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4K Video Downloader Portable

4K Video Downloader Portable offers a surprising amount of nifty features and quality for a portable program. Though it doesn't give you 4k video, it outputs quality videos without much effort. Since this is a portable program it may
Apk Downloader for Windows v1.0

apk downloader for windows,apk downloader,android apk downloader,apk downloader for windows,download android apps,android downloader for laptop and pc,free apk downloader,downloader apk for windows Android is the most using operating system for cell phones and for tablets now a days. It doesnt matter whether you have some expensive one c
4k Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader provides enough useful features and quality to put it head and shoulders above most YouTube downloaders. It gives you high-quality videos -- even if they aren't 4K -- and does it with a very low amount of clicks. It doesn't hurt that the program has a nice layout that makes browsing a snap. At 17MB, this program isn't really bloated, but it's bigger than some other basic video downloaders. Once set up, it reads your clipboard for the most recent copied link and then downloads it. 4K Video Downloader can download videos in full quality and even upscale their resolution
YouTube Downloader 3.9

YouTube Downloader is an amazing software which allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Yahoo Videos and many others and with YouTube Downloader, you can also convert videos to other formats. YouTube Downloader 3.9 is very easy to use. Just enter the URL of the video in the box present in software and click the OK button. That's it.
Password Generator 1.0

Password Generator is a software program to generate random passwords that contain a varied set of characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numerals. Password Generator is freeware. You will never have to think of another random password ever again. Password Generator is very easy and simple to use. Save the password to a .txt file and you are good to go!
Video Downloader Toolbar

Sometimes online videos are so good that you want to download them so they'll always be handy. Video Downloader Toolbar is a Firefox extension that makes downloading videos as simple as clicking a button.
Deva xFTP

Deva xFTP was designed for Web masters and developers which integrated smart FTP Client with multiple Web master tools, such as Web Link Checker,Sitemap Generator,Certificate Authority, HTML/xHTML Online Editor and HTML/xHTML Validator tools. Whether you&
Amor Photo Downloader 1.4

Amor Photo Downloader is a multithreaded tool for downloading pictures from web galleries and presenting them in a simple easy to use way. With Amor Photo Downloader browsing the Web for pictures is made simple and easy - you drag the URL of a page, drop it on the Drop Basket and this smart utility explores it and downloads all images to your hard drive. You can immediately see everything you download and delete unwanted pictures.
YouTube Downloader HQ Pro

YouTube Downloader HQ Pro is a quick and easy way to download videos from YouTube. Although it's not quite as flexible as similar programs we've seen, it's a good choice for a basic YouTube downloader. The program's interface is simple and intuitive, with absolutely no clutter. Users simply copy and paste
Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is a photo-scraping utility for Windows that lets you look up and download Instagram photos in batches. Grid design: The app gives you a top-level glance at your photos by displaying them in a grid. Users not available: Instagram Downloader sometimes fails to find and load an Instagram user's p
YouTube Music Downloader

You may have noticed that many YouTube videos are actually music with some kind of visual accompaniment added, such as still image slideshows, cover art, psychedelic effects, and a particular favorite, a video camera pointed at a spinning turntable. You can download and save tunes from YouTube with the greatest of ease with YouTube Music Downloader -- videos, too. This free tool makes it easy to grab and save YouTube files to play later, share with your friends, and do the other things you can do with freely available content. But YouTube Music Downloader lets you quickly choose your audio output quality from a drop-down menu,
Free Dailymotion Downloader

Whether you're a YouTube or Dailymotion fan, both require a little help to download videos, easily, such as AVGO International's Free Dailymotion Downloader. Like similar tools, you just have to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to grab, and Free Dailymotion Downloader does the rest. There's a One-Click Download option, too. Free Dailymotion Downloader supports proxies, multiple online accounts, and a variety of interface languages. And despite its name, Free Dailymotion Downloader supports YouTube, too, as well as Hulu, Disney, and many others -- as well as dozens of Chinese video hosting sites. Adult sites are supported, too; or at least listed: We didn't verify any, but parents should be aware. Free Dailymotion Downloader is ad-supported freeware. Free Dailymotion Downloader's user interface is dominated by an animated banner ad, but it really doesn't distract too much since the program is so easy to use. But the first order of business is to browse to Dailymotion in your browser, find a video, and copy its URL. Then just click "Paste URL": Free Dailymotion Downloader automatically starts downloading the video. You then choose from a list of available video resolutions in a pop-up, and select a file type to convert the video for saving, if you need to. You can open or redownload videos from the thumbnail-enabled download list. Clicking "Options" let us configure proxies, enter and edit accounts (including usernames and passwords), and even volunteer to translate the program. Supported Sites opened in our browser when we clicked them. The Common sites list includes Facebook, Instagram, and other popular sites -- some less familiar but still pretty cool. Free Dailymotion Downloader worked fast and well with no glitches. And, unlike similar free tools, it's not limited to one site.
YouTube Saved

Guppy's YouTube Saved is a very basic free YouTube downloader and file converter. Although it's free, extremely compact, and not difficult to use, it offers few of the conversion formats and options found in nearly every other YouTube downloader these days, free or not. Worse, it's buggy and crash-prone. YouTube Saved's installer required us to decline more "extras" than we're used to seeing, so be careful as you install this one. The super-basic user interface describes the program's four steps: 1) Copy and paste a YouTube URL; 2) Select your device from the drop-down menu; 3) Select a destination folder; and 4) Start. There's no Help file or settings, and we declined to click the Special Offers link. We pasted a video's URL and clicked the Format menu, but instead of device types, the drop-down menu offered just five choices, and two of those were 3GP. The others were MP4, FLV, and WebM. But YouTube Saved downloaded our video to our selected folder and offered to play it, which we opted for. File quality is adequate for YouTube or mobile devices. But when we tried to download a new video, YouTube Saved issued a series of script error messages and then froze and crashed. The script error messages persisted after we closed and reopened YouTube Saved. It's not difficult to do better than YouTube Saved. Free YouTube downloaders are common, even abundant, and we've tried many. All but a handful of them outperformed YouTube Saved.
Wise Video Downloader

WiseCleaner's Wise Video Downloader is a free tool that greatly eases the process of downloading and saving videos posted on YouTube. Wise Video Downloader not only makes it possible to save videos posted on YouTube, but it can also save multiple videos at once, so you can save all the parts of a series, for example, or all the songs in an album, to watch or convert later. Wise Video Downloader can handle anything posted on YouTube, including HD videos. It's free and runs in Windows XP to 8. If you select the optional desktop icon, Wise Video Downloader finishes the installation process by briefly displaying a prominent arrow pointing to its newly-placed icon. It's a small touch but saves time finding it when your desktop is starting to look like nursery room wallpaper! Wise Video Downloader's user interface takes its visual and functional cues from media players, with a row of large buttons controlling all necessary functions beneath a split window: Enter YouTube URL on the left, with an entry field and Download button; Search YouTube Video on the right, with a search field. Wise Video Downloader is so easy to use that, in addition to copying and pasting your video URL, all you have to do is be on a YouTube page in your browser and press "Add URL" in Wise Video Downloader, and the program automatically copies the URL. You then press "Download" to add it to your queue and you're done. Video Downloader's Settings include proxies, an optional Fast mode, and the ability to generate a portable version. The Web-based Help manual, forums, and other resources make an easy-to-use tool that much easier. Wise Video Downloader worked fast and did a good job. It belongs at the top of any queue of YouTube utilities.
Social Downloader

Back up your Instagram photos and Facebook posts with Sakysoft's Social Downloader for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a free tool for Windows XP through 8. You can add multiple accounts for each, but you'll need to add at least one account to access the tool. If you're logged in, Social Downloader can add your account more or less automatically, with the usual privacy agreements and such. Social Downloader's blue-themed interface opens with a quick start page describing how to use the program in four clicks: 1) Select the Facebook or Instagram tab in the sidebar; 2) Add or select an account; 3) Select what you want to save: Friends' photos, for example. 4) Click "Download All" or "Download Selected." Our Friends list appeared in the tree view; clicking one expanded the view to display their photo albums and other shared content. We merely had to check the boxes next to the appropriate thumbnails: Social Downloader did the rest. We like the "Reverse" button, but the "View" button merely downloaded the image and opened it in our default viewer. We prefer to download and save files to a specific destination, which we could enable in the Options. Unfortunately, Social Downloader's Twitter tab was under construction, but the program updated itself twice while we were using it, so the feature may be active by the time you read this. The progress bar froze on one run, and we had to close the app via the Task Manager. But even then it downloaded the selected data. Social Downloader helps you hang on to the best parts of your rapidly changing social media life.
1-Click MP3 Downloader

According to U4Soft, their 1-Click MP3 Downloader finds free and legal MP3s that you can listen to or download. It's not P2P software, so you're not required to share or host any files. Sounds like a great idea since there's lots of free music online, including free MP3s. Unfortunately, all 1-Click MP3 Downloader delivered was one of the most annoying nags we've ever been subjected to by so-called freeware and a lot of offers to download a program that converts YouTube videos into MP3s. We've downloaded tunes from YouTube, but it's hardly an alternative to Spotify, Pandora, and similar sites. We ran 1-Click MP3 Downloader in Windows 7, though it's compatible with Windows NT/98 to 8. Strike one came early with 1-Click MP3 Downloader in the form of a nag box permanently affixed to the lower-right corner of our desktop stating, "This program is FREE for personal use." But to remove the nag we'd have to make a donation: "Thank you for your support!" Beg your pardon? Strike two came when we typed in an artist in 1-Click MP3 Downloader's search field. A pop-up informed us that "Sometimes there are not too many MP3 files on the Internet" (really?) and would I like to try an easier search or maybe download 1-Click YouTube Downloader? Well, we opted for an easier search, but again that darned Internet let us down! We tried well-known and obscure songs, famous and unknown artists, copyrighted and public domain, and even tunes we knew were freely available as MP3s because we'd downloaded them before -- with zero results. Strike three probably came when 1-Click MP3 Downloader failed to return a single hit for "Happy Birthday to You," which by some accounts is the most famous song in the world. Three strikes and 1-Click MP3 Downloader was out of our system. Want free tunes? A little bit of searching will turn up plenty, and there's no shortage of legit tools to download, convert, and play them. But 1-Click MP3 Downloader isn't one of them.


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