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Defy gravity, break all of the rules.Kick ass and take names! You're not a Super Hero, just a regular guy looking for some excitement. The excitement might be more than you can handle, or maybe you are up to the challenge after all, the adventure.... Advance and find what awaits you, and see what you are made of
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I had no plans to post again until the start of the 2014 but had to post again because of a small update. One of the team member completed the episode 1 of "The Walking Dead Season 2″ and I decided to share the 100% complete save game files with all of you. As usual the save file is fully complete with all the items unlocked, characters unlocked, trophies & achievements unlocked and a lot more. You will be able to get the following advantages after using this save: 100% completion rate of Episode 1 All checkpoints completed Characters unlocked Items unlocked Trophies unlocked All steam achievements unlocked Multiple save files with different locations
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Roll the dice and cast off for adventure in Sea Bounty, a property acquisition game set during the Age of Sail. Build monopolies, charge rent and above all, bring glory to the Queen! Features quick and simple gameplay for one to six participants.
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This mod for Dead City Android game will give you unlimited gold which you can choose to get all the 20 weapon upgrades, all vehicle upgrades, more weapons, more armors and almost anything you want to buy from the store totally free. This mod has been developed from the latest available version of the game which is version 1.0.8. Features of Mod: 1. Unlimited gold up to 99999999999999. The amount of gold will not decrease even after buying items from the store. 2. Get all the upgrades, weapons, armors from the store totally free. About the game: After the nuclear war, there is no human left expect me. The famous D-virus has turned every living being into a zombie. There are only two options left: kill or be killed. Shoot in all the directions without any fear as there is no human left. Use your skills of using weapons to fight with the zombies. Your ultimate goal is to survive. use different weapons, upgrades, armors, planes and vehicles to survive. One of the fun thing about this game is its infinite missions. Yes you have heard right..countess missions are waiting for you. Simple controls allows you to fire in all the directions easily. There are also a lot of upgrades available as you advance in the game. We have tested this mod as usual on more than 10 android devices and it is working fine on all of them. All you need is to install this mod and start playing the game. The game is modded for unlimited gold which can benefit you through out the game. Instructions: - uninstall the game if you have already installed it. - Install the mod. - Play the game and enjoy. Requirements: No root is needed to run this mod. This will work on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Download: Size: 27 MB Version: 1.0.8
Dead Rising 3 Trainer (PC) - 15+ Cheats!

Dead Rising 3 Trainer for PC is now available at Pak Circles! It is packed with many great cheats such as infinite health, infinite ammo, stop mission timer and a lot more! The total number of cheats are around 15+ and all will be highly useful in this new Apocalypse Edition. The best cheat inside the trainer is unlimited health as you will be alone in a zombie infested city. Download it today and play the game like a boss. Dead Rising 3 Trainer options: Number 0 - Combine weapon instantly Number 9 - Infinite weapon durability Number 8 - Set unlimited Attribution points Number 7 - Set highest level & PP Number 6 - Set the # of zombies killed to 0 Number 5 - Set user-defined # of zombies killed Number 4 - Unlimited Ammo & explosives Number 3 - Infinite Stamina Number 2 - Unlimited Health of the Buddy [partner] Number 1 - God Mode (Unlimited Health) Key P - Change Time [Day or Night] End - Stop Mission timer The cheats listed above are just a small part of what's inside our trainer. To get the full list of cheats, you must download it right now and get all the goodness of game hacking. We have developed it for the steam version of the game but it will work as good on pirated versions too. All you have to do is note down the cheat codes, launch the trainer before game and finally launch the game. Now during the gameplay, press any one of the keys to activate the respective cheat code. The whole city is infected by the zombies. You must escape from the city before the military wipes out the whole city from the face of planet. In such a do or die condition, these cheats will surely help you out. Los Perdidos - Once full of alive people, is now a house for the undead zombies! In this zombie infested city, you are left alone along with several other survivors. Now you mist escape before the military strikes take down whole city. You will find intense action, unmatched fights, deadly weapons and tons of zombies throughout the game. You better get ready, as you will get a heart-pounding experience in this zombie infested open-world game. If you have played the first parts of this sequel, then for your information, the events in this part are 10 years after the events in Fortune City players. Either face the horor on your own or with a friend. The best survival and the horror action is back on PC. Welcome to Los Perdidos - A city with wildness and surprise. Tons of weapons and vehicles to take down the zombies. and a lot more… Download Dead Rising 3 Trainer: System Requirements: Operating System: 64 bit version of Windows 7 & 8 Ram: Minimum 6 GB required Processor: Core i3 @ 3.30 GHz or better HDD: 30 GB minimum free space Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 570 or better THE VERDICT: Finally, the game is available on PC but with better graphics as compared to Xbox. The downside is still there i.e. maze like feeling of the map. Sometimes the map becomes a lot of confusing but players will get used to it as time passes by. The best feature is huge hordes of zombies present in the city! No other game delivers that kind of zombie madness.
I Am Alive Game Crack Only

Download crack for I am Alive Game. This crack is the most stable crack ever made for this game. We have tested on all available versions of the game and found it stable means no crash down. Game Features: Unpredictable encounters in the whole game play. Intimidation based combat. Stamina and resource management. Adrenaline pumping action Amazing game graphics and more… Installation Notes: Unrar the game crack. Copy the crack in game directory over-writing the original game exe. Play the game. Game Screenshot: Download: Download: I am Alive Game crack **Please report any broken/dead links**  **If you like this game, then support the game developers by purchasing the game** ** All credit goes to Pak Circles group**


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