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After his father dies in a freak accident, Jack vows to do whatever it takes to bring him back. He begins a journey that will take him through seven different worlds and show him how much of a difference one person can make. Throughout the journey Jack will find new masks that give him the ability to do things he neve
Dirty Dancing 2.52

Dirty Dancing is the perfect partner for both fans of the movie and those of great games! Learn to Dance with Johnny and Penny. Create your own character and check into Kellerman's - you can buy new outfits and even add accessories to create your own custom look. Take part in over 10 great games as you learn the m
Full Table Black Jack 2.0.0

Full Table Black Jack was designed to teach people what it's like to gamble at the black jack table and to show why casinos only get larger instead of smaller. However, FTBJ was actually designed as a work-out tool for people who already know advanced blackjack strategies. So if you're an avid blackjack player wanting to prepare for your next visit to the casinos, you will appreciate the high degree of authenticity this program offers.
Magic Jack Uninstaller 2.1

Magic Jack Uninstaller will remove all traces of MagicJackfrom your computer!It will find all ofyour changed registry values and safely and completely bring your computer back to where it was before you installed it.Also removes hidden directories and files that could affect the performance of your computer.Keep your computer clean and running optimally.MagicJack U
Jack the Shredder 1.0

An easy-to-use file shredder with unique features. Protect your data, and your privacy, from unwanted intrusions and snooping; protect yourself from identity theft. Includes free 'Chief Inspector' program that actually shows you that your 'deleted' files often still exist, and that you need 'Jack the Shredder' to permanently d
Black Jack 1.0

This game by WorkHorse Games is a Vegas style Black Jack game. It adheres to the rules of the game as described in Official Rules Of Card Games by The United States Playing Card Company. The program offers realistic single
Jack of All Trades

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of--space whiskey? Piracy is one possible career path in Jack of All Trades, wherein you play a freelance star pilot in the middle of a galactic war zone. You fly from system to system, buying low, selling high, and ca
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A tropical paradise seethes with hidden evil in Far Cry, a cunningly detailed action shooter that pushes the boundaries of combat to shocking new levels. Freelance mariner Jack Carver is cursing the day he ever came to this island. A week ago, a brash female reporter named Valerie had offered him an incredible sum of cash to take her to this unspoiled paradise. Shortly after docking, however, Jack's boat was greeted by artillery fire from a mysterious militia group swarming about the island. With his boat destroyed, his money g
Ore Explorer 1.1

Excellent logic-based side-scroll game. Jack the young explorer has decided to collect a kind of ore for his country. This kind of ore is very rare in the world only distributing in forest,desert,iceberg,volcano and outer space. Meanwhile a lot of monster already starting to getting this ore. So Jack got to
Mystery Murders - Jack the Ripper 1.0

The East End of Victorian London is ravaged by a series of terrifying murders of "ladies of the night" on the streets of Whitechapel. Join a clairvoyant, a rookie newspaper journalist, and a Scotland Yard Inspector as they hunt down the notorious mu
Dirty Split 1.0

When a plastic surgeon is found murdered in his office the police are quick to apprehend a prime suspect. It is a textbook case - except the suspect didn't do it. There is more to the deceased doctor than meets the eye. Much more. You will lead private investigator Alan Baxter to the truth as an ever-increasing mystery unravels before his eyes. Follow clues to exciting locales such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. Feel the vibrant style of the 1960s era and meet a fascinating variety of characters. Enjoy a story that will keep you guessing until the end. Dirty Split is a classic point-and-click adventure game with a modern twist. You play as a private investigator who must prove a murder suspect's innocen
BlackJack Strategy PRO! 9.0

BlackJack Strategy Pro! allows you to figure out how to win at blackjack! You can also play black jack to practice, download this software for free online now and figure out how to play better blackjack!
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Dark Vampire - The shadows of dust - 3D ShooterThe Angels of Death, as the death squad is called, are immortal beings of the darkness. Like shadows, they always return from the kingdom of the dead to quench their thirst from the bodies of their victims.Jack Peters, the mysterious vampire hunter, hides a dark secret. No one else pursues his enemies with such determination. With almost inhuman mercilessness, he catches and eliminates them, wherever and whenever he meets them.Now the Dark Council of the twilight world has designated Jack Peters as Enemy of the State No. 1 and sent a death squad after him.Jack Peters is now the hunted man. The Angels of Death, as the death squad is called, are immortal beings of the darkness. Like shadows, they always return from the kingdom of the dead to quench their thirst from the bodies of their victims.. But Jack Peters sells his scalp dearly, as he knows that if he sends the Angels of Death back to hell enough times, the gates of hell will close for ever and he will triumph. But if he does not
Jack of All Trades 1.3.3

Explore the galaxy in search of fame and fortune in this exciting new space adventure game. Become a trader, bounty hunter, rebel, stock market guru, or even a deadly space pirate. Buy from a large selection of ships including freighters, fighters, and capital destroyers. After you have acquired a fast ship you can upgrade it with powerful weapons and modifications. Will you be savior or scourge of the galaxy? It's your choice. There are many paths to choose from in Jack of All Trades. As a trader you will fly between exotic destinations throughout the galaxy. As a bounty hunter you will hunt down the scum of the universe. Once you have earned enough cash you will likely want to set your sights on something grander: saving the galaxy itself. The various governments and guilds are at war with one another. Something needs to be done. Are you up to it Captain?
Black Jack Deluxe 2.0

This is the most popular card game. It's also often called 21 Point. In this game you can play on virtual money, you can change appearance as you like. The aim of the game is to earn more money. Be the first in high scores! 24h/7d Technical Support! Free updates!
Easy Input 1.0.1

Easy Input aims to improve the efficiency, quality and accuracy of text input. Whenever you will be typing a word, Easy Input will display a list of possible candidates for the auto completion after you entered the first few letters. For example, if you want to enter ‘efficient’, after you typed ‘effi’, a candidate list containing ‘efficiency’, ‘efficient’, ‘efficiently’ and ‘EffiWorks’ will be shown, and you can select the second item to input ‘efficient’. You can also use Easy Input to enter email address, favorite URLs etc. conveniently. For example, you want to enter your friend Jack’s email, after you typed ‘Jack’, a candidate list containing Jack’s email, phone number, address etc. is shown, and then you can select the email address in the list instead of entering all of these letters by yourself. With this way, you will no longer have to remember by heart these emails, people’s names, phone numbers etc., just put them all in a dictionary of Easy Input and ask Easy Input help you to enter that. What you can enter with Easy Input depends on the contents of dictionaries, and you can customize dictionaries freely. Highlight features: 1. You can add or remove words from existing dictionaries or add new dictionaries. 2. Multiple dictionaries can be used in candidate list simultaneously, so you can categorize your data into different dictionaries, for example you can have a Contacts dictionary, a Favorite URL dictionary and so on. 3 You can give meaningful names for the items on candidate list, that is, the text finally entered can be different with what you saw on the list. For example, the text in the candidate list is ‘Jack’s address’, but after you select the item on the list the text are finally entered is ‘12-34 56th Street Suite X Long Island City, NY, 12301, USA’. 4. Customize appearance of candidate list freely. For more information please visit and download a trial version for free to have a try.


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