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Knight Adventures 1.3

Knight Adventures is a side scroll jump`n`run platform game. The objectives of the game is to destroy all monsters and collect all jewels. Help Knight to free four worlds from monsters! Knight Adventures - game for all ages. Full version has next benefits: * Four huge amazing worlds. Maze o
Knight Adventures

A game of contradictions, Knight Adventures mixes some superb environments with unfortunately primitive animation and gameplay. The download is at its core a traditional 2D platform game, in which players take the role of a knight exploring a castle--fighting spiders, bats, and enemy swordsmen while collecting gems and food
Knight Beast Damsel 1.6.0

Due to a disaster you need to annihilate the population of the world. The basic rules are those of the medieval time: Knight beats Beast, Beast eats Damsel, and Damsel charms Knight. The game features anti-aliased graphics with highlighting and a morphing interface. There are full undo/redo and several gameplay modes of progressive brain-teasing in the game. A filter-based map generator is implemented, with a nearly infinite number of twisted maps.
Knight's Gambit

Knight's Gambit is similar to a classical chess game. Get smarter! This is the best gym for your brains! Chess is one of the most ancient board games, the most exciting and tense. Probably, thanks to its character it became a kind of an intellectual sport. The game unites people of different ages and nationalities. Join them right now! Don't forget that the gameplay requires great concentr
Rider Tarot - Fairy Edition 9.0

Tarot is a historic card game of divination from which modern playing cards may have evolved. The exact origin of Tarot is lost in time but it was introduced in Europe during the Fourteenth Century. Rider Tarot - The Greatest Arcane was the first software authorized to use the Rider_Waite deck in 1986. The Rider Tarot deck is the most popular Tarot deck in the world. Users may use the
Jetpack Joyride iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Coins & Unlocked)

Cheat tool for the iOS game "Jetpack Joyride" will give you unlimited coins (30,000,000) and unlock everything. This cheat tool is only for the latest version of the game which is version 1.5. You will also get
Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Crack Only

Dark Souls Prepare to Die game crack is available for download. Dark Souls is a new action role-playing game from the developers Demon's soul and FromSoftware. Dark Souls™: Prepare to Die™ will also include an untold chapter in the world of Lordran.
Download Hotline Miami Full Version

Finally a fully stable and error free version of "Hotline Miami" is available for download. The game was cracked just after one day of its release by the rival groups but those cracked versions were not stable. The cracked version of game was missing soundtracks and keep getting crashed. We also worked to solve these stability issues and today we are releasing a full stable and working version of Hotline Miami. Hotline Miami is a 2D high octane action game
Boardcy 1.0.0

Don't miss you chance to get six games in one! Boardcy is the collection of exciting board games designed for different taste and experience. You play Gomoku, Puzzles, Knight & pawns, Balls in row and other games. Game15 The objective of Game 15 puzzle is to arrange numbers from 1 to 15 in their order. Staring order of numbers is random. You make move by sliding a number to empty space. Gomo
Knight Fighter 2.5

In ancient times, one warrior protected with armor was equal to ten ordinary soldiers. Steel armor and a long sword could transform an ordinary man into a hero. And this fantastic character was invented by science fiction writers. Ancient Knight - a real person capable of repelling group assaults
Zombie Knight 1.5

RPG beat'em up game. Betrayed by the king, your quest is to avenge your death and the death of your men. Customize your characters by equipping armors, shields, swords and special skills, and then go into battle!
Shogi for You and Me - Download Purchase (Link Emailed) 1.1

First I should explain that Shogi is a version of Chess, or Chess is a version of Shogi. They both come from the same game invented many centuries ago. Shogi is different from Chess in several ways, but the biggest is that pieces that are captured are used by the player who captured them. So 'end game' as found in Chess does not happen in Shogi. or Shogi also has a 9 x 9 playing board instead of an 8 x 8 board like Chess. The pieces in Shogi are King, Knight, Pawn, Bishop, Rook, Gold General, Silver General and Lance. (These of course are not the Japanese names for the pieces.) One challenge to new players of Shogi, is that traditionally the pieces have Kanji on them. This is very hard for English speakers. I've modified this to version to use either kanji OR pictures which make more sense to English speakers. I've also made some levels of the game play easier for players, so that even a young child can find a level they can win against. This will introduce anyone new to Shogi in a gentle way, before they tackle the Kanji versions. Shogi for You and Me can easily be used as a tutorial for new players of Shogi. Shogi for You and Me v1.1 - Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Shogi is a Japanese version of chess. If you enjoy chess you'll love Shogi. I have included a traditional kanji style token view as well as a beautiful icon style view that I call "Davis Style" tokens (Catchy name, no?). This game requires Java 1.4.2 or better which is free and available from
Download IDM 6.14 Full Version

Internet Download Manager 6.14 full version is available for download. Version 6.14 build 5 is the latest release(Jan-09-2013) of IDM. What's new in IDM version 6.14: Improved downloading from some of the video servers and YouTube. Support for latest versions of browsers. Added support for latest YouTube algorithm changes. Windows 8 integration. Improved downloading from YouTube. Added support for Firefox 20. Improved Internet Explorer integration. Fixed bugs. and more… After installing "IDM 6.14 Full Version" you can also install the updates with any problem. Enjoy free life time updates with IDM 6.14 full version. Screenshot: Download: Click here to download Internet Download Manager 6.14 build 5 + crack. Download package includes crack, serial and setup of IDM v6.14.
Death Moto 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Gold Coins + Crystals)

Download Death Moto 2 Mod (APK File) and get unlimited gold coins and unlimited crystals in the game for free. We have tested these Death Moto 2 Cheats on more than 7 Android devices and no jailbreak is required to use them. This new version has just been recently released on the Google Play store. Features of the Death Moto 2 Android Mod: Unlimited Crystals - Infinite supply of crystals in the game. Infinite gold coins - You can get a lot of gold which can then be used for buying new bikes or upgrades. This is a sequel of the game series with more new bikes, new levels and a lot of improvements. if you are into bike racing games then you will not want to miss out this great title. The average installs of this game has crossed the 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 and keep in mind that it was recently released few days ago. The new things which are added in the part 2 are new bikes, new user interface, some bugs fixed and combo score has been added. You will play as a motorcycle rider but not in a common track. In a world full of zombies and biochemical threats! Be ready to face the different type of zombie attacks as you make your way to the finish level. Finish the zombies with the weapons and your amazing motor bike. In case you need more weapons, there is always a mall where you can get new weapons, bikes and buy upgrades. So what are you waiting for? Jump into this crazy world right now and kill some zombies. This is a  great mixture of the casual bike racing along with some zombie shooting fun. Drving a bike in a deadly track full of zombies makes it almost perfect and a unique idea. Different sort of bikes are available and a bunch of new and fresh bikes are also added in the new version. For buying the in-game items like new bikes or other stuff, gold coins and the crystals are required which can be obtained by either playing or buying. Another option can be to use our Death Moto 2 Mod Hack. Basically gold coins are more commonly used through out the game. The bikes are of Harley Davidson style but equipped with weapons so you can cut the zombies into 2 pieces! A lot of people complained that unlocking new items in the app is very hard and the distribution of game currency is also not fair. That's the main reason we developed this modded apk for all of you so you can enjoy the best of this application. This has medium maturity and is not suitable for audience of small age. I have also played the previous part of the app and I have to admit this new version is 100% times better then the previous part of the sequel. At the moment it is free to be installed. So stop waiting and install this amazing game right now! How to use: Using it is very simple. Just download it, install it and enjoy the tons of gold and crystals. Download: Note: This is made from the latest version: 1.0.2
Knightmare (Download) 1

KNIGHT MARE Escape from the tomb After disturbing the ancient dragon Ranfax while plundering a tomb for its treasure, Dangerous Dan is transported through time. Collect the treasure from the Egyptian, Future and Medieval tombs while avoiding Ranfax's minions, and make your escape!
Internet Download Manager 6.15 with Serial, Crack

Free Download Internet Download Manager 6.15 full version with crack and serial number. Version 6.15 is the latest version of IDM available. Fully working serial keys along with crack for Internet Download Manager are also included in the download package. Internet Download Manager can speed up your download up to 5 times. IDM splits the content into several parts and download each part separately to increase the overall download speed. IDM also supports stop & resume functions. With IDM, you don't need any separate software to download videos from famous sites because IDM FLV grabber do it for you. Whenever you watch a video, IDM shows a small notification for downloading the video. What's New: Version 6.15 is fully compatible with Windows 8. Video downloading from websites like YouTube, Myspace, Google Video and others have been improved. Compatibility problems with the new versions of popular browsers have been fixed. Fixed bugs. Instructions: 1. Install the setup. 2. Close the IDM. 3. Copy the crack present in download package and paste it in the Internet Download Manager folder(located in C:Program Files). 4. Run the IDM and enter serial number if asked. 5. Internet Download Manager is fully registered. Download: Click here to download Internet Download Manager 6.15 full version.


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