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Download Hotline Miami Full Version

Finally a fully stable and error free version of "Hotline Miami" is available for download. The game was cracked just after one day of its release by the rival groups but those cracked versions were not stable. The cracked version of game was missing soundt
Code-Lock 2.35

Are you losing sales to software pirates? Stop using your obsolete software protections. Code-Lock, an advanced, secure software protection system, will stop crackers in their tracks. Code-Lock, featuring CodeSecure Technology for Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET and Delphi applications, has never been cracked. It is time to kee
Sleeping Dogs PC Crack

Sleeping Dogs crack is finally available for download at Pak Circles. I am sure we were not late in releasing this crack. I know that a lot of people were waiting to play this amazing game but the only thing which was hindering them from playing it was its price of $44. You have to say thanks to our team of reverse engineers or you can say crackers that they have cracked the Sleeping Dogs. Crack works for both steam and retail version of the game. We have checked it using various anti-virus software and found it 100% clean. Sleeping Dogs System Requirements: OS: Window Vista,
Keylogger Free

Keylogger Free is great for monitoring keystrokes, but its stealth mode isn't all it's cracked up to be. Anyone with a little computer know-how would be able to find this program hiding on their computer. That kills a lot of the program's effectiveness. Keylogger Free includes a couple browser hijackers that come attached to the install. Make sure you avoid them if you don't want them taking over your home page and search, and i
Clash of Clans Mod APK - Unlimited Gems [Latest]

We have finally released our Clash of Clans Mod APK! It gives unlited gems which means you can buy any upgrade, resource or whatever you want in the game! All for free. We were working on this epic modded and cracked apk for a long time and today is the day we released it. People keep asking us, how to get free gems in clash of clans and so on. For all those people, simply download
Max Steel Mod APK: Unlimited Chips (Cheats)

Max Steel Rise of Elementor Mod (APK Files) for the Android version of the game is finally available. The cheats included in this modded apk are unlimited chips and free purchases. This one is 100% working just like our RoboCop Mod and injustice mod. There is no root required and
Punch Hero Hack Mod APK (Unlimited Coins + Cash)

Punch Hero Hack Mod (APK Files) can be now downloaded from our site and it includes the cheats like unlimited cash and the unlimited coins. This is a hacked apk which can be played offline and is full of cheats and Punch Hero tips. We have developed th
Download IDM 6.12 Cracked Version

Internet Download Manager v6.12 full version is finally available for download. Version 6.12 build 5 is the latest version of IDM with a lot of improvements and this latest version is released on 28 August 2012. IDM 6.12 is the most stable version of Internet Download Manager. What's new in IDM 6.12: Improved YouTube Video downloading. Added support for Firefox 16. Added a feature to set  file creation date as provided by the server. Fixed an erroneous interception of atte
Important Update

Hello to all the members and readers of Pak Circles blog.  We are publishing this post to inform all of you about an important update regarding to Pak Circles blog. Yesterday we received a DMCA copyright notice from a company due to which we were forced to delete the material. This is the seco
Dead Space 3 Trainer (+7)

Download Trainer for Dead Space 3 totally free. Trainer is 100% virus free. Dead Space 3 Trainer(+7) contains the following cheats: 1. God mode                                    2. Add 500 ration seals 3. Add 500 somatic gel                      4. Add 500 scrape metal 5. Add 500 transducers    
Encoding Decoding Free 3.2.9

The program is completely free, easy, fast and powerful. It is the best way to encode and decode any type of file, which also integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer. Be used to hide all the sensitive data and important that we want to keep away from prying eyes. Here are the features: Disarming ease of use; Coding of any type of files; Integration in Windows Explorer for a more rapid; Creating one password for decryption (in addition to the hidden internal); Secure encryption of login passwords, pin codes, serial numbers, etc..; Inability of systems to be cracked by "Brute Force" (if the password is wrong does no
Iron Man 3 The Official Game Mod Unlimited Money, Health

Our team have developed a new mod for the Android game "Iron Man 3 The official Game". The MOD is the offline version of the game which means no internet connection is required. There are a lot of other MODS but they are not working properly. We have checked our MOD on more than 10 Android devices and it is working fine on all of them. Here is what you will get: Unlimited Money Unlimited Health You can buy all the upgrades because you have unlimited money Fully offline version (no internet connection required) Faster than the original version of game About The Game: This game is the third part of the Iron Man series. The players will play as the Tony Stark who is a billionaire. Tony is a simple man but he becomes a super hero when he wears his secret armor. The armor transforms him into a high tech robot with unnatural powers. This is the official game for the Iron Man 3 movie. New threats are emerging each and every day for the world peace and Tony is the only hope left to take these threats down and save the world from a disaster. This game is an excellent combination of super hero moves, addicted action and endless 3D runner. Some of the features of the game are: Fight against A.I.M forces. Discover 3 different locations. Play as the Iron Man. Endless and self-generating levels and more… How to use the MOD: Offline apk file and the data files are included in the download package. Detaield instructions on how to use this MOD are also included. Click on the download button below to download it. Download: Version: 1.0 Size: 15 MB + data files (550 MB)   Update: No root needed + apk file is already cracked.
Random Password Generator-PRO 12.2

Simply the most secure method to create passwords. Rated 5-Stars by ZDNET. This software may create up to 10,000,000 unique passwords with as many as 60 characters each in a single batch. You can run as many batchs as desired. Therefore, this software will NEVER run out of passwords, it will be useful for years. You may select the password criteria using numbers, upper and lowercase letters and/or special characters. 94 different characters are available. In addition, password rules may be applied to require this software to select specific character types at specific password positions. Users may vary password lengths in the same batch. Also includes the ability to create passwords using common dictionary words. You may use multiple words per password and even add randomly generated numbers to these common words to help secure them. Once the passwords have been created you may then save them to a text, MS-Access, HTML and/or CSV file. CSV may be used with spreadsheet applications such as MS-Excel. A built-in MS-Access editor is provided. Therefore, MS-Access itself is not needed to create, view or edit these files. A dictionary check option will check the passwords against a 260,000 word english dictionary. Five dictionary languages are available which will prevent passwords from being cracked by automated dictionary checking (attack) software products. A duplication checker is also provided. Multiple files can be generated with a single setup. Do not make the mistake of developing a "system" for generating passwords. Random passwords are the most secure method for creating passwords. Unlike a system, every randomly generated password is truly unrelated to each other. Therefore, someone trying to break-in cannot use their understanding of the system because RPG-PRO doesn't use one to generate passwords. Jam-packed with features to create uncrackable passwords, access codes, accounts, PINs, etc... Can you afford to be without this software?
Watch Dogs Trainer (+27)

Watch Dogs Trainer offers more then 27 cheat codes and is compatible with steam, retail DVD version of the game. Some of the cheats include infinite health, infinte focus, infinite batteries, ammo etc. The cheats mentioned above are just a small part of what's inside this trainer. Also check our our watch dogs save game released few hours ago. Watch Dogs Trainer options: The detailed list of cheats and hot keys for this trainer are given below: F1 - Unlimited Health [God Mode] F2 - Unlimited Batteries F3 - Unlimited Ammo [Ammo never ends] F4 - No reload [after activating, no need to reload] F5 - Infinite Focus F6 - Infinite Money F7 - Unlimited Skill points F8 - Increase experience [XP] F9 - Add level F10 - Decrease reputation F11 - Maximum reputation F12 - Never ending spider tank energy   The above twelve cheats are the basic level cheats. Most of the users will only use those options. The cheats below are for advanced players: Insert - Kill enemies with 1 hit End - No radar detection Delete - Make your detection level low Page up - Make your player huge   There are still 14 more cheat codes present in our Watch Dogs Trainer. You must download it to check out all the cool options, cheats and hacks present in it. It is totally compatible with steam, retail DVD and other cracked version of the game.   System Requirements: Operating System: Windows  Vista, 7 and 8 Ram: Minimum 6 GB of Ram Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 or better Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or better HDD: 25 GB of free disk space   Download Watch Dogs Trainer: Using this trainer is very easy. Move it to game installation folder. Launch the trainer and then the game. Now when the game starts, simply press the home button. It will be activated. Now pressing any one of the hot keys will activate the trainer. Enjoy!
Clash of Lords 2 Mod (APK) - Free Jewels

Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK gives you free unlimited jewels which can be used to buy almost anything in this application for free. Our last Death Moto 2 Mod was a huge success and today we are posting another great modified apk for a newly released game. Developed by the, it has already scored an amazing rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play Store. The main features of our Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK Hack are given below: Free Jewels - You will get free unlimited jewels which is the main currency of this application. This can be used to buy new upgrades, unlocking new items or whatever you want. Beware! This is totally unlimited which means the amount will not decrease even after using it. No root needed - No root access is required and it is working on both rooted & non-rooted Android devices. Buy Anything - With millions of free jewels, you can go ahead and buy anything you want free of cost. Developed by one of the top developers on Google Play Store, the all new version of Clash of Lords 2 is ready to take the world of strategy games by storm. A totally different and new game play is what makes it different from the other similar games in the market. The name of the app does sounds familiar with the Clash of Clans but it is totally different. To be honest, I found it more addictive and action packed then the Clash of Clans game. This game is all about taking charge of your forces! Command your heroes in the battles in real time. All the power will be in your hand which simply means more fun. There is also a new mode being introduced by the game developer IGG that is Mercenary mode! In this mode, you can combine your heroes and the troops to make unbeatable and invincible teams. Another improvement is less training time which means you can jump into the battles instantly. This app also beats all the other games when it comes to variety of characters. You will have a whole bunch of heroes to choose from while each having its own unique powers. There are 3 ways to get jewels in the game. One is to buy them, 2nd way it so participate and play game everyday. The 3rd and best way is to use our Clash of Lords 2 Mod cracked APK Hack. Download: How to Use: Uninstall the Google Play version > Download and Install this modified APK > Launch the game and enjoy
High School Story MOD Hacked APK (Unlimited Gems, Coins, Books)

High School Story Mod APK (modified version of original game) gives unlimited gems, unlimited coins, unlimited books and it doesn't require any root at all. All the things such as gems, coins and books can only be purchased via real money or by completing tasks in the game. With our modded APK, you can easily unlock all the items in the game and get unlimited game currency. The main features of our High School Story Mod Hack are given below: Unlimited Books: You will get 1000,000 books in this Android game. Unlimited Gems: You will get 932,999 gems in this application. Unlimited Coins: Coin is also a main currency of High School Story and you will get around 1 million free coins. No root: Just like all of our previous modified android games, this one also doesn't require any root. It is a perfect modified version of this game made from the latest version (as available on the Google Play). You can be rest assured that this is the latest version and after installing it, you don't have to worry about the coins or gems. You will get all the things unlocked available at your disposal, so you can just enjoy this game. This is a hacked and cracked apk (we have changed the default values of game currency). Do you miss your high school life? it is time you can re-live those moments of your life in this amazing game. It is the school of your dreams with all of your friends. You can do all the things in this application like giving a party to your friends, going on dates, recruiting cheerleaders and other students etc. A life full of adventures is waiting for you in the game. There are over 30 characters which can be unlocked by throwing parties. This time, there is also a rival school which will give a new turn to all the things. You will compete against the other school in a lot of competitions such as prank war, science fair and tons of more stuff. You can control all the parts of your school such as decorating it and even adding a box of puppies. If I say that it is the best school simulator game, then I will not be wrong. Last but not least, you can also customize your character the way you want. Psst.. Remember that there will be tons of new updates from the game developers too! All packed with more fun and joy. How to use: Uninstall original version > Download and install this modified version > Launch the app > Enjoy!


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