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Elliott Smith B Sides

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Alabama Smith: Escape from Pompeii 2.52

Join Alabama Smith as he quests for the time-bending Amulet of Ages in this action-packed Adventure game! Solve elaborate puzzles to uncover the location of a lost, mystical relic that allows its bearer to travel through time. Then, step int
The Veil of Mystery - Seven Little Gnomes 1.0

The legend of Edward J. Smith unfolds for you, but not without resistance. Be daring to follow the path of the gnomes to the Chamber of Fortune in The Veil of Mystery - Seven Little Gnomes, a haunted and chilling hidden object adventure. To find your way successfully to the treasure, you must be a maste
RomeoJuliet5 4.21

It is the sad story. Romeo laves Juliet and Juliet loves Romeo, but cruel soceress wants to separate them. She flings them on the different sides of a bog... Help their love! Your goal to connect the opposite sides of a bog, that Romeo and Juliet could meet. The cruel soceress will prevent to you. She willl send loathsome frogs to you. The faster you make a road, the less harm cruel soceress will do.
Lode Runner. Episode II: Bungeling Away 1.0

If you are through with all the 75 levels of Episode I: Classicwards, take the next challenge. This second episode of Lode Runner series by ZX Games features a different and much tougher set of 75 levels, which were designed by Douglas Smith and unknown kids in the distant 1983. The levels get progressively more difficult and are advantageous only to the angry Bungelings controlled by th
Wing: Released Spirits 1.5

A citizen of Kyrama followed his dream of unbelievable treasures and opened the gate of ancient evil spirits. Their swarm has begun. Enar the smith has found the design of Wing, the flying machine, which was built 1000 years ago. He reconstructed it, and it is your job to find the Light Crystal that supplies Wing, and fight the war against the spirits. You will have to ride hor
Serial Splitter 3.0

Serial Splitter (by Eltima Software ) is an advanced application which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtual and real serial ports at the other one, as well as join multiple serial ports into one. Serial
TreeNetCopy 2.0

TreeNetCopy is a tool that provides file mirroring between Windows NT/2000 boxes using TCP/IP. This utility is designed to replicate repository resources. TreeNetCopy does an automatic file-transfer on both ways of the replica, sending files that have cha
QuadPing 1.5.1

An original block breaking game like no other! Use four angled paddles on all sides of the playing field for precise control over ball direction. Collect crazy weapons and power-ups.
ScatterBall 2.70

The aim of the game is recolouring multi-coloured game blocks placed on a field, on grey colour. The recolouring occurs if in one or several directions, there were four or more blocks of one colour. The problem is that the blocks scatter in the different sides, and it is not so simply to collect them together. Besides the recoloured blo
Snake 2.0

Snake is a classic game played by many on cell phones, PDAs, and calculators. It is now available for the home PC in a free trial with the option to buy. Guide the snake around the screen trying to eat the viligers that appear on the screen while avoiding the warriors. Try to avoid the sides of the screen and the sna
The General 4.0

In this version of the board game Stratego you lead your troops into battle against the computer opponent in a race to capture your enemy's flag. Initially you can't see how the enemy has positioned his troops and he can't see yours which gives ample opportunity for bluffing and deception from both sides.
Stained Glass 1.4.0

In this game you need to put the tiles together to construct a stained glass. There's only one rule: when two tiles touch each other, the colours of the touching sides of the tiles must be the same. There are a total of 3 stages, with increased number of tiles for each new level. Use the mouse to drag and put the tiles.
Hl7Spy 1.7.60

HL7Spy is the fastest, most full-featured HL7 tool on the market. With the Custom Code feature you can write validation functions, and transforms, and more in c# (vb coming soon!). If you really want to get a taste for it, we recommend grabbing the free download and taking it for a test drive.However, if you just want an idea of what it can do, here is a sampling of some of the major features: Load - quickly load files, from 1KB to 100MB and more.HL7Spy will autodetect most file types, and allow you to specify the format of particularly unusual files. View - see messages in an easy-to-read layout, with field names and values decoded according to the HL7 standard.There are also many additionalfeatures, such as normalizing escape characters better readability, highlighting fields by name, and viewing only relevant fields for each message. Edit - Edit message directly, or use the Segment Editor to deal with field locations and escape characters automatically. Search - build complex queries against whole messages or particular fields. Sort - sort large message collections based on the fields important to you. Analyze - generate statistics showing the unique values in each field, and quickly drill down to the messages with interesting contents. Validation - use c# (vb coming soon) to write sophisticated validation routines, well beyond the simple table validation available in other tools. For example, validate the proper exam states transitions, or verify patient names are not modified during an ORM, or ORU update. Anything is possible! Transformations - modify messages using HL7 defined classes. For example,pid.PatientName_05.First="SMITH^JOHN^D", sets the first patient name of the message to John Smith. Report - generate, save and print reports on large groups of messages Send and Receive - send and receive messages over the network using MLLP.This includes the ability to view ACKs and/or NACKs
ColorTags 1.0

Looking for something new but already familiar-try this game. It gives new life to the old good tag-game. The board is just a bit larger but it gives you more opportunities to play. The rules are very simple: move the tags to adjust them by color and form a figure of at least four tags that will disappear. To move the tags use the blots situated at the sides of the board. Don''t make vain shots - new tags will be added to the board. Free to play

WargameProject is a sophisticated turn-based strategy game in a pseudomedieval fantasy world. It can be played Single player (Campaign) or network multiplayer (Battle Server). There are 3 playing sides in the game - Men, Dwarves and Dark. Each has unique gameplay feel and mechanics. The key features are rich unit model and sophisticated weapon system.
Nethergate 1.0.2

In Nethergate, a fantasy role-playing game from Spiderweb Software, the makers of the award-winning Exile series, you take part in an epic battle in ancient England. You get to play, one after another, both sides of the struggle, good and evil. The quests, puzzles, and the way characters react to you will be completely different. It's like two games in one!


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