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Treasures of Ra 1.3

Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt in this mind bending puzzle game. Puzzle your way through ruined temples and forgotten shrines, collecting treasures along the way. Using mirrors, gems and other objects, you must direct the sunlight onto exit glyphs to solve each puzzle. Use crates to collect the
Froggys Adventures 1.1

Froggy is just like any other amphibian: He wants to bask in warm sunlight all day, sleep on a cool lily pad at night and eat his fill of insects. But an army of plant-munching monsters has invaded his forest home and is threatening to clear the woodland of its beautiful foliage. Frogg
Exolon. Episode II: New Wave 1.1

Blob, blob, blob... What are these again? Sundogs? Plashes of sunlight rushing in from your peripheral vision - the unhealthy result of exhaustion from completing the one hundred original levels all in one sitting? Oh no, these are the bubbles again - not pink cheery bubbles on a perfect summer morning, but numb and silent anaerobic floaters on the dark and gelid planet. Are they conscious? Are they trying to tell something? Could it be a friendly attempt to make the first ever human-alien contact? Well, who cares, no time to think, goddam
Pearl Finder 1.0

Playing the game Pearl Finder you appear on the island with marvelous nature. You are surrounded by warm quiet sea, fine sand beach and bright sunlight.And in the center of this beautiful setting a pirate is sitting at a table and watches you closely with a sly look. Generally speaking he is waiting for the bets from any person who wants to play the game Pearl Finder. But it is in vain because he is
Disney Infinity: Action! iOS Cheat Tool (All Version)

Download cheat tool for the new iOS app developed by Disney. This cheat tool for Disney Infinity: Action! will give you unlimited coins and free in-app purchases. You can buy all the things from the store totally free. The coins is the main currency of this app and our cheat tool will give you 1,888,89
YTD Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader offers a powerful solution for downloading videos with more resolutions than you'd ever need, but tries to give you some nasty junk programs along with the install
Robox Invasion 0.1

Exciting first person shooter in which you're fighting for your own survival against alien invaders called Robox! You're one of the last remaining soldiers on earth. Will you just give up, or will you take as many of them as yo
Injustice Gods Among Us Android Mod (Unlimited Gold) - Cheat Codes

Download modded version of Injustice: Gods Among Us (apk + data files) which will give you unlimited gold. You can use the unlimited gold to buy in-app purchases or upgrading your heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so on. This mod for Injustice Gods Among Us works on All Android devices having v4.0 or higher. This mod for Injustice Gods Among Us will give you following items: 1. Unlimited Gold - You will get unlimited gold in "Injustice Gods Among Us"
Auto Mouse Clicker 1.0

Auto Mouse Clicker Software to Click Mouse Automatically at configured screen co-ordinates. Let the Software do auto mouse clicks and give your fingers a rest. Automate Left or Right clicks of mouse cursor and even do step by step clicks. The Software supports Shortcut Keys to stop the auto mouse
Aviation Empire v1.1.0 iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Coins)

The cheat tool is especially designed for getting unlimited coins in the Aviation Empire iOS game. It will give you 99000000 coins in the game which you can use you buy anything you want from the store. One of the benefit of this cheat tool is that "No Jai
Uberstrike HD

Uberstrike HD is an online shooter. It has been around for awhile now, and has a strong and dedicated following. Uberstrike HD is a free download, but you can purchase upgrade credits for varying prices that will give you better weapons and armor. Uberstrike HD installs easily. Uberstrike HD starts with you choosing from more than 300 weapons and gear (most of which are not available when you start). As you go head-to-head with opponents, you can earn upgrades. Uberstrike HD is multiplayer, so you'll be competing against people around the world. Both death match and elimination games are common. The graphics in Uberstrike HD are striking, and in HD they
Blitz Brigade iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Diamonds)

Our iOS Cheat tool will give you unlimited diamonds (100,000) and is working on all the version of the game including the current version [as available on iTunes]. You can use these diamonds to get free upgrades from the store totally free. You can use these diamonds to buy, repair and upgrade your weapons or upgrade your existing shooter. This cheat tool will work on both iPhone and iPad. This cheat tool will give you unlimited diamonds which you can use to get: Free grenades and extra ammo packs Free Instant respawn - no need to wait for 15 seconds to respawn. Get free upgrades like mark of Vengeance, Sword damage, Auto injector and more. Get free supply crates and free vehicles. Buy new cool weapons and shooters You can buy anything you want from the store totally free as our cheat tool will give you free 100,000 diamonds. Buying diamonds from the iTunes store can cost you a lot of money. Our team has already tested it on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices and it is working fine on both of them. One of the main advantage of this cheat tool is that it doesn't requires Jailbreak. About the game: Allies and foes, victory or defeat, war or peace…That is what this game is all about. Join the team of highly professional and defeat your enemies. This the the game where everything goes on like grenades, weapons, vehicles, strageies and so on. More than 12 players can play this game at the same time which creates a unique multiplayer gaming experience. More than 120 unique missions, 100 different weapons, voice chat, 5 classes of characters to choose from, helicoptors, tanks…..This is called Blitz brigade. Instructions: Detailed instructions with screenshots on how to use this cheat tool are already included in the download package. Please read them first. Download: Version: Latest Have a look at the proof of unlimited diamonds:
Checkbook Ease Freeware

Checkbook Ease Freeware will help you take charge of both your checkbook and budget. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time manually entering your bank information, but once you're done it, it'll give you a clear overview of your finances. This free program is impressive with its practically limitless options, but the number may overwhelm the less experienced. Users are shown a large screen outlining all their accounts in the upper right where bank account, credit, and loan balances are showcased. Dominating the bottom of the screen are recent transactions and to the right are the tools for entering a new transaction. In addition, there are buttons that open up menus for Options, Colors, Accounts, and Budget. Checkbook Ease is impressive with its ability to give instant glances at a wide financial swath. There are a number of reports that can be run, and clicking on any item will bring up a chart or informative box to provide more insight. Our complaints are fairly minimal on this product. One big issue we had was the program's claim to download bank financials from the Internet and the glaring lack of direction on how to accomplish this important task. Otherwise, all information will have to be entered manually, which can take some time. Still, if you have the patience to spend a little time with the program, it's certainly worth a download.
4K Video Downloader Portable

4K Video Downloader Portable offers a surprising amount of nifty features and quality for a portable program. Though it doesn't give you 4k video, it outputs quality videos without much effort. Since this is a portable program it may get flagged as suspicious by your anti-virus software. It's clean from any sort of viruses, though. The program has a minimalist layout that looks a lot like the full version, which is to say stylish. To download a program, you just copy the link and then click the "Paste link" button in 4K Video Downloader Portable. It can download videos in full quality and even improve their resolution, but it only goes up to 1080p. You won't get videos in the 4K format, so the name is a little misleading.Though the program features a YouTube button, it works fine on other video sites that use proprietary players. The program has a smart mode that gives you the best guess of format, resolution, and details that will perfect your video. It's usually accurate and produces a quality video. It supports most of the most popular formats for video, too. Usually, you have to settle for a reduced version of a program when you opt for the portable version. That isn't the case with 4K Video Downloader Portable. It's just as powerful, stylish, and worthwhile as the full download. That makes it a fantastic program to have kicking around on a thumb drive.
Jamaica Baccarat 1.0

Jamaica Baccarat is the game of chance. It is of interest of those players who likes card games.The game has a splendid design which attracts with its liveliness. For example, you see green palms, an endless sea and a cozy verandah. In the centre of it there is a convenient large table with a pack of cards on it. Several light bamboo chairs are arranged by a designer in the order you feel comfortable while playing. And all these objects are run through with bright sunlight. In the atmosphere of relaxation nothing could distract you from the process of winning money.If you win the computer will congratulate you heartily and your gains will beam! Special music sounds during the game making your playing more pleasant. Excellent graphics will astonish you nicely and the game itself will produce an unforgettable impression!
Frisbee® Forever v2.0.5 Ultimate Edition MOD

Using the Frisbee® Forever Ultimate Edition MOD will give you unlimited money, all frisbees unlocked, all levels unlocked and all world unlocked. This MOD is made from the latest available version of the game (v2.0.5) and is tested on more than 10 android devices. Here is what you will get: All levels unlocked All worlds unlocked Unlimited money All frisbees unlocked Free in-game purchases This MOD will give you an unfair advantage from the beginning with all the levels, worlds and frisbees unlocked. The MOD will work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. About the game: Do you love frisbees??? If yes then this game is for you. This is a fast paced game with full of frisbees, HD graphics and animations. Game contains more than 100 tracks including California theme park, wild west mountains, oceans full of pirates and more. There are also secret bonuses and plenty of trophies. :Additional Screenshot: Download: Version: 2.0.5 Size: 46.4 MB Root needed: No


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