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Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader 1.0

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Yahoo Chat Messages Decoder Tool 5.0.1

Yahoo messenger archive chat recovery software used to decrypting yahoo chat files and decode yahoo messenger archive files. User can still read chat history using our Yahoo archive chat reader software. You can view yahoo chat history of your kids or
Yahoo Message Archive Decoder Tool 5.0.1

Yahoo chat archive recovery software is very useful for users if they lost their yahoo Id or password because yahoo messenger doesn't let you read your archived messages unless you login into yahoo messenger. Chat recovery tool is also helpful when a user forgotten their yahoo login password and something important in the archive .dat or chat history f
Yahoo Chat Viewer Tool 5.0.1

Yahoo chat recovery software decodes and view Yahoo Messenger’s message archive that is stored on your computer or laptop pc. Yahoo chat monitor program can decode chat conversations like Instant Messages, Mobile Messages and Conferences and SMS. User can import any external archive file and decode it when it is not in yahoo directory. Yahoo! messenger history extractor software is compatible with all windows OS like Windows XP, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003 and Vista. User can save decoded chat files data on your desired locat
Yahoo Message Archive Viewer 5.0.1

Yahoo message archive decoder chat recovery software decodes archived messages and archived conferences of any yahoo user from .dat files without having their password and no need of internet connection. Yahoo messenger chat recovery software will help user to view offline messages history stored in Message Archive of Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo! messenger archive viewer
yahoo messenger archive files decoder 5.0.1

Chat archive recovery software decodes Yahoo messenger chat conversations, mobile SMS and software does not required internet connection. Yahoo chat recovery program supports all versions of windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98 and Window Vista. No
Yahoo Chat Message Decoder

Yahoo messenger chat recovery software easily recovers all your chat messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS messages, stored on your computer. Yahoo message archive viewe
yahoo chat history extractor 5.0.1

Yahoo chat recovery program allows you to recover chat conversions information from Yahoo's archive .dat files which takes place on your computer in your absence. Records normal conversations, private messages, conferences and view the
yahoo archive decryption software 5.0.1

Yahoo messenger archive recovery software restores all yahoo chat archive messages. No passwords required to decode archives .dat files. View all chat conversation, SMS messages of your employees, your spouse, your kids, your friends, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend without knowing their password. Yahoo message archive decoder decrypt all conversations, SMS or private messages of any user using your computer. So
Archive Chat Recovery Software 5.0.1

Yahoo messengers archive recovery software recover chat history messages stored on your computer and decode all encoded archive message, chat conversation, private messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS messages. Yahoo messenger archive retrieval utility track yahoo chat history of your kids, friends, family members, husband, wife, girlfri
Smart USB 1.5

Smart USB allows you to set up backuping and synchronizing of - Any files and folders. You can set up file mask, use templates, etc. - MS Outlook Emails, Contacts, Appointments. - MSN Messenger history. - Yahoo! Messenger history. - Miranda Messenger history. This program is
Messenger Key 10.0

Messenger Key recovers passwords for Mirabilis ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo instant messengers. The software is easy to use, has online help, full install/uninstall support.Features: All versions of Mirabilis ICQ starting with ICQ 99 are supported Mirabilis ICQ Lite is supported MSN Messenger is supported Google Talk Messenger is supported Yahoo Messenger is supported State of the art password recovery engine - all passwords are recovered instantly Multilingual passwords are supported
RAR Reader

Whether RAR Reader is too basic or just the right freeware for viewing and extracting RAR archive files depends on the task at hand. Yes -- some free compression tools do everything, and RAR Reader essentially does one thing. But it can do its thing and let you get back to doing yours in less time than it might take to figure out how to set up those "more capable" tools. Even if you already have WinRAR or another RAR-capable tool, it may still be quicker just to download, install, and run RAR Reader. At some 658 KB, RAR Reader is quite small and installs quickly. The program's no-frills, dialog-size user interface has tabs labeled "Information," with data fields for displaying and editing file metadata and Archive Files, a list view with column headings you can drag to reconfigure. RAR Reader is extremely easy to use: On the "Information" tab, click "Open" and browse to the RAR file you want to view or extract. Edit the metadata, or click "Archive Files" to select a destination folder and extract individual files or batches. RAR Reader extracted our first test file so fast that we had no chance to view a pop-up that we later learned displayed the job's progress. There's no Help file with RAR Reader. Even a very basic one would be welcome, especially for beginners. Batches of documents take longer, but RAR Reader seems fast enough for most jobs. RAR Reader is fine when you need to unzip some RAR files, but don't have a compatible all-in-one ZIP tool and don't necessarily want one.
Spotmau Password & Key Finder

Want a Password Recovery tool? Lost email password or messenger password? Lost Microsoft office product key or Windows CD key? Spotmau Password and Key Finder can instantly recover email password, msn password, Gmail password, messenger password, outlook password, Microsoft office product key, windows CD key and more. 100% password recovery rate guaranteed! Spotmau Password and Key Finder Support all Microsoft Office and all Windows. Spotmau Password and Key Finder is extremely easy to use. With just one click, you can recover your email password including hotmail password, Yahoo password, Gmail password and more; recover messenger password including MSN password, Yahoo Messenger password, GTalk password; recover Outlook password , Access password; recover IE AutoComplete password, dialup and DSL connection password and more. Even kids can handle it. 100% password recovery rate for 400,000 customers in past 6 years and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. When you forgot your email password, your Microsoft office product key or your windows CD key, Spotmau Password and Key Finder is the best choice for you. It can support all computer models including dell, HP, Lenovo and more. When you need your email password or your windows CD key, you got to choose Spotmau Password and Key Finder. Spotmau Password and Key Finder will find and display product key for any Windows and Microsoft Office products. Even find out your Windows system CD Key when your Windows can't startup. Spotmau Password and Key Finder guarantees you 100% password recovery rate. Spotmau Password and Key Finder supports: - All email passwords : including hotmail password, Yahoo password, Gmail password and more - All messenger passwords: including MSN password, Yahoo Messenger password, Gmail password, GTalk password - Outlook password, AutoComplete password, Auto Logon password, Network connection password - All product Keys: Microsoft office product key, windows CD key, windows product key
Icon Backup 1.5.8

Icon Backup allows you to view, save, and recover image files from an MSN Messenger installation. Icon Backup allows you to backup your MSN messenger data when upgrading, or switching computers. Features: * Save, Backup, Recover, and Share your Windows Live Messenger Images * Recover Images from Corrupt or Crashed Windows Live Messenger Installations * Graphically Browse your Windows Live Messenger Images * Perform Single or Bulk Saves of your Images * Support Messenger for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP, and Windows Vista * Add Recovered Images into Skype, Yahoo IM, and any program you wish!
Yahoo! Desktop Search 1.2 Build 1852jc

Immediately locate any email or attachment from Outlook or Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Quickly retrieve any file on your computer, regardless of where it is located. Search through your Yahoo! Messenger archives and Yahoo! Address Book contacts. Search for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text, HTML, ZIP and over 300 other file types. View search results as quickly as you can type with your search terms highlighted. Preview files exactly as they should look (e.g., Excel looks like Excel, PDF looks like PDF). Find and play audio and video files without launching a separate media player. Search for email including the contents of attachments, regardless of file type. View, reply, forward and print emails after you've found them. Save your favorite searches for one-click reuse. Search the Web using Yahoo! Search from the same interface. Selectively index only the content you choose -- files, emails, IM's, contacts. Ensure your privacy by not indexing your Web browser history. Set individual indexing options for each type of content.
Cell Messenger 1.1.151

Cell Messenger lets you send, receive and archive SMS messages from your mobile phone. It provides support for reading your mobile's phonebook, sending group messages, anti-spam SMS filtering, unicode and multipart SMS messages.


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