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Simple Invoice Template

Invoices are important for keeping track of what you're owed by your clients, so it's important to include all of the right information for proper bookkeeping. Simple Invoice Template lives up to its name by offering you an easy-to-use, customizable, and professional invoice template to present to your cli
Project Management Template for Excel

Project Management Template for Excel's name says it all: It adds a basic but flexible project management tool to Microsoft Excel, which is exactly where you need it. This Excel template from Business Spreadsheets is free to try for 30 days. It runs in Windows NT to 8 (including Server) and requires Microsoft Excel 97 or better. Installing Project
Display Post Title Before Blog Title in Blogger-Latest

To change the deollow the following steps. Log into Blogger and go the "Design" tab Then click on "Edit HTML" link. Make sure you take a back of your existing template by clicking on "Download Full Template" link and saving the XML file to a safe storage location. Search for the following text in the template. First of all find this code in the template: Then replace it with this code:     
Free Invoice Template

Vertex42 specializes in Excel templates. Its Free Invoice Template is designed to give small businesses an easy and inexpensive way to bill their customers. It's customizable, too, and it even calculates subtotals and taxes. You need Microsoft's Excel to run it, or a similar program that can run Excel spreadsheets. As with other Vertex42 templates we've tried, Free Invoice T

SE WebBOM is a web-service based internet enabled application to securely access SE BOM database that was extracted by SE BOM Extractor. You can setup SE WebBOM Server in such a way, that only selected users will be given full access to SE BOM database;others will only be able to see a predefined limited subset of the Bill of Materials database. SE WebBOM Server must be instal
Sales Invoice Template

Sales Invoice Template is a simple Excel spreadsheet for creating personalized sales invoices. Although we've seen actual invoicing programs that offer many more features, this easy-to-use spreadsheet is a fine choice
Employee Payroll Template

Even if you use an accountant or payroll company to handle your business' payroll needs, it's still important--and often legally required--that you keep payroll-related records yourself. Employee Payroll Template is a template for Excel that can help you ke
File Sorter & Filter Enterprise Edition 3.3

This is a multifunctional tool for file sortation and filtration, it has been integrated advantages of all known similar tools. It can sort or filter files by filename simlarity, filename keyword, filename extension, file size, and file modified date. It can fulfil specific demand of file sortation and filtration through edit template file(filename keyword template, filename extension template, file size template, and file modified date template). Characteristic: Need not installation; Easy to use;
Project Gantt Chart

Gantt charts aren't essential to project planning; it just seems that way. Project Gantt Chart is a free template for Microsoft Excel. It's specifically designed to address some of the shortcomings of other free Excel templates for creating Gantt charts, such as the need to enable Macros. The Lite template is a free version of a premium
Excel Calendar Template

There are so many complex digital calendar systems that help you track everything from business contacts to dog-grooming appointments, it is actually difficult to find a simple, printable, old-fashioned calendar. This simple Excel Calendar Tem
Restaurant Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Template for Excel

It's hard enough to make a go of a restaurant by emphasizing things like food, service, and sanitation. Where too many good restaurants fail is not in the kitchen or the dining room but in the office, where costs, inventory, and profit and loss are often left to fend for themselves. Restaurateurs who want to succeed need to pay as close attention to their as they do their menus. Spreadsheet123's Restaurant Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Template for Excel RPLT 1 isn't too long a title for such a helpful tool. It contains five Excel templates for calculating a restaurant business's monthly profit and loss, as well as some extras th
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) SP4

Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) is a recommended upgrade. Download Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 to obtain updates that can help improve security, application compatibility, operating system reliability, and Setup.
Nevron Diagram Designer

Nevron Diagram Designer is a sophisticated graphic app optimized for creating diagrams of all kinds. It's a free tool that also demonstrates a premium package, Nevron Diagram. Its download also includes Nevron Pipeline Editor, which lets users create complex pipeline diagrams by dragging and dropping elements from a library, and other apps on the Nevron Application Launcher. We focused on Diagram Designer, which is fully functional but places a watermark on saved diagrams. Diagram Designer launches via the Nevron Application Launcher, which can be found in a Start menu folder called Nevron Diagram Sample Applications (or an optional desktop icon). Diagram Designer's user interface has what at first appears to be an extremely busy layout, with a gridded main window flanked by Library Browser and Property Browser panels under stacked layers of feature-packed toolbars. But these toolbars, also called Command Bars, are completely customizable and can be dragged and dropped into place and stacked and arranged any way you like; the toolbar panel automatically resizes to fit your new layout. Tool iare colorful and show clear explanations when you hover your cursor, and they cover everything from Map Import to PDF, Autocad, Svg, Flash, and Silverlight Export. Diagram Designer offers a huge selection of shapes, connectors, and objects in its Library Browser as well as on toolbars. We could expand and pin open the Library Browser's various features, including selections of basic shapes as well as electrical symbols, floor plans, flags, travel and weather symbols, and much more. Diagram Designer saves diagrams in one of five proprietary formats. Diagram Designer is easy to get started with. You can jump right in by creating a new diagram from scratch, but we clicked the Insert menu and opened the Template Wizard to start with an existing template -- in our case, a family tree. A Pan and Zoom preview pane let us zoom in on small sections to create large, detailed diagrams. Functionally, Diagram Designer is a lot like an all-around graphics app, with layers, tools, and lots of options (especially its export capabilities). There's a lot to learn, but it does a lot, too.

Create simple and helpful desktop notes, including an alarm, with this system-tray-based organizer. Though ShixxNote offers only one basic note template, it allows you to adjust the font size, color, text, and note size. Aside from that, you can set an alarm and specify expiration dates for discarding expired notes. When connected to a LAN, users can send notes to others. ShixxNote will prove especially useful to the chronically forgetful, but almost anyone can benefit from its sound-enabled alarms, the LAN instant messaging, and the note-taking features.
Windows Live Essentials 2011

We're big fans of software suites that auto-update without getting in the way, and that let you weed out unwanted applications from its roster without having to get sneaky. Windows Live Essentials does both. The software suite of seven Windows Live applications doesn't shy away from the marketing vehicle it is, and it also detects and updates Microsoft-related items that aren't installed as part of the pack, such as Outlook and Silverlight. Our biggest complaint is its size, which weighs in at 134MB. However, if you've got space to spare and use Windows Live applications such as Messenger, Outlook, and Windows Live Family Safety, this all-in-one bundle will help you keep things current.
Simple Employee Timesheet Template

Excel is capable of doing all kinds of useful things, if you have the time and know-how to take advantage of its features. If you'd like to use Excel--or OpenOffice, or Google Docs--to keep track of employee timesheets but you don't want to mess around creating templates on your own, try Simple Employee Timesheet Template. This simple set of templates makes it easy to track your hours either weekly or biweekly in three of the most popular spreadsheet programs. Simple Employee Timesheet Template is a set of four templates: weekly and biweekly timesheets that track partial hours as either decimals or minutes. The templates are plain but attractive, with space in which to enter the employer's name and address and the employee's name and supervisor. Entering the beginning date of the time period in the "Week of" space automatically updates the rest of the dates in the timesheet. The template lets you track regular, overtime, sick, vacation, and holiday hours, as well as unpaid leave, and separate pay rates can be specified for each of these. Once all of your hours are entered, the template calculates your total hours and deposits them in the right spot. An online Help file provides a basic overview of the program's features. Simple Employee Timesheet Template isn't fancy, and it's probably nothing you couldn't do yourself if you're moderately conversant with Excel. But someone else already did it for you, and it's free, so why not check it out? It's definitely better than some of the timesheets we've used in our professional life, and you and your employees might agree. Simple Employee Timesheet Template comes as a ZIP file, and it installs and uninstalls cleanly.


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