death Rally: win races, gather more money, buy upgrades to your vehicle. In between wreck your opponents, shoot your way through bystanders and keep the pedal to the metal!
Candy Crush Saga iOS Cheats (Unlimited lives, Powerups & More)

We already have a mod for Android version of Candy Crush Saga but someone requested cheat tool for the iOS version of the game. So after 2 weeks of testing, finally we have developed a cheat tool for Candy C
Freelance Writer Jobs 1.0

Freelance Writer Jobs. Discover secrets of info products. Find freelance writers (aka ghost writers) to crank out profit-generating content. eBooks, articles, eCourses that will generate income and build your emailing list with loyal customers. Enhance your existing eCommerce business. Or if you're just starting out, use these strategies to quickly launch your own successful eBusiness!
Crazy Offroad Racers 1.36

3D off-road racing. These cars are designed to overcome poor road conditions and make jumps on potholes. But the owners of these powerful off-road vehicles arrange races over fast country roads! Put the pedal to the metal all the way, beat out opponents off the road and do anything to be the first on the finish line - after all these crazy
Razer Game Booster

Razer Game Booster doesn't just increase your computer's performance; it improves the way you play by adding cool features to any game. It even works, in a limited capacity, on programs that have nothing to do with gaming. If you need to cr
Candy Crush Saga Android Mod (1000 Lives, 160 Moves & more)

Our team have developed Candy Crush Saga Android Mod which will give you 1000 lives, 160 moves per level, 100 moves on bomb and a lot more in-game cheats. It works perfectly on both rooted and non-rooted devices. This is made from the latest version of the game as available on Google Play. Here is what you will get: Take a look at the features of the mod: 1000 lives - You will get around 1000 lives during each level. Bombs and licorice eliminated - All the bombs and licorice have been eliminated. 150 moves per level - The number of moves per level has been increased to 150 moves. 4 minute timed levels - The time of the levels has been increased t

If you're a fan of minimalist, nonintrusive software, WackGet is the download manager for you. Like its big brothers, WackGet organizes multiple downloads, allows you to pause and resume transfers, and can try to resume broken ones. WackGet integrates with Microsoft Explorer, allowing you to add a file to the download queue by simply clicking a link. However, this feature didn't work well in our tests (for instance, it failed to process links). On the downside, WackGet can't speed up downloads by finding mirrored files and retrieving them in multiple streams--a pretty common feature nowadays--nor does it have a scheduler. Still, WackGet is free and simple and should attract users with basic download needs.
Cars vs Trucks 1.0

Grab tools, bonuses and powerups without getting hit by trucks pacman style.Drive and navigate your fast car through 50 level mazes of pure excitement.A variety of features included like Nitro Boost that puts the pedal to the medal to give you power acceleration, Maze Warp that lets you catch the train to surpass the current level, Invisible Auto that will make you indestructible for 20 seconds, Meters will rack up points plus many more.
Baseball Memories 4.30

With Baseball Memories you can keep track of your Baseball or Softball Statistics for a Season or over your entire Career, Track where you hit the ball with the Spray Chart for a game or a season, Keep a Daily Journal, and build a Photo Scrapbook. You can add unlimited users so your brothers and sisters can keep track of their Baseball or Softball memories too! Keep track of the Teams you have played for in each season, your Batting and/or Pitching Statistics. You can add unlimited Teams, Seasons and Users. In the Daily Journal you can use any fonts, color and sizes for your text. The Photo Album can display many image formats including Kodak Photo CD. You can export reports to HTML and PDF files.Program has built-in backup/restore to your website.
Roidulous 1.0.1

Roidulous is a retro style 2D arcade game based on the classic Asteroids. But it goes much further than just another asteroids clone. You get massive amounts of stuff to shoot at and destroy. Plenty of eye candy, explosions, powerups, new weapons, etc! Because the action is so frantic it's kind of like Robotron meets Asteroids. If you enjoy a fun 2D game that's easy to pick up and play this game is for you. Why not try the free trial right now?
Play Super Mario: Flash Version 1.0

Super Mario Online is a basic program that puts a direct link to a high quality flash version of the classic game "Super Mario Brothers". This version is different in many ways but it still unmistakably Mario. If you are bored take a few minutes and play this classic game for a few minutes and see if that helps. There are many flash versions of Super Mario online and I have played a few of them. I preferred to host this version because of the quality of the graphics. When you play Super Mario online it gives you the option of lowering the quality if your computer can't handle playing the higher quality version. Play Super Mario Online today for a moment of mindless relaxation.


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