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Calibre Portable

Calibre Portable helps organize and keep track of your e-books.You can read e-books though the app as well. ProsSync and conversion: Through Calibre Portable, you can sync all of your e-books, so no matter where you want to read them, you'll always pick them up in just the right place. You can also convert e-books f
Google Books Downloader

As its name implies, Google Books Downloader converts Google Books into PDFs or images available for offline viewing. This very basic software comes with just a handful of options and requires the URL of the book you'd like to download; there is no in-app Google Book store. ProsEasy to use: With its main window featuring just a few option

MART is a file format for electronic books, and we have to admit that we had never heard of it before. The paucity of Google results about this format made us wonder about its popularity, but it turns out that there is no shortage of people using the format to upload e-books for viewing with MartView. Not only does this e-reader let you view electronic documents, it also makes it easy to create and share books of your own. MartView features a sleek and attractive design. The program comes with a user guide within its library of e-

KooBits 4.0 bills itself as "the place to shelve my e-books." This free e-book reader for Windows can store and display electronic book in the most common formats, such as PDF and EPUB, but it offers greater interactivity and enriched multimedia content such as games and video with the proprietary KBJ format. It even offers free books. Koobits opens with a user interface spre
CBR Reader

Once scorned, comic books are considered an art form today, and the garish covers and lurid stories that led to panics in the 1950s are now worth big money to collectors. But many classic comics are available, often for free and usually complete, cover to cover, as CBR files in online comic book archives. CBR files have a lo
Hamster Free eBook Converter

While e-books are steadily gaining in popularity with the reading public, an overabundance of devices and formats keeps the lid on. The market will probably sort out the competition the
Calibre (64-bit)

Quicker than you can turn a page, e-books have gone from a novelty to a publishing mainstay and will soon be the dominant format (perhaps by the time you're reading this). While many book-lovers use handheld e-book devices such as Amazon's Kindle, othe
Writer's Cafe

Writer's Cafe from Anthemion Software is designed to help writers of fiction organize their thoughts and their projects. It provides a journal, notebook, research tools, exercises, tips, and more. Designed in cooperation with novelist Harriet Smart, Writer's Cafe is suitable for professional and aspiring novelists alike. It's optimized for novels and screenplays but suitable for a wide range of writings. Writer's Cafe is free to try, but some features aren't available in the trial version. Howe

We'll admit that the first thing we thought of when GooReader was mentioned wasn't Google Books, though that was the second thing. We didn't bother to explore the first possibility, which is just as well because GooReader turned out to be a pretty nice free e-book reader for Google Books. As you know, Google is into everything, including e-books, and in a big way. It offers quick access to million

An all-in-one solution for handling your e-books, Calibre does for electronic books just what iTunes does for music, allowing you to manage your digital book collection through an intuitive albeit overcrowded interface while offering excellent support for converting books to different formats and editing their metadata. The only
E-Puzzle Book Reader 1.2

Welcome to the world of E-Puzzle Books, the computerized version of those small puzzle magazines you can find at your local news stand. E-Puzzle Books contain a large variety of word, number, logic and visual puzzles There are word puzzles like Cryptograms and Word Scrambles; Number puzzles like "All-are-Equal" and "Choose-Your-Operators" and Logical Games like "Mail Express" and "Logical Golf". This E-Puzzle Book Reader comes with 4 books, but more are available in the E-Puzzle Book Library found on the Reasonable Games website. There are variety puzzle books, as well as specialty books dedicated to a particular type of puzzle. There are even books containing 18 hole golf courses! The world of E-P
Deep Ball Defender 1.0

Deep Ball Defender is a modern breakout(arkanoid) game developed by BD Studio. Deep Ball Defender is full of machinery, metal and the various elements of science fiction, you need to complete multiple dangerous tasks along with the ambitious, stirring background music. Deep Ball Defender has 10 scenes of 100 levels, 19 different bonus and 78 different bricks. With the Level Editor, you can build your own levels. Features: * 10 Scenes of 100 Levels. * Free Level Editor, create your own levels with the Level Editor. * Including 19 different bonus and 78 different bricks. * Support 3D acceleration, windowed or fullscreen display modes. * Download free level packages from our website. * In our forums awareness more friends.
I Color Too: Animals 3 2.0

IColorToo coloring books are exciting coloring software for children. The books are parents-friendly as well as software spreads over the whole screen and exits on certain double-key shorcut combination only so there is next to nothing chance that a child will jump into operating system and ask a parent for assistance. All images are exclusive for IColorToo books. IColorToo 3 book contains 25 images of various cute cartoon animals.
PopUp Wisdom 1.07.01

PopUp Wisdom displays famous and not-so-famous quotes and humour on deman or at a timed shedule.Easily add your own messages and reminders.Supports forunte file format.Supports multiple books.

If you want to keep detailed information on the books in your collection, or those you'd like to read or buy, DJOBooks offers an easy-to-use tool that lets you add everything from the ISBN to the cover art. If you're a book lover, this is a tool you'll find useful and easy to navigate. DJOBooks comes in a ZIP file, but doesn't require installation. Just click on the executable file to launch it. The interface is plain, but clean and nicely organized. Sample books are preloaded and displayed in the main screen. A toolbar gives easy access to all major functions, including adding, editing, and deleting entries. Familiar graphics and tool tips make it easy to explore the toolbar options. Like Windows Explorer, you can change how each book is displayed. The default is a thumbnail image with title and author info., but you can lose the graphic and add more details like genre, rating, and ISBN. You can also sort the books by title, author, or other criteria with just a couple clicks. The option to pull information from the Web cuts down on manual data entry, and you can import and export lists, easily, but the tabbed screen to add, view, or edit book details is well organized if you do need to add a few books, manually, or want to edit a description pulled from the Web. The only option we couldn't find was a way to indicate whether or not we'd read the book or if it was on our to-read list. If you have a large collection of books or just want to keep detailed information on books you love, DJOBooks is a streamlined tool that can help. The program is free, but doesn't inundate you with ads, a big bonus on top of its very good book cataloging capabilities.
Quest 5.2

Quest is free open source software that lets you make interactive fiction - you can make text adventure games (like Zork, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and gamebooks (like Choose Your Own Adventure). No programming is required - everything about your game is displayed in plain English, and a full tutorial is included. Your game can be played in a web browser, or downloaded to a PC. You can add pictures to your game, music and sound effects - even video from YouTube or Vimeo. You can create games in English, French, German, Spanish or Dutch - or create your own translation. When your game is ready, you can upload it to our website. People can then play your game online using a web browser, with no need to download any software. Quest is a powerful game platform. It is designed to be easy to learn, but has huge power if you need it. You can even create your own user interface with HTML and javascript, to completely customise the look and feel of your game. You can create and share libraries of advanced functionality. Quest is licenced under Ms-PL (similar to MIT), which means you can download and modify the Quest source code, and even use it in closed source commercial applications.


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