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Lottery Cracker World 7

Lottery Cracker World analyses lottery draw numbers for patterns and displays the results in graphs and charts. It has a wide range of methods for generating and filtering lottery entries, including dozens of wheels, hot and cold numbers, key numbers, averages and many more. Create multiple syndicates and track payments, memb
Walking Dead Season Two

The Walking Dead: Season Two puts you in the shoes of beloved adolescent character Clementine as she struggles to survive a zombie-infested world without her guardian.Featuring much of the same mechanics as the first game, Season Two tracks Clementine'sjourney with a new group through a dangerous, unforgiving world. Pr
Form Cracker 2.0

Form Cracker is a powerful tool for horse racing enthusiasts. It is designed to help you to analyse the form and other data influencing the performance of each horse in a race and then to predict the most likely outcome. It is more than a simple prediction utility though and you can calculate how much you could win for a particular bet, keep track of your bets, and store the details of your favourite horses, jockeys, trainers and races.
Ultimate ZIP Cracker

The Ultimate ZIP Cracker is designed for recovering the lost passwords for several file types: - MS-Word documents (*.DOC), Office 95-2010. - MS-Excel documents (*.XLS), Office 95-2010. - MD5 files: recover ASCII, Unicode or UTF8 password from MD5 hash. - ZIP archives created by PKZIP, WinZip or by any compatible software; large files support; AES s
Baseball Memories 4.30

With Baseball Memories you can keep track of your Baseball or Softball Statistics for a Season or over your entire Career, Track where you hit the ball with the Spray Chart for a game or a season, Keep a Daily Journal, and build a Photo Scrapbook. You can add unlimited users so your brothers and sisters can keep track of their Baseball or Softball memories too! Keep track of the Teams you ha
Password Cracker

Passwords are perhaps the weakest links in the cyber-security chain; if they're complex enough to be secure, you probably won't be able to remember them. Add the fact that every other site seems to require a password, and it's easy to see why far too many p
Season Match 1.06

This game represents a very fortunate mix of a genuinely-designed collapse arcade and an intriguing quest. To complete each level you will have to choose the group of 3 and more similar precious stones and click on one of t
Crack Access Password

Access password cracker & recovery Key program unlock, break, crack & restore, access mdb database files password. Crack Access password program recovers the lost MS access password according to recovery algorithms. Crack mdb password and unprotect the password protected mdb MS access database files. Access Password Cracker & Recovery Tool recovers passwords from MS access 95, Access 97, Access 2000, Access XP, Access 2003 databases

SuDoKu-Cracker is a feature-filled version of the popular Sudoku number puzzle. With plenty of options and difficulty levels, this game is sure to satisfy the most serious Sudoku player. The game's interface isn't stunning, but it's fairly intuitive, with large, easy-to-read numbers. All of the program's features are arranged to the right of the grid, giving users easy access to them. Begi
TSOfficePool - Pro Football 6.1.10

Pro football office pool manager includes the 2009 football schedule. The right tool to manage your office pool that gives you a wide variety of pool configurations and options.The "Easy Pool Setup" feature makes it easy to setup your pool.With pool options that include 2 prediction methods, confidence pt
Online Mah Jongg 1.0

Online Mah Jongg is a fun puzzle strategy game. Click matching mah jongg tiles to remove them from the board. You may also match season tiles with season tiles and flower tiles with themselves. If you get stuck, click the hint button and two mah jongg tiles will light up to show you a possible move. Also, this version of mahjongg has a full screen button to make it easier to see. When all mah jongg tiles have been eliminated, you win Online Mah Jongg!
The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 Save Game

I had no plans to post again until the start of the 2014 but had to post again because of a small update. One of the team member completed the episode 1 of "The Walking Dead Season 2″ and I decided to share the 100% complete save game files with all of you. As usual the save file is fully complete with all the items unlocked, characters unlocked, trophies & achievements unlocked and a lot more. You will be able to get the following advantages after using this save: 100% completion rate of Episode 1 All checkpoints completed Characters unlocked Items unlocked Trophies unlocked All steam achievements unlocked Multiple save files with different locations and more… In total, you will get 28 files containing the autosave files, individual saves at different checkpoints and other important files. A list of files included are given below: _saveslot1_autosave.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint1.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint2.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint3.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint4.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint5.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint6.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint7.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint8.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint1.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint9.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint10.bundle _saveslot1_checkpoint11.bundle .. .. and more… The season 2 of The Walking Dead has just released and the first episode is available at steam here. This season will revolve around an orphan girl named "Clementine". The girl has learned how to survive in this mad world of dead people. The young girl is still looking for a safe place in a world where living is more hard than dying. You will play as clementine and your skills and instinct to survive will be tested in this hard and brutal episode of the game. At the moment only 1 episode is available, but you will get access to all the other episodes as soon as they are available. The story is as usual based on the comic of Robert Kirkman and is a sequel of the 2012's award wining game. This time, the girl is a little older and better understand things. For security, she keeps a gun in his hands all the times but that doesn't makes her protected. She is still vulnerable and you will experience his desperation whenever she will try to do things but can't because of her limited range. One thing worth mentioning here is that the choices you will make in the previous season will have a serious impact in this season. The name of the all the episodes are given below: All that remains A house divided In harm's way Amid the ruins No going back We will share the save files for the next upcoming episodes as soon as they are available and released. System Requirements: The game is available for both PC and Mac but I will list down the minimum system requirements for the PC only. Take a look at the requirements: OS: Windows XP SP3 or better Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2..0 GHz or better Ram: 3 GB HDD: 2 GB free disk space Graphics: 512 MB video memory with Direct X 9.0 support Download: Click on the download button to get The Walking Dead Season 2 save files:
Crazy Honeymoon Season I Demo

Find the difference between 2 crazy and funny pictures- A new couple went to travel for honeymoon. They took many crazy pictures on the way of their honeymoon. However, all these photos were damaged!The bride was badly worried. As a bridegroom who was deeply in love with her, he decided to restore these photos by finding differences between the damaged photos and the original photos for the sake of winning her heart. Can you help this bridegroom?
Cooking Game- Bake Orange Crunch Cake 1.0

Cooking game: bake orange crunch cake. To bake the cake you need: graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, chopped nuts and butter . Visit if you need tutorial for this game.
Access password cracker utility 5.0.1

If you have lost your MS Access database password and now you are thinking that how can you find it again. Don’t worry access data base password recovery software is the best solution to recover all mdb password that are forget and lost. Free access password recovery software smoothly run under all windows operating system. Recover password for Microsoft access data base is simple to use and fastest recovery software. Access data base password recovery software easily recovers and restores mdb files passwords. MDB password recovery software not support to windows 98, window 2000, windows XP, window 2003, windows Vista and window 7. User has no need of specific training and extra or advance knowledge to operate this software. User can use this password restoration tool without any technician advice. Password cracking software can view password protected mdb file using with recover password. MDB password retrieval utility is a proved password recovery software tool for Microsoft access data base to recover lost or forgotten access database password. MS access password cracking software support to all version of MS Access 95/97/2000/2002/2003. You can unlock and unmask Microsoft Access database with MDB Password recovery software. Access password recovery program enables to users to recover real password from password protected Microsoft access database file. Access password remover software is able to display real password from secured mdb file with password. Data base password recovery software restore password with full install and uninstall support. You can use free demo version of this password recovery software to know more about of this software like functionality and working features. Free trial version can preview your recover password’s two or three character. Just purchase full version of this software to recover and view full password. it is easy to use and non-destructive software tool to recover mdb password with full safety.
coto pro - Profitool (Windows) 3.0

Forecast & Prognosis Select a league, and You will see a list of the next games. Now select a specific tournament. All the informations about both teams are displayed, with a prognosis of the possible outcome. The displayed data can be shown in many different ways: Home Games Away Games One Season All Seasons League Games League and Internationale Games Archive In the archive-section are almost 100.000 results of more than 1.100 teams out of Europe displayed: Select a League, a Saison and Team. coto pro shows the home and away results with statistics. All Games of the selected team within a season All Games of the selected team within a league for all seasons (back to 1993) All Games of the selected team including international matches Limitation of the report to a periot of time (e.g.. 1.1.1998 - 30.6.1998) Limitation of the report to home games Limitation of the report to away games Limitation of the report to a second team


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